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  1. I start to doubt if i should lock this topic since everything has been said already and repeating things doesn't change anything. If you like the indonesian community to get more attention and rainbot being active there the only way is to get more of your indonesian fellows to talk in the indonesian room instead of the english one. As long as some people are active in the english room instead they will always be perceived as part of the english and not the indonesian community. So yeah, it's in your own hands
  2. yeah, all the command i mentioned earlier in this thread still work.
  3. @maverick528 came up with that term and popularized it as one of the most used self-mute commands - maybe he can tell us something about the background? There are also many other commands available that do the same, in case you want to add some variety to muting yourself, they are mentioned earlier in this thread .
  4. You can trust support on that and the numbers i have about players in indonesian room second what they say, too (which is totally what I expected, of course)
  5. .... aaand the winners are: 1. 0.00100000 BTC - luizoruivo (with an average of 7.89 words in 163 lines) 2. 0.00066666 BTC - sandricks (with an average of 7.82 words in 188 lines) 3. 0.00044444 BTC - Jovan (with an average of 7.46 words in 123 lines) 4. 0.00030000 BTC - roger14 (with an average of 7.25 words in 216 lines) 5. 0.00020000 BTC - jamyr (with an average of 6.93 words in 75 lines) 6. 0.00013333 BTC - allisonn (with an average of 6.17 words in 211 lines) 7. 0.00010000 BTC - HappyTree (with an average of 5.97 words in 418 lines) 8. 0.00007000 BTC - lint59 (with an average of 5.93 words in 67 lines) 9. 0.00005000 BTC - Earthman (with an average of 5.68 words in 235 lines) 10. 0.00003557 BTC - RuneJmnz (with an average of 5.34 words in 106 lines) Special Prizes go to: 0.0001 kristoffff for: "just getting 400k back and then back to work lol" 0.0001 Earthman for: "everybody wants only nominate themselves ^^" Thanks for participating and making the Primedice chat a nicer place for all of us!
  6. So 21 hours have passed - does really nobody want to nominate someone else with a quote?
  7. A bit less than 3 hours to go - I hope I'm not the only one looking forward
  8. Due to the huge success we'll have another ocassion where a nice chat not only gives us a better time but also the chance for some prizes! Starting Tuesday 00:00:00 UTC and ending Thursday at the same time I will again calculate the average number of words per message in the chat of all participants (and also take into account the number of total messages as a minor help in case of draws). If you're unsure about the starting time the 48 hours start: https://free.timeanddate.com/countdown/i6u8g80t/n1440/cf12/cm0/cu4/ct0/cs0/ca0/cr0/ss0/cac000/cpc000/pcfff/tcfff/fs100/szw320/szh135/tac000/tptTime since Event started in/tpc000/mac000/mpc000/iso2019-07-09T00:00:00 For the resulting Top-Chatters I will quickly (but not thoroughly) skim through the chat to check if the chat rules were applied and that no alts were used in the time period. The prizes will be as follows: 0.00100000 0.00066666 0.00044444 0.00030000 0.00020000 0.00013333 0.00010000 0.00007000 0.00005000 0.00003557 Additionally I will also give out up to 3 special prizes (0.0001 BTC each) for the coolest/nicest/most funny messages during that time nominated by you. To nominate someone else for one of these prizes plesase quote their name and the message you liked best in this thread. I will use my subjective judgment for those. Good luck everyone - and most importantly have fun on the keyboard!
  9. Would you like the next one to be longer than 48 hours, shorter or liked it just the way it was? Vote here: https://strawpoll.com/rsw84hs3
  10. .... aaaaand the winners are: 1RegisterNow (with an average of 11.86 words in 65 lines) Absentt (with an average of 9.87 words in 68 lines) BobChances (with an average of 8.82 words in 113 lines) sandricks (with an average of 8.57 words in 184 lines) Zoltan (with an average of 7.72 words in 141 lines) dicyprime (with an average of 6.95 words in 79 lines) roger14 (with an average of 6.16 words in 205 lines) DeeBK (with an average of 6.12 words in 69 lines) CaptainLorca (with an average of 6.09 words in 121 lines) Robear (with an average of 5.80 words in 197 lines) lint59 (with an average of 5.78 words in 209 lines) jamyr (with an average of 5.72 words in 200 lines) filinta06 (with an average of 5.42 words in 119 lines) GonerGenesis (with an average of 5.38 words in 133 lines) kristoffff (with an average of 5.25 words in 73 lines) nikowin44 (with an average of 5.09 words in 101 lines) sickhouse (with an average of 5.07 words in 71 lines) Earthman (with an average of 4.90 words in 495 lines) sankasanka (with an average of 4.84 words in 517 lines) lky14 (with an average of 4.60 words in 92 lines) sleepywillow (with an average of 4.55 words in 600 lines) I had to weed out some people who didn't apply the chat rules or were using alts during the period, but it was a very good read again! The price pool of 0.0032 BTC will be split between these 21 people equally, resulting in 0.00015238 for all of you. Next week we will repeat this with a maximum of 10 winners Thanks everyone for participating and for making our chat a nicer place!
  11. Seeing that there are times where a lot of the chat consists of "hi" and "lol" and similar "conversations" I thought it would be more fun if everyone would be a bit more verbose and actually talk about everything and nothing. It turned out that some people got quite inspirational and funny and some interesting discussions and funny comments spawned that made the time in chat more worthwhile and this was my overall attention with this (and my last) challenge. Actually I liked the results of this one a lot (I'm about halfway through with collecting the data to determine the winners) that I am thinking about repeating it!
  12. It's over since about 5.5 hours - thanks everyone for participating! I will now inestigate and sum up the data and am looking forward to announce the winners soon! (I hope this time it won't take till the weekend - thanks for your patience last time!)
  13. LOL, you managed to find another bold part in the opening post, lint, huh? Thanks for the great news about @Marija 's wedding! I'm SO happy for her and trust that she found Mr.Right! ❤️
  14. So there are a bit less than 3 hours left For the nominations: As stated in the opening post you need not only to nominate someone else but you, but also post the message - you still have a chance to do that, but yeah, time is running up - nominees will compete by the message posted, so names alone won't do (We will train that, I plan to repeat this next weeks if you liked it?)
  15. Yeah, unfortunately this one will be limited to english chat, but maybe the russian mods get inspired?