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  1. I do not claim any thanks or credits for HG .. This has and always will be a product of unixpunk and ledust .. I'm simply the gatekeeper atm..
  2. HG has been hold for while now because of issues and reasons, some of them being personal, some of them not being personal, won't go into depth about it. There was a point were some of the funds got stolen/lost/missing, but that has been paid back out of my own pocket and no, I didn't take the bacon for myself. As everyone knows HG was thought out by ledust, he started working on the code, and unixpunk finished it and has always done the updates as well. For those that don't know, there came a point where HG got stale, there wasn't enough coin to run it continually, the players spammed ledust and unixpunk till the point of them not wanting to run it anymore. API was also changing a lot back then* etc. I spoke to ledust and unix about taking it off of their hands, so they could rest a while and they agreed. Since then I've primarily been running it and talking to unixpunk and bojana about the updates where they are needed. (just some history for context) Bojana has put in a lot of effort to get HG steady funds, so every time you see it being tipped by one of the support, that's because of her. She has helped weed out many abusers and leeches and has been very active in this regard. So if you are added in the whitelist or have played it before, always remember to say thanks to the *Fathers* of HG, and the *mother of dragons* in helping with it all.. Ledust, UnixPunk, bojana.. Most of the problems are sorted out and we will be running it again. Will handle or try to handle any new ones that come along. The update that I was hoping for, hasn't happened yet, but fingers crossed, it might still come
  3. @diku added @maliafka added @AHCareP added @btcok nope @k1327b stats are private, also, doubt I'll be adding bank accounts (just btw) @Lexus19 added @nytewind added HungerGames Update Undergoing some maintenance. ETA = ASAP. Reasons = multiple.
  4. HG is has no balance atm and mostly idling .. So for now it's turned off. Will be checking a few of the users and doing some maintenance .. will update and add again in a bit'
  5. @sysMak3r username not found (lol?) @rembo2 stats are set to private @AHCareP ineligible @Reina1990
  6. @xMossx added @Reina1990 you are on the whitelist yes
  7. @Checkpoint your stats are private, so I have no idea @Dboyeric if your forum username is the same as the pd accounts username, then yes @Nesyeg your stats are private @Bayraa not eligible @Blindme added!
  8. @kittwolfe according to the requirements, not yet @kittwolfe if any mod asked me to add you for w/e reasons though, I would.. so there's that
  9. @Dan forum added @ravenyvolle added on whitelist
  10. @zale023 because one of the HG admins have blacklisted you. I'm not sure what the exact reason is though. Usually it's bad behavior or something ..
  11. @maverick528 You can't be blacklisted if you are not whitelisted, being blacklisted, means you are on the whitelist as well. You have been removed completely by one of the HG admins. Meaning, you are for the most part, gone for good. The HG admin that added/removed you hasn't said anything to me, so doubt anything will come of it either. @GodBlessU added, he might of tried at some point when HG was not online
  12. @BabyLund added @vinka76 the list is not final yet, it will still change in the future. Most important thing is to be active, and friendly/fun in general ~ easiest way to get added even if those requirements have not been met. Example: back when I was new, unixpunk added me even though I was not a VIP (requirements at the time), oodlecoins has been removed, she is eligible, but not friendly at all to a lot of players. So, in this reguard, that list is not 100% final and updated yet no @maverick528 You are not whitelisted, so there would be no purpose of blacklisting you @skanderkrid not eligible @grifter not eligble