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  1. I'd like to know the same thing - What exactly is TRON doing with their coin? there are so many coins that have hype around them, but in reality they have nothing different or unique to offer. Such coins will eventually die down and fade away, so I recommend everyone actually do research on the coins they're investing in rather than just listening to others or going off of market caps. In my opinion, about 75% of the coins released at the moment are either copies of another coins concept or are completely worthless and need to be removed. Stop supporting such coins everyone!
  2. sourc3code

    Ez Profit - A Martingale Twist

    This seems like it would be a very inefficient method of playing. So you are going to wait for 7-10 reds every time before betting? Unless you are betting high high wager, it would take all day to go through enough bets to make you enough profit for this to be worth it. Martingale really isn't ever a good strategy unless you are using it for short term play. There's a reason why its also known as martingfail. I have seen this strategy used and work with HR betsm but dont expect much results from a few hundred or thousand sat bets. If you really are interested in using martingale, look up possibly integrating a modified reverse martingale into your strategy.
  3. sourc3code

    Bitcoin on its way to $100,000

    It appears that BTC decided to go the opposite way. As i'm writing this, its sitting at $3390 - Given the latest fluctuations, I would prepare for it to bottom out at around $2k. Do not be surprised if it hits this marker. Just remember, it has to fall before it can rise...this is a rule of thumb in trading. Its just hard to accept when you're in the moment. I do think that $20k is obtainable but $100k is far too high imo. If it reached that, it means we still have not figured out a method of defining the worth of BTC in correlation to its usefulness and usability. And this would just mean more significant fluctuations coming ahead. Instability is never a good thing when it comes to finances.
  4. sourc3code

    Tether (USDT)

    I think this would be an interesting idea not for the stability (or lack of tbh) but the fact that you could easily know how much you're actually betting. Its so easy to dismiss the actual amount you are betting in dice with cryptocurrency as over time it just all blurs into similar numbers. I think using a "stable coin" could help people be more aware of what they are actually betting before they do.
  5. Im not too fond of animated gifs tbh...every chat room I go to with them enabled makes the whole website look very tacky, like I'm on a kids website or something. Furthermore, keep in mind there are users who are visiting from mobile phone as well, and some have limited data. Animated GIFs kill phone data, and I'm sure this would make these users very unhappy over something so unnecessary. I think its best to just leave the GIFs for personal chats like text messaging. In terms of tags, I wouldn't mind these but at the same time I don't know if it's worth the devs to work on for such minimal gains on the site. One thing I really like about PD is the clean and simple chat, its easy to use and easy to read without junk everywhere on the screen. I hope no matter what they do, they retain this much.
  6. Man this is complicated lol - I hit 990x twice this past week and all I did was just type in 990 and click roll a few times I got very lucky and rolled one in 14 or so rolls and another one in around 30-50. I just had a random urge to try both times and it worked out for me I bet 1000 sat base so payout ended up being 900k+
  7. sourc3code

    Did you save up using the vault?

    I find the vault a bit difficult to use in a streamlined setup. The part that adds the greatest part of resistance is obviously the email confirmation. Personally I think that the email confirm option should be an optional setting. I also think that a few different options should be offered as additional security lock features, for example typing a pin number, connect dots (like phone lock screen), secondary alphanumeric password. What would make this even more secure is if it initially asked you which additional security feature you wanted to verify with. Answering this in itself would be another step in securing vault funds. My point here is that additional security features should be integrated and streamlined into the user experience. If not, then the tend to not be used properly or used carelessly (ie. forgot passwords, etc). Just my two cents on the matter. EDIT: Almost forgot to answer the primary question of this thread lol - For me the answer is nope! No funds saved with the vault. Speaking of which, it would be really cool to have a delay timer option where you cannot withdraw or use the coins for a specified period of time after depositing.
  8. sourc3code

    Bitcoin.com’s New Customizable BCH Tip Generator

    Thats pretty cool - Now I wonder how long it will be before a device is created to go along with this to make it easy to print the tips out on the go. I know most things these days are digital, but sometimes having a physical copy of something makes it feel more real and official. It would probably get claimed more than a digital tip would.
  9. sourc3code

    New cryptocurrencies on PD

    I vote for XML (Stellar Lumens) - Its got a lot of potential and is great for gambling with due to the conversion to BTC. Similar to Doge giving that feeling like you're playing with chips, but not as cheap.
  10. sourc3code

    🏆 [TIER] Prestige Challenge!

    Bet: 26,023,695,143 placed by sourc3code on 04/12/2018 Wagered 0.00001000 Multiplier 990.00x Profit 0.00989000 Bet: 26,040,653,289 placed by sourc3code on 05/12/2018 Wagered 0.00001000 Multiplier 990.00x Profit 0.00989000 Take your pick, they're the same thing, ones just low and one is high
  11. My all-time greatest had to be when I hit a royal flush on Carribbean Stud Poker on Evolution live online casino last year - It was just me and 3 other players, and only 3 of us had put money down on the bonus placer which is really where the money was at. The player with the highest made like $10k worth in BTC, I made $4k or so, and the person below me only made like $800 lol. I still have the screenshot of it here somewhere, I'll look for it and post it. You should have seen the dealers face when the royal came out. Astonished as hell! They were all talking about it at the casino for the next few days, every time i went to a new table they'd mention it. Was quite a rare win and was an awesome experience as it was a live game! The amount was only around $4,000 (i've made a lot more than this even from dice in 1 night), but the experience was priceless
  12. sourc3code

    🏆 [TIER] Prestige Challenge!

    whoa - this is a beauty! Excellent job. Do you know approximately how many rolls it took for you to hit?
  13. sourc3code

    Whats the reason for begging?

    I think the whole reason for begging is because people want to play but they don't want to play with coins they bought themselves as they obviously don't want to lose them. Other times, they just dont have or can't get coin and want to play, but this is not right either as someone who isnt able to have any coin shouldn't be gambling...doesn't add up. Either way, begging is flat out annoying. Especially when people beg over and over again. I feel as though I can't even give out tips anymore bc they might come back and keep asking for more, whether directly or passively. I really wish VIPs had a separate chat room they could use (people who wager over a certain amount) to prevent a lot of the newer beggars.
  14. Not bad at all - gratzzz lol - For real though, hopefully your next post will be about reaching past 1 coin. Then you can give me half
  15. sourc3code

    0.0009 BTC to 0.03 within few hours.

    Nice strat - seems like you've thought this one through. I'll give it a try and let you know what my results are buddy.