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  1. Roll under casino:115205960162 Roll over casino:115206148953
  2. 82.23 Bet: 114,958,849,462 placed by winsum on 01/10/2022 Wagered 0.50000000 Multiplier 5.00x Profit 2.00000000
  3. when you start to feel pain and your life starts deteriorating and you cant see anything else because of your hobby, there you go...you have become addicted.....on the other hand a real hobby is the one which makes your life peaceful and fills your mind with positivity
  4. i love cartoons, they are always refreshing
  5. a quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog (hahaha all the 26 alphabets in one sentence), i know this is an old thread, still this game sounds interesting, may be we can make this game alive again.
  6. well, first of all I will pinch myself hard for once to feel that it is happening in real, then i would try to find out if that bitcoin was sent to me in error or it is a gift from some utmost generous person, if its a deliberate transmission that person will be the god for me in human form from that moments onwards, and if it was an error i will return the btc to him of course, but i will ask him if he can help me a little out of it hehe
  7. winsum

    If you are rich

    have a dream of visiting the world, hope someday this dream will be fulfilled
  8. nice games existed earlier, hope this game will bring into existence once again
  9. winsum

    My dog dead

    its always sad & painful moment whenever someone near to us departs be it dog or human, tough life
  10. winsum

    Don't Eat Animals

    i watched that videos countless time and that child's emotion overwhelms me
  11. i love dogs, cats are unpredictable
  12. i am scared of crocodile, but crocodile will love me for sure haha
  13. winsum


    hunger games perfectly fit
  14. i would have sticked to stock market only