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  1. If the game is actually random, then it would be impossible to have an unbeatable strategy as it would mean that there are no patterns or trends. Keep in mind that with computers though, there is no such thing as a truly randomized system since game results are made with algorithms. What this means is that you will see slight trends here and there, which you can use to your advantage. Intuitive-based playing imo is the best way to play.
  2. Too much. I tip/rain far too much when I start winning and it takes a toll on my playing in the long run. I usually don't mind tipping/raining but i've noticed that doing so makes me bust sooner as my balance starts to dip. I don't believe in the minimum amount tipping/raining. Its pointless, and all youre doing is giving the money back to the site as 99% of the people will bust with such a small amount. If you want to actually make a difference, save until you have enough to rain/tip a decent amount and then do so. Stop wasting funds by minimum amount raining! Nobody even remembers with such things anyways.
  3. 100x is one of those payouts where you'll either get really lucky or bust out from a long set of reds. I play just about nothing but 99x and up and I can say that there are times where I can hit in 1 hit, and there are times where it will take over 300-400 reds to hit. This is where you need to be good about watching the past numbers in the seed and select a proper payout higher than 99x so that you recoupe your losses even with 300-400 reds. I think intuition based playing is the best way for high payouts. Setting something and doing the same thing over and over again with it will equate to a guaranteed bust.
  4. I don't think anyone has knowingly hit it with the proper minimum bet amount. There's already been a lot of conversations behind the jackpot at PD, but to give you an overview of my thoughts: 1) The jackpot system needs to be auto-reporting - This is a must. Until this is implemented, I doubt we're going to see a winner even at the 1% level for a while. Most jackpots like this are won through putting tons of bets through something like dicebot or the auto feature on the site. Currently I highly doubt anyones running an automated system to hit the jackpot since its manual reporting. 2) The amount needs to be reduced in exchange for more frequency of people actually obtaining the JP. Theres no point in having a JP if nobody can even hit it in years. Given that its not gotten anyone to hit it since it first started years ago, it needs to be revised. 3) If the current system is to be used, there needs to be at least one more tier below 1%, say for 0.1% of the jackpot if you hit with a minimum of 0.00001BTC. This would make it slightly more obtainable.
  5. Nothing holds me here outright, but if you're asking what keeps me playing here its mostly the fact that I've been a part of the community for years and I feel comfortable playing here. PD can be trusted with my money no matter how large of an amount, and you can tell how much Eddie cares about the site. The VIP service he offers isn't something you can find anywhere else online, and I like the unique setup for it. Overall, PD is pretty much where dice was conceived so why not stick with the original company.
  6. Not really a fan of XLM anymore due to how much they've flooded the market with free coin. Its watered down the coins price, and I have a feeling it will continue. TRX is a great coin to be added, as its nearly instant and it offers the "chip" type denomination where you can bet whole coins. The price usually stays between Doge and XLM, so it should be good for most players.
  7. The API is locked down and technically isn’t public for security purposes. I believe they want you to discuss with the directly about such things so they are familiar with who is using it.
  8. I definitely think that this needs to be updated ASAP with the better solution, as the community uses the profit stats as an integral part of the competitive dice playing experience. Its something everyone knows to look for, and for some it's bragging rights. I think not having this anymore definitely takes away from the original experience and it just doesn't feel the same without it.
  9. So for the ones who don't have a Coinbase account yet, you can sign up for free and get up to $70 worth in free crypto. There's only 4 slots open with this invite link though, and you need to verify your ID with them in order to qualify. It does work for sure as long as you're in a valid country and you verify with ID. If you have any questions, let me know and I'll try to help you. You can convert the different coins they give you for watching a few videos into any coin immediately after, and you can withdraw. Invite Link (need to use this to not get on a waiting list): https://coinbase.com/earn/eos/invite/2vt15bjw Clean Link (only listed to follow rules of the forum): https://coinbase.com/earn Keep in mind you wont get the extra amount unless you use the affiliate link.
  10. Bet: 42,704,548,504 placed by sourc3code on 22/11/2019 Wagered 20.00000000 Multiplier 93.40x Profit 1847.92440000
  11. Pd username: sourc3code trustpilot: thesourc3