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  1. I'm not seeing this as something they'd do necessarily. They would need to profit off of it. I'm not seeing how they would except for people getting impatient and losing everything... playing a little dirty if you ask me.. it wouldn't have a good long term story
  2. I joined PD in Nov 2015. I have only read that PD used to do player vs player. It's a shame a bunch of termites killed the feature. It could be extremely easy to have a crunt-resistant version of PvP, easy. Make it to where if you want to enter PvP mode you have to wait at least one hour from last faucet claim and once in PvP mode the player cannot claim faucet, so people using this feature will be much much more likely to be players who have made a deposit. This should be enough, but PD could release a statement when they re-release the feature with the new safe-guards. That's if abuse becomes an issue PD will disable a players ability to be tipped while in PvP and must not have recieved a tip in the past hour in order to use the feature which would take a lot of the fun away. I'm sure people might want to tip someone who's had a loss in a game that's being talked about in chat and things like that. It should be enough to simply apply the faucet rules, though. There could also be a rule that an account has to be at least 3 months old. Things like this will discourage scamfucks by making things too painstakingly awful to endure for a tenth of a cent up to five or ten cents every hour.
  3. I think it would be a nice casino perk to get little perks upon arriving at different landmarks with the total amount wagered. It could be structured similar to this: 1BTC wagered - 100k 10BTC wagered- 500k 100BTC wagered- 0.01 500BTC wagered- 0.05 1000BTC wagered-0.1 5000BTC wagered-0.5 10000BTC wagered!-1BTC bonus amounts could be different but I think the landmarks I've come up with are solid. The last two landmarks of 5,000BTC and 10,000BTC would be for Epic and Legendary Bettors.(Which, btw, would be an awesome addition to the VIP heirarchy. So players could have Chat tags for being Epic or Legendary just like they do now with bronze, silver, and gold VIP levels.) Brick and mortar casinos offer regular perks like free money to play with for high rollers. I don't see why Primedice should be any different. As far as redeeming your perks or bonuses go, I don't think it should be automatically sent to the users account. It would simply be public knowledge that this exists and it's up to the player to notify the house that they are due a bonus. Primedice can ask a few security questions to make sure the account is not compromised and the player is in fact the owner of the account the bonus is being requested for. Upon passing whatever verification steps PD requires an admin would send them a private tip. The reasons I don't think it should be automatic are simple. If you reach a landmark it's likely you're in the middle of a winning spree so an instant tip might not be noticed and the player could bust and lose their balance with the tip included. By receiving the bonus on request it allows the player who has potentially lost a great deal after a long run a nice consolation prize in the form of a second chance at a winning spree. As well, there may be some that simply don't want the bonus. This might save PD money.
  4. I think a better idea would be bonuses for landmarks reached on total amount wagered. So, for instance, when you become VIP you could get a certain bonus, then silver another, and gold another. This way it wouldn't be some kind of indefinite free money scheme.
  5. was this the same seed pair Robear? http://prnt.sc/ej9kax
  6. Ya there has been some confusion about the name so I just thought I'd clear it up:)
  7. IDK if it should be called the pre roll button. But i think it would be nice to have a button that would set your bet to zero so you could preroll easier. When you are betting and getting lots of losses it's annoying to have to either highlight the bet amount and type in zero or hit the halve bet amount button 500 million times.
  8. omg I'm so afraid for you Edward. There will likely be a lot of people trying to cash in on this system. Best of luck!
  9. Many times I have been playing quickly and gone to switch sides and I click the button but it doesn't change. The roll button never sticks and the max bet button never sticks. 9 times out of 10 if the button sticks I lose that bet. It's been responsible for me losing a lot of coin.
  10. This method is very risky, but when done properly and with lots of luck one can make their balance go from cents to hundreds That's good, right? Great for fauceting. Basically, this is the math I did to come up with the method: say you start martingale at 100k and allow yourself four losses(keeping losses small for the sake of this example) 0.001 loss -0.001 0.002 loss -0.003 0.004 loss -0.007 0.008 loss -0.015 0.016 loss +0.001 now do a modified "Pigsn0t" martingale bet 0.00001 loss -1k hit x2 three times bet 0.00008 loss -9k hit x2 two times bet 0.00024 loss -33k hit x2 two times bet 0.00096 loss -129k hit x2 two times bet 0.00384 win +255k See how this works? Eventually you stop hitting x2 more than once. Typically I would go to regular martingale by the time I got over 200k. Basically you are betting on the fact that you are going to incur losses. Also, you are betting on the idea that you won't get too many in a row. What I used to do when I was winning more was I would pre roll a new seed pair and I wouldn't bet on it if i got six or more reds in a row in the first 100 pre rolls (bet 0 of course) Then, if i got six reds two, maybe three times i would change my seed. I would always bet low as well. I have become undisciplined and lost a bit. Maybe I should go back to being disciplined. I didn't play for like four months. now I'm back. I guess I need to get back to my old ways. I won 10 bitcoins this way starting at 0.02!! Multiple times I have took 0.02 to 2.5 BTC... Good luck! Hope it works for you!!!
  11. I'm Pigsn0t. Yes, you read it right. Pig snot. Just a little bit about the name... when I was a young kid, maybe 12 or 13 I was trying to come up with a password that I could remember easily as well as be random enough that it would be hard to guess. Well, a friend of mine's father suggested Pigsnot. It worked. It was my go to password for a long time. Not anymore though, but I made a username out of it. There is actually an account made "Pigsnot" that I lost the password for. Maybe I should try and get it back. Anyways... been here for three years now, wow. Welcome newcomers!!