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  1. Hi guys this payout is due today right? I personally have not seen it in my account as yet.
  2. Welcome back axchris you were not too far away. Primedice finest
  3. Hi guys, just a word of advise, if you are referring to bcc as Bitcoin cash that's the wrong abbreviation. BCC Bitconnect Coins BCH Bitcoin Cash You can verify this on coinmarketcap and other major websites.
  4. I Agree, I recently learned and apply the same method you use. This thread taught me that you simply can use letters and characters as well, you get the same result.
  5. I guarantee by December we will be over 6,000 btc at the current speed thats its going.
  6. Username: upmorJoined date: 12.11.2014 Should I post it here are bitcointalk cause it would appear I am the only one following the format currently Thanks Hui
  7. I would rule conquer and dominate, travel the world, live, love a little more and spread the love to others in need.
  8. Happy belated Birthday eldrindcm just 2 days ago hope you had a good one. My girlfriend Birthday is the 28
  9. My thoughts exactly "mgod"
  10. Question is 100k the new cash-out minimum now I thought it's now 400k? Seems like I may have miss something.
  11. Ok thanks for the informing me, not as active as I should be on this forum hence my lack of knowledge here. Well will that said I will be making my post soon.
  12. Wow I didn't know that one can advertise about another site here and post referral links!
  13. Congratulations Micro your the man, this promotion was always in the oven now its bake and ready. Well deserved my friend, I remember from 2014 on Primedice you as a Mod everyone's favorite mod too always receptive never loses his cool fair and reliable. With those credentials aint no stopping you, I speak for everyone just look at all the kind comments all members have to say. I know your in corporate now, just dont go changing on us now stay Micro.