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  1. My impression of bitcoin is it can be a possible way of getting rich. That was on first though but now I think it is not easy to get rich if we don't have the right resources.
  2. Hi Everyone! I want to discuss about Bitcoin. I'm still a newbie so bare with my curiosity. I want to ask all of you about your opinion on bitcoin price on the future. Is there a limit to how much the Bitcoin price can rise? What are the possibilities?
  3. Username: cherokee613 I hope I can catch up. Thanks for giveaway!
  4. I hope I can reach 100k in forum too so that I can try my luck and win. Congrats to you!
  5. Paminsan minsan naglalaro sa PD. Busy ako sa pag-aaral at sa gawain bahay.
  6. I've visited some dicing sites. Primedice has by far given me the best experience.
  7. I'm not into altcoins so I will always choose the original BTC over the new one.
  8. I will return it to the owner. Respect begets respect and good deeds will lead you to a better disposition.
  9. Topics or posts that are helpful deserves an upvote regardless if it is aimed for popularity or honest contribution.
  10. Love me like you do in my ass X))
  11. I'm not familiar with ETH but reviews says that it is a good altcoin. It is also the 2nd crypto next to BTC.
  12. This is a good suggestion. Some users conduct giveaways but are not paying off and have been inactive leaving what they left.
  13. See I knew bitcoin would recover back to $2800! Have faith on BTC guys!
  14. Care to explain more and give more information on how to earn on steemit?