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  1. Depends on the stipulations - Bc you'll have to catch me first to kill me =)
  2. This could be done fairly easily if Seuntjie Bot actually picked this up as a feature - I could see it done where the actual bot runs from your desktop (server), and there would be a "client" application that could run on your mobile device, whether web-based or native app. The client would essentially connect via internal API and would act as a "remote control" for the actual bot running on your home computer. IMO this would be the best method of applying this, since mobile phones tend to have spotty internet coverage in various areas. Would make it so that your rolls wouldn't mess up if you lost coverage.
  3. Busted within the first 30 minutes and never came back lol - Prob what happened, tbh.
  4. Well your sad story at least made one person laugh - lol - Sorry, not to get off the main topic but just the way you said it was funny to me. But sorry about that bud, think of it at least you only lost 0.014 rather than someone actually depositing 0.12 and busting. I've busted 0.25 before in one session, so I know your pain. Just keep at it, or if it doesn't work out you can always try other sites out too . At the end of the day, luck swings with time - Some days its in your favor, some days its not. And the best tip, other than the #1 tip being to deposit? To know when to stop. Unfortunately this isn't always as easy as it sounds to gauge =/
  5. Yes - of course it works =) Just follow my directions and it will work just fine. If you miss out on the hour, just try again the next hour.
  6. Yeah, I've used ViaBTC for various stuck TXes in the past - My recommendation for using the accelerator is to refresh the page about 2 minutes before the hour strikes (make sure your computer is set to auto-time on a synchronized server), fill out all the info including captcha, and RIGHT when you see your clock turn to :00 press submit - Lately, this hsa been the only way that I've been able to get TXes accelerated through ViaBTC. The number of TXes they accept every hour is something stupid low (like 10-100 max or something), so you literally have to be one of the first. If you wanna avoid having to use such systems, best thing to do is move over to a new wallet such as Ledger hard wallet (their segwit-enabled wallet now allow Replace by Fee) or Electrum, as you can do this in-app.
  7. I believe its PD discord - @MrVincenzo88 invited me to the same room, and it seems like its the official PD discord chat room - I'm still new to Discord, but it looks pretty cool so far =) Not sure how giveaways work though yet
  8. Congrats =) Great to see that some are still able to turn nothing into something substantial here! Hope you continue seeing green green greeeeen
  9. Not exactly sure on what type of poker player I am PvP, but I prefer playing dealer vs player table games - Just personal preference, as I seem to be able to make more off them than PvP games. Just me though, Im sure there are some master players that do very well in tourneys and whatnot playing against others =) I play occasionally on BetOnline, do pretty well on tourneys (Can usually get in the top 50), but it seems so difficult to actually be in the top 3. Anyone here had luck with stuff like satellite tourneys?
  10. Wow! Congrats!! I was just asking on PD whether anyone had actually hit 9900x before and I guess I received my answer =) Very happy for you!
  11. Looks like its a whale/exchange transfer - Weird though, it looks like they sent it with 0 fees...who send that much with the risk of 0 fees??? Then again it was back in 2013, so maybe it was ok back then
  12. Wow, this is actually really cool - Thanks for sharing! Was skeptical at first, but tested it out and def worked =) Btw, it seems to work as long as you double click start/stop, regardless of if it was a loss or win. EDIT: One thing that sucks though is that I get a "too many requests, slow down!" error at times =/
  13. Well said, my friend. Well said. Props to Mayweather - All I gotta say to all the haters is 50-0 =)
  14. I personally think that there should be two tiers -> one at 25btc and one at 50btc as you mentioned. The 25btc should be something like "Enthusiast" or "Honorary Member" while 50BTC should be VIP. I think having two tiers like this would make things a bit more interesting and it would be nice to have benefits as you climb the ladder. Just my two cents.
  15. Wasn't it 10th round technical KO? Either way, Mayweather just won the ultimate jackpot - $400 mill - Plus he stated that that this was his last fight (which I def called). 50-0 baby, what a way to go out. #LegendStatus
  16. Lol, that is an awesome story - The best stories i've heard in the crypto world are usually people who purchased coin when it was very low in price and just forgot about their wallet until recently. There have been many overnight millionaires this very way =) If only we all knew, right? lol
  17. Awesome, thanks for such a quick update @Dan - I'm sure others will be happy to see this =)
  18. Hey Admins/Mods, Just wanted to know if you guys had and ETA on when the forum wallet would be topped up for withdrawals again. Wanted to see if we could get some sort of "official" answer so that everyone knows and doesn't continue asking. Also, if I'm correct, PD is planning on possibly disabling the pay per post feature within the forums in the near future? If this were to happen, would we have a chance to withdraw our existing satoshis into our PD account prior to the feature being removed? Any info on this would be greatly appreciated so everyone is on the same page =) Thx guys!
  19. Hey bud, good to see you too =) Nope, havent heard from Burstdie in forever =/ I still have his email, might try emailing him today and see whats been going on with him. Anyhow, thanks for the vouch and I'll let ya know if I hear from him!
  20. +1 - Im an LBC vendor and I transact a significant amount with both cards. So if anyone needs to buy/sell, hit me up =) My LBC account has right around 100BTC sold, 500+ transactions, 100% feedback so no issues.
  21. Its the downfall of capitalism. The middle class keeps diminishing, and in turn the citizens are forced to either be classified as poor or rich. Unfortunately, in the US, its becoming worse and worse as the "freedom" clauses seem to significantly benefit those who are in power or wealthy, but those who are less wealthy end up getting screwed by the same "freedom" that benefits the rich/powerful. My personal opinion is that any type of government has its pros/cons, and they all have their downfalls. Even communism at its very essence can be very efficient and can make the majority of citizens happy if integrated well - Unfortunately, with humans, GREED seems to be the main factor in the downfall of any community/government. Its just a matter of time. Sucks, but this is the reality =/
  22. Username: @sourc3code (or U:sourc3code) Hope to be able to get on the HG whitelist, I believe I have 20+ btc wagered =) TY!
  23. Great news - Thx for the update @MICRO
  24. Had my settings on 20% increase on loss and started at 1000 sats base bet - On the first "round" it got pretty high and finally hit green =) Results are below: