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  1. Bet: 112,778,576,523 placed by BOYAKS923 on 05/08/2022 Wagered 0.00025337 Multiplier 5.00x Profit 0.00101348 82.25
  2. when you gambling its best if you win today don't comeback because it might get it revenge and take all your money.
  3. wow. congrats... how nice to see you win that big.
  4. thank you for this guide. i helped me alot.
  5. i would love to try this strategies... if i would be lucky i would win big. May i know what is the base bet?
  6. i also would like to find a money making strategy i would love to also try this strategy nice insights this will help me alot
  7. i like to make this as a hobby that is because i'll make this as a pass time
  8. depending on how much i won. if i get millions then i'll buy houses and lots for investment and build may own business.
  9. gambling is like a double edge sword it's dangerous so be careful
  10. i want to receive a trading course fee.
  11. i like playing dota and StarCraft