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    Jenn09 got a reaction from Ssociety in Casual nudity...   
    I live in old fashion way though im very happy that i raised this way but i dont have any issue with casual nudity if thats what they like let them be.
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    Jenn09 reacted to singpays in Smart Cat's   
    Which one are u like this guy's.Blow the comment
    (↓ This is Lazy )

    (↓ This one is Crazy )

    (↓ This one is smart )

    (↓ This one is Mother with kid )

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    Jenn09 got a reaction from Jaybuds in Is Primedice really number 1?   
    Yes for me Primedice is the best & #1 bitcoin gambling site in world. The game is fair and the night mode is very usefull. The forum has great admin/ mods and members who help each other. So much fun giveaways and many more to mentions. i love the community also.
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    Jenn09 got a reaction from 19bani85 in Catch your partner   
    No. NEVER! & If ever happen to me I will kill them  ? Jk! I don't ruin my life just because of them I just see them on court for them to go to jail & continue fucking 
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    Jenn09 reacted to Edward in 🏆 Keep Primedice Forum Alive - Giveaway!   
    Sadly a lot of people are using forum.stake.com only now despite being a big part of the Primedice community.
    Let's reboot this forum. From now on I'll take care of this forum a bit more whilst Dan focuses on Stake's.
    To get things started, post 5 topics & 20 posts in the next 7 days and you'll be credited 0.001 BTC. First 100 people only. 
    If support have any suspicion you're not a legit member of the Primedice community and are botting/multi accounting you won't be credited. To enter simply post your username once you're done.
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    Jenn09 got a reaction from bellapelle in change seed vs. refresh vs. change sides   
    Maybe it depends on the persons coz some believe that they win bcoz they do that trick but actually its a state of mind that give them that result & only one thing is for sure that purely luck is needed in gambling,
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    Jenn09 got a reaction from bellapelle in what goes around comes around   
    Correct if you receive something  big blessings, you need to gave it back to the community by sending some tips even small one to someone you know or did not but an active chatter or player in the site
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    Jenn09 got a reaction from merlyn22 in pera o itsura?   
    Tama kajan sis dameng ganian talaga ngaun nasa nagdadala kase talaga yan, kahit panget tas mapera di na imposible kay belo yan LOL
    hahahhaha natawa ko sau sis tama tama peraaaaaa muka na taung pera haha di kase tayo mabubusog sa itsura lang eh  
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    Jenn09 got a reaction from merlyn22 in pera o itsura?   
    syempre dun na ko sa may pera pero di maitsura kase pede naman yan baguhin kung may pera ka walang imposible hehe saka kahit panget ka kung may pera ka maganda mo dalhin sarili mo at napakalinis mo tgnn at mabango naku okay na sakin yun, kesa gwapo nga nganga naman kau sa bahay wala yang gwapo na yan kukupas din yan pag di naalagaan.
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    Jenn09 got a reaction from ravenyvolle in Someone You Admire:)   
    Ideal Partner for me = Responsible, have respect & Love to me, he knows how to handle things especially when Im mad, & most of all accept me for who I am.
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    Jenn09 got a reaction from merlyn22 in I win 260btc ????   
    lol I wish that was true sis :-) dont forget us if that was happen lololol ?
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    Jenn09 got a reaction from Lexus19 in Post your pic in beautiful places u've been   
    @West Nuk Morong Bataan Philippines

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    Jenn09 reacted to NyaoNyao in Anti Radiation glasses   
    Since I spend a lot of time in front of my computer for work and leisure I've bought pc glasses, or anti-radiation / anti blue light glasses. First I've heard of them were for gaming like Gunnars. But I didn't like how they looked. I've found a budget one locally at a Daiso that cost less than a hundred PHP. Worked fine and helped with the eye strain. Also helped me with sleeping faster after hours of staring at screens since it filters out the harsh blue light from my monitor and phone screen.
    Since then I've found a few other sellers and I'm actually waiting on another delivery. They're not just for my eye health, I also found I could use them as a fashion statement!
    Anyone else use these? What brands are you using? 
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    Jenn09 reacted to GeertBank in How I made 1 btc on Primedice   
    Today I finally made 1 BTC on Primedice.
    Earlier this month: faucet -> 0.33
    0.33 -> 0.66
    0.66-> 0.3
    0.3 -> 0.6
    0.6 -> 1.3
    I think it is time to stop and save it!
    Thank you all for support in chat!

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    Jenn09 reacted to makina84 in Last man standing 25k Giveaway   
    I just for crack whant to some giveaway  i don't have much to share but still somethink :))
    Last man standing !!!
    Rules are simple first 10 people pick up number 0.xx 1.xx 2.xx 3.xx 4.xx 5.xx 6.xx 7.xx 8.xx 9.xx
    After 10 people entry i roll dice number i hit is OUT ! last on board win 25k
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    Jenn09 got a reaction from pdjunkie in A whole new world.... or just an intro   
    Nice introduction PDJunkie, I like what you write on the last two paragraphs it seems a song to me hehe   though It's true me too when I found Primedice I seldom clean my room now because of Primedice LOL Good luck buddy hope you have more friends here  
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    Jenn09 got a reaction from ravenyvolle in Are you a proud mama or papa?   
    Proud momma of this two cute kiddos :-) ? Love them so much. They are my strength, my happiness & my life :-) 

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    Jenn09 reacted to rembo2 in Your worst vacation   
    My worst vacation was in Kauai,Hawaiian Islands. I flew to paradise on earth with his family. My buggage with all the necessary was lost.
    It's good that the bungalow and food were paid in advance. I was left without photographs, souvenirs, and could not see the sights, go fishing. Because my cash, my wife decided to put in a suitcase. The only thing left is 135$ in my pocket for 10 days.
    When returning and long debates the airline compensated me for losses. But vacation was spoiled.
    Describe your worst journey, what happened and where.
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    Jenn09 reacted to eldrindcm in Bitcoin sa Kainan   
    Hindi ko alam kung legit to o edited lang. Kung totoo man, amazing! Sana magtuloy tuloy at tanggapin na din sa mga fast food chains

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    Jenn09 reacted to Edward in 🏆 Primedice Loyalty Giveaway   
    GIveaway for all the loyal Primedicers still hanging around the forum, also possibly some new people who want to get involved.
    Just post your Primedice username!
    100+ posts: 0.00025 BTC
    200+ posts: 0.0005 BTC
    500+ posts: 0.001 BTC
    1,000+ posts: 0.002 BTC
    This will be credited in 2 weeks so you'll be rewarded with the amount of posts you have when the time is up, 
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    Jenn09 got a reaction from Bojana in Travel back or forward in time?   
    I want to travel back the time when my dad is still alive , year 2014 I want him to be happy & to feel loved coz I never did it when he is still alive & i regret it so much  ?
     I want to go to future i think 2020 when btc will become 10k $  by that time my btc now will multiply & earn so much btc by then...
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    Jenn09 got a reaction from anbushinta in Are you a proud mama or papa?   
    Proud momma of this two cute kiddos :-) ? Love them so much. They are my strength, my happiness & my life :-) 

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    Jenn09 got a reaction from merlyn22 in Are you a proud mama or papa?   
    Proud momma of this two cute kiddos :-) ? Love them so much. They are my strength, my happiness & my life :-) 

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    Jenn09 reacted to neya in Are you a proud mama or papa?   
    Im a proud mama 
    If you are  proud too share your picture with your kid/kids
    I love u my baby xian.:)
    My friends @Bes19 @mmhaimhai @jamelyn @Jenn09 @ravenyvolle
    They are also a proud momas:)

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    Jenn09 reacted to bloomy in Unang impresyon mo   
    Walang forever na strategy