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  1. I think they usually do go hand in hand. Nobody comes to a casino thinking "im going to win a reasonable amount of money only" - Everyone comes to hit big. And the bigger you hit, the more you desire to increase that. All boils down to the basic human instincts really, which is why I think gambling is so profitable despite people knowing games are negative EV.
  2. I think what makes a good gambler is not being one in the first place. The characteristics of an addicted gambler are not ones that normally help with life goals or furthering ones self. I think this is why there is something called "beginners luck". Its not luck at all, its just using common sense, something even the most experienced gamblers tend to lose along the way at times.
  3. I almost never play max payout - Imo its only good to play TEMPORARILY every once a while for that random luck that can hit you. Hunting for 9900x usually takes far too much patience and balance to do right. I have seen it done by one person at another site. Other than that, usually failures.
  4. There aren't too many ways to do this in order to make it "fair" for all wager amounts. Anyone above their bracket would easily be able to have an advantage over others. I just wish the race length was shorter at PD. I think 24 hours is too long. Maybe 4 in a day would be better.
  5. Umm, ive personally never heard of the site. There are so many well known sites though that are for sure safe to deposit on, why choose one that you’re apparently unsure of?
  6. Too long, lol. but in all seriousness, my oldest account here is from 2016 so 3 years or so. I’ve been playing dice since around 2014 though, so around 5 years. That’s a lot of time to bust lol
  7. 99x is one of those payouts that tends to be really easy some days, and really difficult on others. If you're looking for an auto method, the best ive found is increase by 1% on loss. Personally, I only play manual and flat bet until I feel like a 99x is going to come up, which at that point I would increase my wager and hopefully hit. I dont usually bet till bust for each run. If i dont hit by a certain point, I'll try to recover the funds and try again.
  8. I'm glad they finally moved over all these changes that they've already implemented over at Stake. The site looks better overall and functions better too. Just gotta get the chat fixed and all will be well!
  9. If you don't have anything to play, then I don't think you should continue being at a gambling facility. I feel like theres too many people just sitting and waiting for something from someone, when they could be working and making money to play instead. I never understood this...Nobody begs at a real casino, what makes them think its ok to do so here?
  10. Definitely prefer withdrawing over using the vault - It's the most failsafe method of storing your funds and you can always redeposit if needed. The vault does technically have 3-factor authentication, but if the site were to go down for any reason you wouldn't be able to access your funds on it until it was back up. This goes for any online service. So for this reason, I prefer withdrawing to my hardware wallet.
  11. The best strategy is the one that works for you most consistently - I think different strategies can work for certain people and not for others. For example, some strategies may require more patience while others may require you to act on impulse. My thing is if you find a strat that starts working for you repeatedly, keep on using it. As they say, there's no need to reinvent the wheel. I think players put too much emphasis on finding the latest and greatest strat rather than focusing on the ones that already work for them and trying to perfect implementing it. Just my thoughts on the matter.
  12. Drinking liquids is quite important when doing anything for extended periods of time - I do agree with you that one of the reasons for premature fatigue and doing things like rage betting are because people don't know how little things such as not drinking enough fluids can affect their gameplay. I highly suggest drinking lots of hydrating fluids (so not coffee or black tea) - Not only will this keep your mind refreshed, but it will also force you to stand up and use the restroom every so often, which standing and stretching is HIGHLY necessary when sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time.
  13. Absolutely not lol - I dont understand how people do this. In order to win a prize, you have to deliberately play a game in order to do so. Which means that you are choosing to play to win yourself. People must have way too much money if they are forgetting to claim their prizes haha. If you don't want it, I'm always completely fine with accepting it for you
  14. So one method of playing that I use quite often is something i call "intuition-based playing" - Essentially, its properly applying that feeling you get when you know a green will come out. The difference between this and similar methods that fall more under gamblers fallacy is the fact that you are using intuition, which means you are basing your guesses off previous results rather than just randomness. Note how I still called it a guess though, as technically you are still doing just that. Guessing. I've definitely had times where my intuition was off, but I've had just as many if not more sessions where it was spot on and I've hit some pretty big payouts. A lot of people ask me how I win such big payout multipliers and to be honest this is the answer. I play strictly off intuition, no increase on loss or auto rolling. Just flat rolling on manual, and increasing the wager amount when I feel like the target I'm going for will come out. Anyhow, I bring this up to see how many of you actively use this method of gambling and what kind of results you've had with it. Remember, there is a difference between using intuition and just flat out making a random guess. I like to call intuition based playing an educated guess. While as though you cannot increase your chances of winning a certain payout, you can definitely maximize your chances of hitting a payout by taking into account the recent roll trends. Doing so would definitely be in your best interest. And if your intuition sucks, then I feel for you lol. Might want to look elsewhere for a more structured method of playing if this is the case.
  15. I personally play with BTC and ETH the most - Im most comfortable with both of them and seem to do the best with them. XRP is ok also, but I haven't gotten the hang of it fully yet. Technically all the coins are the same, its just that some you tend to bet larger/smaller with.
  16. Probably because it was worthless to begin with. The amounts were far too low for them to be worth anything. Instead of faucets, PD offers promotions through coupons and rakebacks once you've bet enough here, which I actually prefer.
  17. ummm....how can the words "bad luck" be a good thing? This is completely contradictory of what this phrase represents. I feel like people just take anything they want these days and just say the opposite and call it "new" and "correct" - I blame the ME generation, thinking they have rights to express and do whatever they want. Well if they have this right, then so do I, and I express that whoever came up with the concept that bad luck is a good thing is just plain stupid. Sorry to say it, but you are. Read a book every once in a while, don't believe everything you read online, and just because your mommy says you are special doesn't mean that you are in the real world. Btw this isnt directed to the OP, rather to whoever came up with this ridiculous concept to begin with. Kids these days.
  18. I see these type of posts all the time where people dream of hitting 1BTC from just about nothing starting off, and although it sounds great at the end of the day there are variables that cannot be accounted for in any strategy. These would be luck and timeframe of when EV kicks in. No matter how much you plan ahead of time, its just impossible to actually stay on the course of what you first set out to do since these variables are not constant. In my opinion, the best way to tackle such a feat is by trying more times. Essentially the same concept of buying 100 lotto tickets every week as opposed to buying just 1 a week. The person who buys 100 a week obviously has better odds of winning. With this being said, maybe focus on playing consistently on a daily basis to try and reach your goal rather than ramping up to do this big session all in one go. Because I can almost guarantee you that you will be quite disappointed a few days into it. Something will make you deviate from the original plans if not make you completely bust.
  19. So do we get paid a salary for being a part of this? Because if so im in! haha - All jokes set aside, iguess it depends on how its set up and whether or not people end up using the service.
  20. Pretty much what everyone has already said - It's the most popular because it was the first coin to be used in this manner so naturally it would have the most market dominance over other newer coins. Without bitcoin, there would be no other cryptocurrencies as the concept was first developed around BTC. Yes there are various technology pieces that have come later on such as smart contracts that BTC does not have, however again these features would have never been conceived without the basic concepts and practices developed around BTC.
  21. I think it's possible, but highly unlikely - Most of the players who end up making a lot of coin from such a site already had a lot of coin to begin with for their bankroll. You have to be exceptionally lucky to go from a small amount to a significant amount. And even then, one wrong move and you're more likely to go back to 0 than to catch another lucky break. No matter what strategy you use, you need to remember that the game itself is set up with negative expected value for profit. Meaning over the course of time, you will more than likely go negative rather than positive with your profit. Play for shorter periods of time in intervals and don't rage bet if you want to have even a chance of reaching a significant amount with a small initial investment.
  22. Unfortunately its not as easy to stop for most people who start playing. You have to remember that this is an addiction just like drugs/alcohol, and it triggers something in the brain that causes you to think irrationally during moments where you'd normally make a completely different decision. I think limiting the amount you play really is the only way to curb losses when it comes to gambling. You cant expect to be on a gambling site and not gamble, especially if you are known to play until bust.