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  1. I did risk 0.5ETH in a single 2x roll, back when btc was like 7k$ and eth like 100-150$. Won that bet and made myself clear 1eth, and u r saying about 10eth in total, and I was having only that 0.5eth so yeah, I would
  2. 99x, always everytime I have something I play on it with my favourite way, 1/100 as a basebet and try to hit it atleast once, if do, then again, 1/100 basebet and let's go.
  3. I would call a pro gambler who takes gambling as a hobby, dedicates a certain amount of his money to play, hoping for the best but expecting the worst. He should be always prepare that he might lose in any moment due to lack of luck. Eugene is a perfect example, he always goes with the one strategy 'go big or go bust'. I don't reccomend that cuz if u don't have the heart for the possible losses u might be regreting playing.
  4. Great initiative from the moderations/support team! That's what keeping the dice alive, various challenges from all the team to let us earn some free $ to play. Keep doing that, awesome shit in my opinion.
  5. That is not contantly win, that is just few more luck, and the bigger balance the longer u will stand, although even huge balance does not gurantee a infinite win lol, u there can always be more reds then u r prepare for. So hell no, there is no way to win consistently
  6. Well for sure a good gambler can control his reds and stop playing in the exact right moment. If that's your vision then u r quite wrong because then u could call a 'good gambler' only the people who could control time or some shit, because you can't 'play good' when it comes to gambling, u can be good at league of legends or other games that require SKILL but in rolling a mathematical based dice u can't predict the result so there is no such thing as becoming a good at it. Mostly the good gamblers are those who start with huge capital because u mostly see them win, and u r thinking that it's just u who can't win anything and they are some gods of gambling which is just false.
  7. The sound sounds pretty annoying to me, so I turn them off, and as I'm reading, I'm not the only not liking them, they are too noisy too tho, I'd have to set up my PC volume to like 10% to use them properly
  8. If I'm about to actually play some, I'd take a time when race is on, just in case I last for long and wager alot. That might get me some prize after all, and playing when race is not up will give me nothing at all so the answer is simple, although I don't take race as a priority because people in the top are wagering too much for me
  9. Oh, my career started on a simple site which was giving a bit of free btc every hour, it exists till know so u all probably know it. After that I found out a primedice somehow, on bitcointalk probably. Then I noticed that this site has a 50 times per day faucet with 150 satoshi, I was like wow, free money, I'm gonna win some huge satoshi here. And I started to play and play, mostly everything I won I then bust in next hours. But somehow I liked the community so I stayed here till now.
  10. A quick anylysis of why you should hold only this one coin. If you make money on trading, then trade all the coins, but in terms of holding don't bother thinking the alts are better. Just take a quick look at the screens: First screen, January 07 2018: Bitcoin is going to the $20k as we all remember it, and the alts follow him, XRP, ETH and BCH with the damn nice price seems good holding option. Second screen, March 25, 2018: Bitcoin reached the 20k$ and started to falling down, and alts with him. At this moment if you held from the January you would be: -55% on ETH. -50% on BTC. -81% on XRP (lol) and -64.5% on BCH. So far bitcoin is the best. And now the latest, third screen, July 06.2019: Bitcoin is slowly getting back after the drop to $3.5k. But the alts, alts seems to be even lower then when the BTC was at 8.5k. So if you held your 4 coins since the January 7 2018, you would be: -31% on BTC (not that bad). -75% on ETH. -89% on XRP. And -86% on BCH. So basically what I'm saying is that in long terms as you can see, bitcoin go up and down as it always does, but alts seems to lose you a lot more % then bitcoin. If bitcoin reaches $20k in the future, my call for ETH is around $1k at max, and remember, it was over $2.5k last time when BTC was at ATH. All data from snapshots of coinmarketcap.
  11. I'm on the sites mostly for like hours per day, no job for now so they are just opened somewhere in my browser, I don't play much tho but I like to watch the chat... I used to play more than this at the beggining, for couple of hours every day xd
  12. High capital isnt really needed, this is just my example, u could do lower payouts... but still an option for an automated settings to follow a certain pattern would be cool in my opinion
  13. Let's make dice great again. We all love automated betting, why don't upgrade it a bit? It would be awesome if we could see that feature in future. A multi-betting, when you could do an automated settings, to play with the exact pattern. This is how it might look like: And we see here, it's 200 sat bet and 132000 satoshi if win, how so? This would go like the reverse martingale, kind of. For this setting the play would look like this: It goes 200 satoshi on 2x, if lose reset, if win, it goes 400 satothi (as it just won 2x) on 2x again, if win, it goes 800 satoshi 3x, and then if won it tries 2400 satoshi on 55x. It could go till it hits or without stopping. For now on all we can is set up reverse martingale without even an option to stop after X wins. In this mode you could set up various payouts to go with, alot of ur beloved 'strategies' to play with and so on. So, what do you guys think?