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  1. Hello Nolep, The question you asked seems u want gambling as source of income ! setting at home and just by clicking or auto bet generating money that is really good to feel, even i felt the same. Now point is that if we have enough bank roll, no greedy, stick to plan, "PATIENCE", no Big Bets, using stop loss, what u think can be possible. I have tried this many time got success, but when sitting long, loosing patience, emotional bets, chasing losses to cover on same day same time, put in the position which is hard to get out of it for few months. So making money is hard but loosing few seconds are enough. So bets way if we can make 4-5% daily then stop playing and leave happily, but as gambler we tend to play again and again and never get good win. ☺️
  2. Bet: 108,441,873,797 placed by pas011 on 05/04/2022 Wagered 0.42240000 Multiplier 66.00x Profit 27.45600000 Bet: 108,444,677,807 placed by pas011 on 05/04/2022 Wagered 0.42210000 Multiplier 66.00x Profit 27.43650000
  3. its some time hard to achieve the resolutions even it is achievable because loosing focus and dedication this year i have a resolution to make 1 full btc hahahah LOL i laugh at my self when i set it and now three months pass and i m not on track LOL.
  4. In single line Physical work out in any form not only help to loose weight but strengthen the muscles building stamina.
  5. Yes I believe believe in distance healing dont know the science behind it but when when we pray for some one or vice versa, the chanting mantras, prayers, does have a positive results.
  6. Snorring is common and some time work pressure, stress, no work out, long seating jobs, tired body leads to snoring, however it do not have anything with bad nightmare. People do not snoor but also after certain age it get started like 40+, but not necessary with every one who cross 40
  7. for speedy recovery modern medicines, for permanent solution traditional medicines. and also agree with @AnMilj
  8. I never smoke but yes if i am stress i go for a walk, or going on a lack to seat alone and relax watching water its sounds, and sunset. But no smoking, yes some times couple of tea.
  9. What ever a mother do the baby learns that not only this but things happening around mother also impact baby. If you sing songs, painting, reading books, novels, loud or soft musics, everything they learn. I used to sing a song when my baby was inside, and after that whenever he cries i sing the same song and he get relax and sleep well. so yes Gambling surely will have impact.
  10. hmm, I drink hot water to gargles with some salt as well for ( not exactly completely hot) when soar throat, tonsils,help in digestion, wight loss.
  11. hmm, i dont have that habit since many years to have brake-feast, but yes some time like once or twice in a month and that is on week end only. Tea, Brown Bread.
  12. ammm, my favorite fruit is Banana, available all session and all day in a calendar year. :), Spinach Vegetable, Potato easily available easy to cook. ☺️
  13. I believe Banana could be a healthier food, easy to digest, also help to be a meal for many people, after certain age our body do not need milk and this must have been proven as well, hundreds and thousands of people prefer to be vegan right ?