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  1. sourc3code

    LuckyFish.io - Dice, Slots, Roulette

    No problem - And yes I've made multiple deposits and withdrawals, definitely a legitimate site. You may even see some familiar usernames in there And sure, if you sign up and end up playing a good bit let me know and we can def split commission.
  2. sourc3code

    LuckyFish.io - Dice, Slots, Roulette

    Btw they just added Stellar, Dash and Zcash today and just opened up Video Poker - If you're into Roulette, this is def my fav place to play roulette as you can play with other people and see their bets along with your own. Check it out!
  3. So I recently came across a site that's actually very reminiscent of Stake with a combination of Duckdice. The site is called Luckyfish, and they've currently got Dice, Slots, and Roulette which can ben played with various cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, and EOS). What stood out to me the most was how much time they put into the graphics for each game, it's unlike any other crypto gambling site I've come across yet. That, and the fact that you can play with EOS coin, which is something new to the scene. They also have a "multi-player dice" game which I believe you can play with others at the same time. I haven't tried it out yet, but I have tried out normal dice which is very similar to Primedice (9900x max payout). If you've got time, I'd highly suggest giving them a try, I think you'll be surprised at the level of development that's gone into the site. And Yes they do have faucet which is 200 sats each claim. They also have Blackjack, Video Poker, and Texas Holdem Poker coming soon - Can't wait to see how they look once they're released Clean Link: https://luckyfish.io Ref Link: https://luckyfish.io/?c=digitaldash
  4. You clearly are not reading the original post, as everything you just requested is already there. Please stop spamming posts...
  5. sourc3code

    Guys, where do u do sport betting?

    I would have to second this - Nitrogen is probably the best sports betting site that accepts BTC. They pay out quickly as well. Overall, I like their platform better than any of the other sports betting sites. The worst is 1x, they are considered a "legal scam" site, so I suggest you stay away. They are notorious for not paying out when there are large sums of money involved.
  6. sourc3code

    What your Primedice technique to win above 99.9X

    There are a few ways to go about it, but in the end its really going to boil down to your balance and luck. If one of these two areas is lacking, then you'll fail sooner than later. Make sure you're wagering the proper amount in respect to your balance too, and try not to switch sides too often. Switching can often times have the reverse effect of what you're trying to do, which is catch greens. As soon as you switch, it tends to come out on the side you switched from. Other than this, just watch which side it hits more on and try to stick to that side unless you really feel it will come out on the other side. Good luck, and hope you see some greens
  7. sourc3code

    If someone accidentally tips you 1 BTC?

    Lol, I guess this is the stuff that gamblers dream of - What if...1BTC just fell out of the sky? Im sure the majority would run away with it, given how much money it is. People can say what they want on here, but i bet at least 80%+ of the people who said they would return it, wouldn't. Greed is embedded into humans, its in our nature. The degree of it can be more or less depending on morals, discipline, etc, however everyone has greed to some degree especially when put in a position to exercise this. With this being said, its very difficult to ask such a question and get accurate answers. The person may *intend* on giving it back, but in real life who really knows. You never know until it actually happens to you...
  8. sourc3code

    Blockchain Phone by Sirin Labs starts Shipping in December

    Most likely - Apparently its picking up pretty good acceptance so far but its too early to tell. They have flagship stores opening in two countries apparently where you can try the phone out and learn about it. Forgot off the top of my head which two countries, but it in the review article I posted above.
  9. Definitely Bitcoin. Ethereum has caught a lot of flack recently due to all of the scamcoins under it running ICOs. Furthermore, the Ethereum concept is great however it wasn't set up for the normal user. The complications make it a bit of a learning curve to start using properly, especially when you get into smart contracts. There are other coins that also offer the same capabilities as Ethereum, but have improved on top of them. Between ETH and BTC, its a no-brainer. BTC will always reign supreme, and based on its price most other coin prices will be dictates as well.
  10. sourc3code

    Blockchain Phone by Sirin Labs starts Shipping in December

    Yep - They're on sale right now for $899 directly from Sirin Labs - https://shop.sirinlabs.com/products/finney The coolest feature for such devices would be DApp (decentralized application) compatibility, which is essentially like an app store for the pertaining coin (for example ETH has DApp compatibility). That and the obvious integrated hardware wallet feature, although I'm not sure how that works with a mobile device with internet connection since a hard wallet would need to be air gapped for it to actually be considered a true hardware wallet rather than a device with software installed on it. I would imagine it would work something along the lines of where the phone would automatically turn data off when you are accessing the wallet, and only turning it on the broadcast a send transaction after closing the wallet out. Apparently they did a pretty good job on the phone from what I gather, and it comes with an easy to use interface. Here's a review so you can be the judge of that: https://www.digitaltrends.com/cell-phone-reviews/sirin-labs-finney-review/
  11. sourc3code

    I Love 9900x

    Surprisingly I hit it in less than 50 rolls lol - Just got lucky that day and was feeling it
  12. sourc3code

    I'm nuts!

    Well, you hit green and that's all that matters quite frankly Congratulations on your win!
  13. sourc3code

    I Love 9900x

    Here's my contribution to this thread
  14. sourc3code

    Rewarding Ways + Payment proof

    How much time did it take you to make that $1? The majority of these sites end up paying significantly less than minimum wage at a fast food restaurant when you actually factor in the amount of time and effort you need to put in to make each dollar. I've yet to come across a "rewards" site that is worth even a second of my time tbh. Can you show how much you've made in one months time, and give an estimate of about how long you spend to do so daily?
  15. So it seems like many are playing at places today like Coinpoker, which is honestly one of the WORST places to play as you're forced to deal with their fluctuating token prices (usually going down). On top of that, you have to find an exchange, usually an unknown one with low volume to sell them at, further reducing how much you actually won. The solution? Playing at SwC Poker - https://play.swcpoker.eu/. So at SwC, you can deposit with Bitcoin only and in a similar fashion to Coinpoker you do get in-house chips to play with. The difference? The price always remains the same so you ALWAYS know how much your chips are worth while playing. No guessing on the price or wondering how much you'll lose when trading on the market spread. 1BTC will get you 1 million chips, and you can purchase as few as 1 chip. This is how bitcoin poker should be, where there is a "chip" you use in place of BTC, but the chips should always be worth the same amount of BTC. Yes BTC prices fluctuate, but its a lot less than Coinpokers token does. When you're ready to withdraw, SwC cashes out the chips for you directly through them, no need for exchanges or anything like that. The price you paid for them are still what they're worth in BTC when withdrawn. Withdrawals are manually done though, so don't expect an instant withdrawal. They usually take a few hours and up to 24 hours depending on when you put in the withdraw request. In terms of the games, they have Cash Games, Sit and Go, as well as Tournaments. There aren't hundreds of rooms all filled up, but I've never logged in and couldn't join a game that matched what type of game and ante amounts I was looking for. If you're very confident in your poker abilities you should try some of their tournament buy-ins. They don't have excessive amounts of people you're playing against like the major poker sites and the pots are actually very hefty. Overall, if you've never tried SwC poker give them a try. They don't require KYC or verification since its crypto-only deposits, so anyone should be able to play here. If not, its most likely just your IP thats blocked, and all you need to do is sign up with VPN. Figured i'd put this "review" up of SwC as I hate that people are still even bother with garbage CoinPoker. their coin, CHP died months ago. In the past 3o days it's dropped 32% in price just to give you an idea. So if you had $1000 worth in chips a month ago, congratulations you now have less than $700 worth of chips. Just to give you an idea compared to BTC, BTC has dropped around 1.2% in the past 30 days.