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  1. My guess is that someone will eventually hit 77.77 twice but wont have the wagering requirement to win the jackpot. Either that, or since its manually given, someone will roll 77.77 twice and not even know as they weren't looking =/ I wish the jackpot was set up a bit better, so that it was actually obtainable in a lifetime by someone.
  2. Don't remember exactly, but it was somewhere between 15-20. Be very careful on 2x w/ martingale, and make sure you have enough buffered funds to take a red streak. This area is my specialty, but even I've succumbed to busting w/ too many reds. Relatively safe, buffer at least 15, or Safe® @ 20 reds in funds available. Anything beyond 20 reds and youre just flat unlucky. Might as well stop while youre ahead.
  3. Has anyone received this yet? I was one of the first, still haven't. Possibly doing all at once?
  4. Yes, I think most manual players see this as a must. It wouldn't be a good day for someone say with like a 5btc balance accidentally click max bet while going through the motions quickly. [glow=red,2,300]Edward:[/glow] Can we possibly get this setup? Shouldnt take more than a few minutes with a trigger-based function.
  5. Yes, this is precisely the type of feature I was thinking of. As "rain" should be able to be given to multiplie users. Maybe a max of like 5-10 users with 0.0005, also where we can select the users or use a random command, ie. /rain 0.0005 last 5 (for last 5 users chatted), or /rain 0.0005 random 5 (randomly chooses 5 random active users that have been on in the last 30 min, or /rain 0.0005 user1 user2 user3 user4 user5 to select your own people to send to.
  6. Yes, and my main point is that 0.0005 is sometimes just not warranted as a tip, but you still want to give tips to various users. I dont see a problem with giving 0.0001 tips, and again it would cycle more tips locally which is always good for the "ecosystem"
  7. Currently, its really annoying when Im trying to track my current stats only for them to be reset just becuase I accidentally pressed the back button or clicked a link in chat. I'd suggest that the current session stats be only reset after, say, 24 hours idle time and if the user manually resets it as its currently set up to do. I cant count how many times this has frustrated me, and others (ive spoken to others in chat about this, and they've experienced the same).
  8. Similar to UNIX, where you can use the up arrow to go through the messages you last sent, as there are many times where I need to use a command more than once, but will forget exactly the format and will have to ask around again. Would be awesome to have something like this set up, so that we can just press the up arrow to sort through the messages/commands we've sent on the chat.
  9. This post is worthless without pics or an article at the least!
  10. Eh, BU isnt widely adopted enough IMO for this to happen. Not too worried about it, as BU takes double the memory as core, which makes many providers reluctant to switch.
  11. Either myself, sourc3code or MrNice23
  12. Jessica Alba - IMO she's always looked gorgeous over time, shes aged very well
  13. Currently, it seems like there is very minimal difference between whether I bet 700 sats or 70000 sats. Can we possibly provide resource priority to higher bets, equating to faster bets on auto based on the amount your base wager was? Or it could be based on a linear system, where speed increases as your bets get larger (similar to SD). Not sure what everyone else thinks about this, but I LOVE it. One of the main reasons why I still play @ SD.
  14. Whats wrong iwth a 10k tip? To some, thats very generous and theyd be able to play for hours. This is my point...We cant just cater to the mid-high level players, as some are just testing the site out with lower bets. Who knows? One of them may be inspired by the community and start high rolling. My point is that being able to distribute to more users is a good thing, as it keeps coins flowing internally, which are ultimately played anyways. Good for both sides.
  15. This is a MUST! Ive heard countless stories of people accidentally clicking max bet instead of 2x while speed betting in manual. Can really leave a sour taste in the mouth. All we need is a jquery trigger-based message to pop up when that button is clicked, with an "Are you Sure?" message. Definitely needs to have a safety feature for this, as max bet for some can be SIGNIFICANT!
  16. I really think the tipping system is a bit too high. I presume there is something logistics wise that is making you guys want to run 0.0005 min, but again this sometimes isnt warranted and its very difficult to rain to multiple users at such a high rate. What I suggest is if the 0.0005 must be used, to allow users to have an option of, say, splitting it amongst up to 5 users. It would be even better if we could type in the people we want to give it to, but even just say the last 5 people who chatted option would be nice. I try to be as generous as possible, but at times its difficult as I have to choose only a couple of people to tip rather than helping out, say 10 people who I think deserve it. I obviously think this option should only be open for certain level and up members (say level 5+) to prevent any spamming or trying to abuse faucet, but this option would benefit everyone IMO.
  17. How much can we actually make off affiliates? Anyone here making a good bit off it?
  18. Real bummer, just busted around 130 clams today. Went down to 33, and made it back up to 130 in less than 5 min, but eventually busted
  19. Does 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine count as a supplement? lol
  20. I'd be more than happy to do so, Im pretty sure that just about everyone that knows me on here can say that i'm an honest, fair, and sensible person. Again, Id also like to add some more livelihood to the chat and do a few "mini contests" for rain (ie. first person to hit 7.77, etc).
  21. + Roulette (real roulette, not that bitsler crap) - 8/10 + Plinko - 4/10 + Blackjack - 9/10 + Bustabit - 4/10 + Baccarat - 9/10 + Dice - 10/10 + Wheel - 6/10 + Minesweeper - 2/10 + Hi/Lo (I presume you mean the card came and not dice hi/lo) - 4/10 If I could add onto the list, I'd add poker variants that are against dealer, ie. texas holdem, Oasis Poker, etc. Also, possibly Keno. Just my 0.02 I play quite a bit at other casinos btw, w/ VIP status at a few of them so I speak from experience.