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  1. A dicebot script would come in handy for this kind of setup.
  2. Seriously? Dem strict laws. Lmao
  3. So, it's like having MSWord? This would be useful, in the sense that you can stop having that "last edited" crap all over your thread. Lmao.
  4. Well, provably fair chances aren't real chances imho, in the sense that if you had a 90% chance of winning, you'd roughly only get 1 or 3 losses in 10 rolls. It just tells you which roll #s you're gonna win or lose on.
  5. So for the first time ever, an eSport tournament organized by play2live will begin later this month. Seems like a regular tournament, but the prize pool of $100,000 will be paid to the winners in cryptocurrency! Unanswered questions 1. How will this affect the eSports scene? 2. How will this affect cryptocurrency as a part of eSports and our daily lives? 3. Will Edward sponsor/host his own eSports tournament? Rough guesses 1. Maybe we'll see more tournaments having cryptocurrency as their prize pool. 2. Well, we all know that crytocurrency has risen in fame amongst people in all different lifestyles. 3. Maybe he will, or he won't. I'd say it's a good marketing strategy. We all see minor companies rise due to eSports. i.e. Hellcase, CS.money, Etc. Comment up your interesting answers/guesses. It's really interesting to see cryptos take a big part in eSports, and maybe sports in the future. Personally, as a semi-professional CS:GO player, me and my team look forward to more events like this, local and international events alike. Tournament Host : Play2Live Game : Counter Strike : Global Offensive
  6. Longest red streak i got was 7 on pre-rolls. Lmao.
  7. Yeah, and it's really hard to stop when you get into it, like really into it. Self control is hard these days. Lmao
  8. Prolly 0.2 in bitsler. Raised it up to 0.6. Lost about 0.3, then i decided to take that extra 0.1. Lmao.
  9. It's simply 0 miners = 0 transactions. Lmao. Back to stone age for us if this happens.
  10. How much do you bet on 1.3x? Do you go all in?
  11. Pag 50-70% na profit niyo, takbo na. HAHAHA. Masakit sa long run matalo ng HE.
  12. 100k ain't gonna cut it. I got 900+ straight losses the last time i tried this out.
  13. Been using bitcoin for payment nowadays. Besides, payment through bitcoin is faster than your average wire transfer, so it's more efficient, in a way.
  14. Pag nagka time, ma stream din ako. Hahaha. Subok lang. Sana mag stream ulit si ma'am Danica.
  15. Bihira lang kasi high upload speed. Hahaha. Pag stream naman, wala silbi download speed eh.
  16. Cool. Gonna try this out later!
  17. Net speed kasi problema ng karamihan eh. Hahaha. Mahihirapan mag stream kapag wala maayos na connection. LTE or Fibr connection dapat.
  18. And here i thought it was possible to hit the jackpot within a year. Lmao.
  19. BTC = Currency. Pera rin yan, iba lang ang tawag. Pwede ka naman mag sugal gamit tunay na pera. Lol. Dumarami lang gumagamit ng BTC kasi maraming faucet, lalo na sa mga dice sites.