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  1. Haha
    merlyn22 reacted to Bojana in Funny Chat Moments   
    Love the topic, MrNice  

    We have been planning to buy this cork board for a while now and make something similar in the office, so this would be an awesome opportunity to gather more ideas  

    I'll share just some of silly ones I caught randomly  

  2. Haha
    merlyn22 reacted to Kate865 in Do we need an ignore button?   
    After the innovations of Primedice there was a bonus rain-bot, which causes a lot of spam.
    (link at the end of the message)
    It is inadmissible to prohibit users from banned, but the chat can not be read because spam is mostly written by the same users.
    So, do you think we need this function?
  3. Thanks
    merlyn22 reacted to eldrindcm in CX - The Philippines' First Digital Currency Exchange   
    Ano nga ba ang CX?
    Ang Coins Exchange (o CX), ang kauna-unahang exchange sa Pilipinas, hatid sa atid ng coins.ph! Sa CX, mas mababa na ang fee, mas mataas na ang limit at makakapag-exchange na tayo directly from cryptocurrency to PHP!

    Ano ang mga cryptocurrency na pwedeng i-exchange?
    Sa ngayon, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), at Bitcoin Cash (BCH) palang ang available. For sure, dadami din ito.

    Ano ang mga limits sa CX?

    Wala akong coins.ph account, magagamit ko pa din ba ang CX?
    Sa ngayon, available lang ang CX sa mga existing coins.ph users. Kapag nag-open na ang public registration, kailangan ng mga bagong customers na gustong gamitin ang CX na gumawa ng coins.ph account at i-verify ito, at magrequest ng access mula sa coins.ph support team.

    Coins.ph user ako, paano magsimula?
    Ang CX ay kasalukuyang nasa private beta pa lamang. Upang mag-request ng early access, mangyaring pumunta sa https://exchange.coins.asia/trade.html/ at i-click ang "Register".

    Helpful links at higit pang detalye:
    CX Website About CX CX FAQs
    Masaya ba kayo na posible na ang magtrade from crypto to PHP? Ano ang thoughts niyo sa CX? 
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    merlyn22 got a reaction from Nimfomanka in Describe your Sex Life using a Movie Title   
    hunger games
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    merlyn22 reacted to Dan in Add an ICO section   
    Thanks for the suggestion, I have now added the discussion area for ICO's.
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    merlyn22 reacted to Tintin in Imbistasyon sa stake forum   
    Hi ate. Hindi ko po alam, Iask nyo po sa support ate. Sa email nyo kaya itry nyo yung forgot password baka may link sa email add na ginamit nyo po
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    merlyn22 reacted to bloomy in [FACEBOOK] Primedice Filipino Community   
    salamat sa pagshare..Maging active lang po tayo
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    merlyn22 reacted to eldrindcm in [FACEBOOK] Primedice Filipino Community   
    EDIT: Hindi na po active ang Filipino Facebook Page at group ng PD.
    Narito ang official pages ng PD:
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialprimedice/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Primedice
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialprimedice/

    Magandang araw po mga kababayan!
    May official Facebook page na po ang Primedice (Philippines): https://www.facebook.com/PrimedicePH
    At official Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Primedice.Stake.Philippines
    Magkakaroon tayo ng mga giveaways diyan, at para maging updated din kayo. Kaya LIKE and JOIN na po! Maraming salamat
    P.S. "Official" - Staff po mismo ng Primedice ang gumawa
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    merlyn22 reacted to Mistletoe in Giveaway: Write me a poem :)   
    My first time writing something like this. here we go!
    Playing safe is what on my mind
    Rolling with small payout is what I tried
    It was a couple of green at first tries
    Maybe I should raise the bet 5 times?
    Exactly the time I raised the bet,
    Devastating reds swarmed as I sweat
    I decided to hit the max button
    Calling St.Nakamoto to bless the roll button
    Ended with a bust; now help me choose which is the bus?

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    merlyn22 got a reaction from ravenyvolle in Hanggang kelan kayo magiging aktibo sa primedice?   
    medyo nabawasan na yung time ko sa pag susugal pati itong pag sali ko sa forum. naging abala ako sa daming ng trabaho social media bounty at signature campaign kulang na kulang talaga yung oras ko kasi may gawain din ako sa bahay bilang nanay kailangan sila asikasuhin pero kung may time sisilip at sisilip ako dito.  
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    merlyn22 reacted to Bojana in Recovery (not for btc)   
    Not only a part, but a Founder  And I could say the same, just for BLA case and you 
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    merlyn22 reacted to bloomy in TANONG MO SAGOT NAMIN [PH Tambayan]   
    Dito kayo magpost pag may iba pang tanong
  13. Haha
    merlyn22 reacted to carlooch in New Lending forum requirements   
    I think the new lending requirements for the forum are a bit silly, specifically the 100 post count. 
    I understand it prevents brand new users from making loan requests, but there are legitimate people who don't meet the requirements to post, but have done lots of business in the forum already. 
    I've done maybe 5-10 loans with ultra and athena and I've returned the money each time. But since I haven't spammed the forum enough, I can no longer post there.  So now I have to go create a bunch of shitty worthless topics 
    "My coworker farted and it was loud" 
    "What is your favorite Pasta"  
    And once I hit 100 posts, I am somehow more trusted, lmao. 
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    merlyn22 reacted to bloomy in Mga munting paalala ;)   
    kung ganyan lang sana ang lahat.
    kaya nga .hindi rin talaga yan maiiwasan, KAYA WALANG SAMAAN NG LOOB KAPAG MAY NABUBURANG POST
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    merlyn22 reacted to Bojana in Primedice withdraw should be lowered   
    The fee has been increased temporarily, because some withdrawals were stuck on Blockchain for a long period of time, over 4 days sometimes. Hopefully, it will be soon reset back to the original one  
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    merlyn22 reacted to Mistletoe in SiPAG sa pagpopost :p   
    Again guys, kung wala kayong bagong sasabihin at uulitin nyo lang yung previously sinabi ng taong kinoQuote nyo, might as well hit the Like button nalang. Hindi yung papaikot ikutin nyo lang yung mga sinasabi ng ibang tao by adding "tama ka" , "oonga" etc
    And please, wag kayo lumayo sa topic ng isang thread. Nakakatamad mag check ng notif from different threads tapos same posts lang makkita mo. "Tyaga tyaga lang" , "oo nga" and such 
    I understand na lahat dito gusto kumita, but please remember na forum ito ng isang gambling site. Hindi ito yung gagawin mong sideline ang pagpopost para kumita.
    Kilala natin sarili natin. No need to mention anyone. Wag na natin hintayin magkawarning account natin OR mawala PPP.
    Post moderately and accordingly.
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    merlyn22 reacted to bloomy in SiPAG sa pagpopost :p   
    sayang nga pero yung gawing chatbox nalang yung thread parang HINDI NAMAN TAMA.
    meron tlga yung mga gnyan sis...
    ggawin nga , pero sana tgnan nman ung mga thought ng replies nila.
    merry xmas and happy new year din bb girl ;*
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    merlyn22 reacted to 420BlazeItFgt in Withdrawal Fee Reversion   
    Honestly, everyone is already bothered with the network congestion right now and 150 sats/byte is taking over a day and a half to receive confirmations but I think 90k satoshis is too big of a fee, especially on small withdrawals. Withdrawing the lowest possible amount (400k) ends up giving us only 310k (nearly 1/4th)
    From what I heard, I was expecting a user defined custom fee which could be set while withdrawing which is perfect.
    My suggestion is simple, drop the withdrawal fees back to 30k while implementing the new custom fee setting thingy.

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    merlyn22 reacted to bloomy in Trading whales   
    bsta sa legal na paraan no need to worry naman siya..hindi katulad nung mga corrupt talaga
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    merlyn22 reacted to Mistletoe in BEWARE! Primedice App   
    Hi guys,
    Learned today about this PD app in Playstore 

    I posted about making a PD app in another thread and Dan explained it from there as to why there's no PD app.
    Thus, PD Apps in PlayStore or AppStore are not officially PD's. Additionally, you can also check who are the Devs below the app title. 
    I'm not saying that they are all phishing or what, just giving a warning that using any other platform aside from what PD is currently supporting is risky
    Yes, you can play normally, but youll never know if your password/credentials gets saved somewhere.
    Keep safe guys!
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    merlyn22 got a reaction from jbenjaminy in Overview of My Strategy - "Small Risk, Big Rewards"   
    i was also using same strategy like yours.  the difference is i only bet small amount b'coz  that strategy needs big balance... and yes its true bet low but if we hit green we won like jackpot  
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    merlyn22 got a reaction from Mistletoe in Iwas Mataas na Transaction Fee   
    kapag maraming transaction sa blockchain mataas talaga ang fees kahit pa mababa ang presyo ng bitcoins nakadepende yan sa dami ng transaction. kapag busy si miners malaki talaga ang fees at uunahin nila yung syempre malalaking bayad kaya yung maliliit na bayad natatabunan super late na yan dadating. kung malaki naman ang iwiwithdraw mo syempre gamit ka na ng high fees para iwas narin sa abala. kung maliit lang iwithdraw mo tama na sa low fees or kung di naman masyadong kailangan ng pera wag na muna mag withdraw. ipun muna para isang bagsakan nalang
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    merlyn22 reacted to jbenjaminy in Overview of My Strategy - "Small Risk, Big Rewards"   
    I have people ask about how I play from time to time when I'll have a nice run and post a few bets in chat, so I wanted to go ahead and post a quick run-down on here of how I play.
    Usually I start betting with a minimum bet at 5% (I always bet some amount, 1 satoshi being the minimum, never just betting 0 -- maybe just a superstitious thing). I wait for these to hit and then I’ll raise the bet up maybe 5x or 10x for five or so rolls and if another hits I’ll continue for another five rolls.  I look for patterns to take shape -- sometimes you’ll see the order of rolls happen a few times in a row maybe something like 97.xx, x.xx, 98.xx, x.xx, 99.xx, 1.xx. When I notice something like this happens more than once, I’ll raise up my bet even more -- maybe 20x or even like 50x. If the pattern starts to play out again I may raise my bet up even more before that cycle of the pattern completes. Like in the example if the 97.xx, 98.xx, 99.xx all come again as expected, I may put in a huge bet those last few rolls on 3% win rate low, looking for that 1.xx to come again (but giving a little buffer in case we get a 2.xx). I switch sides according to what’s been rolling and any repeated switches in play. If rolls are hot in the 5% range, I’ll put in even smaller win rate (3%, 2%, 1%, or even 0.5% or 0.1%) if the majority of the rolls that are coming are below/above one of these win rates. In the same way, if I keep barely missing 5% targets just barely, I might move my win rate out to 10% win rate, keeping the same pattern, for a bit until the rolls move back out to the extremes (< 5 | > 95). Whenever an extreme roll comes, like < 0.5x, a lot of times I’ll try doing the opposite for 5-10 rolls, like following < 0.5x I might bet > 99.5 for a little bit as you will often see this, where the opposite extreme closely follows the initial one. The only exception to this being that if I have previously seen like two rolls < 0.5x within a few rolls together, I might bet 0.5x again with an increased bet, the next time I see one.  The most important part of my strategy is that there are no set rules, you have to be flexible. I use a fluid approach and adjust my bets to what is rolling. Also, remember that this is not effective for people who want to win big chunks of profit from short 15-20 min sessions. You have to play a lot of hours and make a lot of bets, paying focused attention to any patterns that manifest themselves. Sometimes you'll pass up opportunities for profit to wait for a better spot, when things are more "certain" and target rolls are coming even closer together. Sometimes things are completely dry and these extreme rolls are few and far between, so I'll roll several hundred times at my base bet, before raising finally when things start to heat up. One thing this strategy really facilitates is maximizing profits, so it's especially good if you have a small bankroll that you're trying to build up, because you're only risking small amounts to win big ones. For this reason, I've had insane runs playing in this manner. At the start of this year, right here on PrimeDice, I took 0.006 btc to over 2.1 btc, in a single session lasting 10 or so hours. Similarly, on a different site back in 2015, I took 0.3 btc to over 14 btc, in one night. This run included the biggest hit I've ever had, which was nearly 5 btc from a single bet, seen below:

    Pretty crazy huh? But I didn't just jump on and right out the door start shooting out 0.005 btc bets at 0.1% win rate. This was after probably 6 or 8 hours of much smaller bets, building slowly and waiting for the right spot. And this is the last part of my strategy -- when you're paying close attention to the rolls for a long period, and some repeating pattern develops, when it begins to iterate again, and the particular series of rolls comes so precisely in the numbers and order as you saw earlier, that you just have this overwhelming certainty, and can really raise your bets up to take advantage of these rare insights. That was the situation here. I don't remember exactly what the pattern that told me that this roll was coming, but it was so clear to me when it happened. It was something like this: 99.xx, 0.xx, 99.5x, 0.4x, 99.9x, 0.0x (with a few mid range rolls in between each number) -- where there was such a definite pattern, and it happened three times in these cyclical sets of rolls. And the third the around, when the > 99.9 roll came, I really raised up the bet (from like 0.001 as my typical big-bet, to 0.005), and sure enough, within 20 rolls or so the < 0.1 roll came. So sick...
    Anyway, hope you all enjoyed reading and this helps some of you develop you're own approach or improve your game in some way. Please post below to let me know what you though and let me know if you have any questions or anything.
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    merlyn22 reacted to Jelena in Misplaced game on Safaribrowser   
    Hey Captain,
    Can you, please, check if you have the latest version of browser?
    That might be the problem, if not, contact us on support and we will investigate this further. 
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    merlyn22 reacted to bloomy in SiPAG sa pagpopost :p   
    Ang hirap magbasa isa isa, meron talaga yung mga masisipag mgcomment at post ano po?
    May mga rules naman po tayo, konting paalala naman po, medyo hindi naman ako strikto sa mga comments and posts niyo, pero dahan dahan rin naman po mga kapatid para lahat masaya, or else irereport ko nlng talaga yung iba.