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  1. Kevin13

    Ripple (XRP) will be $25

    You should wake up the King first then do some shills to reach that one. Altcoins will always rely to Bitcoin.
  2. Kevin13

    Script and Website Building .. SCAM

    It's an obvious scam don't fall for those scripts.
  3. Kevin13

    anu ang layunin mo sa pagbibitcoin?

    Well para sa akin, more on as asset ko ito at pag kumita ako ngayon talagang papalaguin ko ito for future purposes also.
  4. Kevin13

    I'm Matthew

    Hello @kirito welcome to PD. I'm from Philippines too hope you enjoy being right here in the forum. Good luck to you.
  5. I guess being fit has a healthy both physically and mentally that is the best thing that suit for it.
  6. Kevin13

    What if bitcoin will be $100 tomorrow?

    Probably those are the bitcoin enthusiast will do because if that happens again I don't think it will be happen the next time. If I have more savings then why would I only buy also 10 maybe a 1000 of it is the best thing to do.
  7. Kevin13

    What ALTCOIN i should buy i hold ??

    Siacoin and NEO there good to invest or buy
  8. Kevin13

    largest transaction i've ever seen

    What the heck, that's a lot of money.
  9. Good luck bro kaya mo yan. Sana nga dumami pa.
  10. Kevin13

    What if bitcoin will be $100 tomorrow?

    I would do that if only I have some ETH but I think there will be bitcoin rush in buying and its a matter of capital and time.
  11. Kevin13

    0.05 giveaway/vote me

    I hope I will be voted too. My username is Kevin13 too in bitcointalk. Thank you in advance. Nice logo @Hakar_yusuf. Good luck
  12. Kevin13

    gambling quote

    Don't lose hope.
  13. Kevin13

    Is two better than one?

    It's not always two is better than one in a relationship, better to be faithful in one.
  14. Many were blacklisted including me hoping we can hear a feedback by this. Thank you in advance