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  1. Bet: 110,726,926,477 placed by Sologame666 on 22/05/2022 Wagered 0.00168720 Multiplier 50.00x Profit 0.08267280
  2. Bet: 110,334,006,148 placed by Sologame666 on 13/05/2022 Wagered 0.00000099 Multiplier 20.00x Profit 0.00001881
  3. Bet: 110,148,671,844 placed by Sologame666 on 09/05/2022 Wagered 0.00000082 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.00000001 33.33
  4. Bet: 109,448,915,676 placed by Sologame666 on 25/04/2022 Wagered 0.48036000 Multiplier 1.09x Profit 0.04222845
  5. Of course they get bored) to play constantly, will lead to loss of money)
  6. Yes, the moderators are very kind) the main thing is friendly
  7. Today I won a small amount, how are you?
  8. It's not going in a row, so it's okay, play carefully
  9. Sologame666

    Dream car

    я бы выбрал тойту супру)
  10. We all love to dream) but, you can’t win so much here) maximum 5 bitcoins
  11. How can you watch this? i dont like it at all
  12. Hah, everyone would have such a gift) the main gift is good health