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  1. I would like to know if the satoshi payment system for posts is still valid ?
  2. I have silver level and 60% to gold VIP for now. can you tell me how big are the platinum I VIP level daily reloads ?
  3. A very risky strategy that gives a lot of quick satoshi and strong emotions but the most dangerous.
  4. Black sails is the best 4 season serial every
  5. In my opinion, the most important rule is that the longer you win, the more you have to be vigilant and careful. because when you win you think nothing bad can happen anymore and just then, around the corner is your endgame and you're out of the game.
  6. Its difficult without huge bakroll
  7. kaw1992

    If you are rich

    Maybe when i achive Platinum level VIP and have reload everyday Now i'm on silver level
  8. FIr me it will be worth 100,000 or even half a million in the long run, because banks cannot influence the creator/s - it is not known who it is, the energy needed for extraction is already obtained from renewable energy sources and of course there is a finite amount of them. the only threat to value may be quantum computers.
  9. Working out and other exercices. I'm thi time we can forget about aby problems.
  10. I think we must to be patients and win small steps by steps.
  11. Mostly play on mobile in evening and free time.
  12. Of course, house on calm place and charity help people. 0,5 invest in altcoin like LINK, TRX. Etc.