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  1. Was a pleasure meeting you today luizoruivo Hope to have more chats with you like we did today in the future! Btw, figured just the beginning and end of the convo would be good enough. I didn't take screens of the rest.
  2. Not very - Unfortunately, my luck especially when it comes to gambling is pretty horrible. On a 50% chance of anything, I normally lose lol - Hate to admit it, but this is true. I've seen others who are completely the opposite way, where if they have a 50/50 shot at something they will usually win it. But nope, my luck is garbage sucks, but I play here at PD for fun more than anything else. I DEFINITELY wont be quitting my day job to gamble here, haha
  3. My username is sourc3code - Thanks for the opportunity!
  4. 100% they do - I think that having a positive mindset while playing will make a significant difference in your overall play. You tend to do better with such a mindset, while as having a piss poor attitude usually ends up with you busting. You tend to be more irrational when you are upset or angry, hence the reason why you tend to make worse decisions. I definitely recommend trying to be in a positive mindset when you do play. It makes a world of a difference!
  5. There are many, however personally I don't recommend using them unless you really understand the mechanics of how the bot actually works. In many cases, I just see where people lose money due to minute mistakes in the script they're using with the bot. Most bots can be quite complex and the ones that aren't really have no edge at all compared to just manually placing bids. On the other hand, I have seen a select few who consistently make money from their bot regularly. However, note that the amounts aren't crazy significant and there are still days where they lose rather than gain. I think with markets, there is a portion that still requires luck at the end of the day, similar to gambling. Not much you can do to manipulate luck unfortunately.
  6. lol you do bring up a good point - I guess that is pretty silly for people to start their sentences with "hey bro". Personally I cannot stand this either as its very unpersonable and you sound quite retarded when you say it. However, again you do bring up a good point lol. Duly noted.
  7. Do not make this goal, to become a highroller as it will just end with you losing a lot of money. Rather than something to obtain, its something that you should just naturally acquire if its within your budget to. If not, thats ok also. As you can see by my wager amounts I've played quite a bit here and I've played on the low end as well as the high end. I can say that the only difference between playing "high wager" compared to low is that you get more people begging you for money as its displayed publicly on the high roller tab. Its actually quite annoying and get's old really fast. Again, dont make this a goal of any kind. The positive aspects (if there are any) are greatly outweighed by the potential negative aspects of being a highroller.
  8. Why would I not feel safe here? Am I at risk of someone attacking me or something? lol - If you're talking about my crypto, tbh I dont feel safe with my crypto sitting anywhere other than my hardware wallet, but this has nothing to do with PD's legitimacy or anything like that. It's just because I understand how cryptocurrency works and how vulnerable things can be in such a setting regardless of what you do. For this reason, I never use the vault and always withdraw at the end of my session.
  9. Oh goodness - I've gambled on PD for over 24 hours before. I definitely don't recommend it though, not only do you waste a lot of time but you also further risk the chances of busting when you play such extended periods of time. IMO i think the best runs are the short runs where you hit what you intend to and then get off. My longest runs have also been the ones where I've busted the most, and the worst part is that you have nothing to show for it at the end. I think ideally, its best to play less than an hour if possible.
  10. Personally I don't think this is a wise decision, as you can easily skip over winning bets in a seed when you run two tabs at the same time. For wager, yes this can technically wager double the amount however if that's important to you the better thing to do imo would be to just run dicebot. Dicebot tends to run much quicker than the frontend here, and you don't risk the chance of skipping over nonces that could have landed green.
  11. Usually it does require focus and concentration, however I will say there have been times where I have no idea how I won as much as I did, as I was either inebriated while playing or I was just in rage mode and didn't care what happened. At the end of the day, I think the biggest factor is "luck", however you may define what this is. Ive seen where "proven" strats bust quite quick while as someone who doesnt know what they're doing bets some odd multiplier and wins quite a bit. Guess its really subjective at the end of the day.
  12. I mean, I think its completely fine - It's not like they're selling burgers or something that needs massive brand recognition. The name in itself does more of the advertising for PD than any logo ever could. Remember, PD isn't meant to be a household name as they aren't selling retail products. With this being said, the focus on the logo isn't as necessary as you are making it out to be. Yes, it should be done well (which it is), but anything beyond that is just extra icing on the cake.
  13. When it first came out here, I got tipped like 0.5XRP i believe by Eddie and I somehow increased it to 15XRP lol - Have no idea how i did it, but shortly after I got greedy and busted. For some reason XRP seems much easier to bust than other coins. Maybe its bc I don't quantify their actual worth and think of them as Doge or something. Either way, im sticking to other coins for the most part until I figure the busting thing out.
  14. I did when it first started, but now im starting to realize that entering races usually equates to me busting. I already know i won't be getting the top 3 prizes, so with that being said, it usually is not worth busting a balance over the lesser prizes in a race. And the better races are always crowded with people who have crypto in excess and dont even need the prize, but just want to win for the title. With this being said, its difficult to continue joining races at both here and stake. Some people seem to actually focus on races, which is strange to me...
  15. No there isn't - This is a grown folks gaming site, the kids zone is over at Stake. They've got "Gary", their mascot for the site. Personally, I don't care for such things in a gaming site, I'd much rather have better gameplay than all the bells and whistles + excessive aesthetics. Although it is nice to have a theme based site, its definitely not necessary for me.
  16. So what happened to my respected title here on the forums? I guess all of a sudden im not respected anymore? lol
  17. Bet: 29,029,823,148 placed by sourc3code on 25/02/2019 Wagered 0.00002500 Multiplier 3300.00x Profit 0.08247500 Bet: 29,037,324,790 placed by sourc3code on 25/02/2019 Wagered 0.00003000 Multiplier 3300.00x Profit 0.09897000
  18. No problem - And yes I've made multiple deposits and withdrawals, definitely a legitimate site. You may even see some familiar usernames in there And sure, if you sign up and end up playing a good bit let me know and we can def split commission.
  19. Btw they just added Stellar, Dash and Zcash today and just opened up Video Poker - If you're into Roulette, this is def my fav place to play roulette as you can play with other people and see their bets along with your own. Check it out!
  20. So I recently came across a site that's actually very reminiscent of Stake with a combination of Duckdice. The site is called Luckyfish, and they've currently got Dice, Slots, and Roulette which can ben played with various cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, and EOS). What stood out to me the most was how much time they put into the graphics for each game, it's unlike any other crypto gambling site I've come across yet. That, and the fact that you can play with EOS coin, which is something new to the scene. They also have a "multi-player dice" game which I believe you can play with others at the same time. I haven't tried it out yet, but I have tried out normal dice which is very similar to Primedice (9900x max payout). If you've got time, I'd highly suggest giving them a try, I think you'll be surprised at the level of development that's gone into the site. And Yes they do have faucet which is 200 sats each claim. They also have Blackjack, Video Poker, and Texas Holdem Poker coming soon - Can't wait to see how they look once they're released Clean Link: https://luckyfish.io Ref Link: https://luckyfish.io/?c=digitaldash
  21. You clearly are not reading the original post, as everything you just requested is already there. Please stop spamming posts...
  22. I would have to second this - Nitrogen is probably the best sports betting site that accepts BTC. They pay out quickly as well. Overall, I like their platform better than any of the other sports betting sites. The worst is 1x, they are considered a "legal scam" site, so I suggest you stay away. They are notorious for not paying out when there are large sums of money involved.
  23. There are a few ways to go about it, but in the end its really going to boil down to your balance and luck. If one of these two areas is lacking, then you'll fail sooner than later. Make sure you're wagering the proper amount in respect to your balance too, and try not to switch sides too often. Switching can often times have the reverse effect of what you're trying to do, which is catch greens. As soon as you switch, it tends to come out on the side you switched from. Other than this, just watch which side it hits more on and try to stick to that side unless you really feel it will come out on the other side. Good luck, and hope you see some greens
  24. Lol, I guess this is the stuff that gamblers dream of - What if...1BTC just fell out of the sky? Im sure the majority would run away with it, given how much money it is. People can say what they want on here, but i bet at least 80%+ of the people who said they would return it, wouldn't. Greed is embedded into humans, its in our nature. The degree of it can be more or less depending on morals, discipline, etc, however everyone has greed to some degree especially when put in a position to exercise this. With this being said, its very difficult to ask such a question and get accurate answers. The person may *intend* on giving it back, but in real life who really knows. You never know until it actually happens to you...
  25. Most likely - Apparently its picking up pretty good acceptance so far but its too early to tell. They have flagship stores opening in two countries apparently where you can try the phone out and learn about it. Forgot off the top of my head which two countries, but it in the review article I posted above.