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  1. if we eat fried food the oil we must use is olive oil
  2. You have got to try OPM when listening to musics
  3. When I win something I would love yo go different kinds of adventures in my country
  4. well that is a crime so he/she must arrest
  5. anything that has vevo they are worth watching
  6. I think we are not alone, I got some friends who are also aliens
  7. North Korea are well discipline but they don't have freedom I think
  8. Your eat food fast but you will notice that you are not getting fat that's a high metabolism for you
  9. I love to eat and eat and eat to my spare time
  10. I saw streetworkout in playground they use the monkeybars to carry their weight and lift them up
  11. Anxiety irritates your mind and bring you loss of focus
  12. I like gabbage and also carrots especially ceasar salad
  13. Yes I really felt the change in different departments here in PHL