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  1. Personally I think you should just share it with the community, given that its not an actual script that you're selling but rather a programmed strategy for dicebot. Even Seuntjie's dicebot is free, so why would you sell a strategy for money? I guess if people are willing to pay, then do it up but I think such things should be shared with the community as there's no such thing as a guaranteed win strategy. Just my opinion on the matter.
  2. Glad some of you could make use of this strategy =)
  3. Not only that but I don't trust a web-based wallet as my primary BTC wallet - Its just asking for something to go wrong and have your funds stolen or whatnot. I'd definitely recommend a hardwallet for anyone who is actually serious about holding BTC that is actually worth anything. You may not think its necessary now, but once you have your wallet hacked or funds taken from you, then you'll see why hardwallets exist =) Paper wallets can also be just as effective if done properly, however spending from a paper wallet is a PITA - No reason to use a paper wallet these days with the introduction of so many competent hard wallets.
  4. I always store my BTC on a hard wallet - I purchased a Ledger Nano S about a year ago before they became scare for like $50 and it was the best $50 I've ever spent in regards to BTC. Not only does it ensure that my coins are 100% safe, but its so easy to use. Like when BCH came out, they made it seamless to claim them. They'll most likely have a similar update for the wallet as soon as Bitcoin Gold gets their stuff together. I highly recommend using a hard wallet over any other method if you have enough coins that are valuable to you. The Ledger works with various coins including BTC, BCH, LTC, XRP, ETH, ETC, and various others =)
  5. Bingo - However I wish that the prizes were a bit higher now that bingo is a lot harder to hit than in the past. Before It used to be 11.xx for example when now you have to hit 10.0x, 20.0x, etc etc which based on winning in the past it usually takes me at LEAST 30 minutes to hit all of them. I wish bingo 1st place was 0.001BTC, 2nd was 0.0005BTC, and 3rd was 0.00025BTC - But I guess anything is better than nothing.
  6. In the past 24 hours, I've profited approx 0.010BTC using various sites - So approx $57 or so? Nothing crazy, but then again I guess anything is better than a loss. Guess I can't complain about an extra $57 =)
  7. I regret gambling as much as I have online since the start - Who knows how much I'd have currently had I saved every penny of it in place of the winnings from gambling. As much as I've won online, I'm sure my losses are definitely higher overall. Lately, I've been doing my best to keep it to a minimum and only playing for fun rather than to try and make a dollar out of .15 cents, so to speak. I guess what matters in the end is that we learn from our mistakes, just as it's been stated by others above. If you keep making the same mistakes over again, its no longer a mistake - Which means you need to fix yourself.
  8. So I'm sure some of you may already have either tried out or heard of the 1.55x strategy, but here I'll explain more in-depth for those that don't know the details, as its more than just a martingale/auto strategy. It requires some intuition and paying attention to trends to pull off successfully. And of course most of all, it requires LUCK =) Basic Strategy Details To start, you would be playing at 1.55x multiplier and setting your base to whatever you feel comfortable with. As it is lower than 2x, I tend to run my base bet at a minimum of 0.0001BTC and up, but of course this depends on your bankroll. Be sure to keep a good bit of room in your bankroll for error, as the wager amount can get pretty high using this strategy. The way this strategy works is if you hit Green, you leave the wager as-is and roll again. Once you hit a Red, you would double (2x) your wager amount. Hitting green after doubling would not only cover your previous red, but it would actually give you profit as well. If you hit 2 Reds in a row, you would hit the 2x button TWICE (4x the increased wager amount) - If you hit Green on the next roll, then you would again not only cover all previous reds, but you would actually generate profit. Any Reds from this point you would want to 4x increase until you hit Green to come out on top after that particular run. Since your chances of winning are 63.87%, the aim of this strat is to hit continuous greens. Hence the reason why you would most likely want to start with a decent base wager. Advanced Strategy for Max Profit There is a separate part to this strategy, the part that takes some intuition and watching your streaks carefully. On 1.55x, there will be points where greens are more prevalent, and other times where reds are. It would probably not be in your best interest to just blindly 4x your bets on any reds in succession, but rather to follow trends and bet accordingly. For example, if you notice that there are a lot of reds just starting to come up, it may be best to not increase the bet amount at all, and ride it through the red streak. Then, immediately following the streak, it should technically switch sides or even out. This is where your luck will need to either kick in or not. With enough luck and progressive rolling, this strategy can bring you some substantial profits. There have been times where I've used this 1.55x method when I was down to, say 0.02BTC from 0.1BTC and managed to come all the way back up in less than 10 minutes. Of course this is risky, and I don't recommend using this strategy all the time - However if you are feeling lucky and want to try a high payout strategy that isn't based on hitting a high multiplier, this may be a good strategy to try out. Conclusion Again, any strategy will require luck first and foremost, as well as being able to appropriately set your wager amount based on your total bankroll. Furthermore with strategies such as this one, it will also require some intuition and experience to try and generally guess what trend the upcoming rolls will produce. As with any strategy that I share here or anywhere else, you agree that I am not held liable for any financial losses or harm from using any part of it. Only bet what you can afford to lose, and know when to stop playing. Remember, even the most ingenious strategies will eventually bust over time due to house edge. With this being said, knowing when to stop playing is the most important strategy of all! Hope this strategy helps someone, and good luck to all! *** If this strategy helped you and you'd like to donate, feel free to send me a tip directly here on the forums via forum sats, or you can tip me on PD @ my username sourc3code =)
  9. sourc3code

    DIY Dog Cage

    Very nice =) Is the metal welded or is it kept together with screws/nuts?
  10. No - There are no bonuses for anyone, regardless of whether you are new or not.
  11. So if it shows on the giveaway page that I have only 2 posts, what exactly does that mean? Still not sure what exactly is going on with this giveaway, as I've made 190 posts to date but it states Ive only made 2. Can someone please explain? Thank you
  12. Wow, after reading everyones "craziest things" that they've done when younger, I don't think I should even share as the things I used to do were on another level, lol. Seriously, you guys were pretty square compared to my ridiculousness. I just didn't give AF when I was younger. Not at all, lol.
  13. Is this bounty still open, or has it been fulfilled?
  14. Not sure what my largest bet *ever* was since I've wagered over 26BTC on PD and I don't keep track of them all, but the most memorable for me would probably be this one. The wager amount is relatively small (0.0319BTC) but it was at 3.77x and profit was 0.0884BTC. And this was recent while BTC was high in price, so amount wagered was around $140 and bet profit was close to $350-400 on this one roll =) Im sure there are many players that have bet larger than this, but for me (and for the majority of players), this is a pretty substantial amount.
  15. This guy and his faucet runs - Def Faucet Master lol. Wish my luck was even 1/10th as good as yours! Anyhow, congrats @Soldier1943 !
  16. I'm negative -0.269 or so. What sucks is that I was actually in the positive (+0.2) about a few months ago, the majority of my rotten luck is recent =/
  17. Lol, the most of you don't seem to know what real busting feels like - For me, most I've busted is -0.3 which was more recently (so over $1k). Now THAT is a bust =(
  18. No begging. Thats mine, lol - End up having to say it at least a handful of times daily in chat unfortunately.
  19. Currently at a loss with over 25BTC wagered - For some reason I can't win on PD, so I make up for it by playing on other sites where I do