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  1. Bet: 110,627,400,855 placed by jayjayy on 20/05/2022 Wagered 0.00045600 Multiplier 50.00x Profit 0.02234400
  2. Bet: 110,304,276,794 placed by jayjayy on 12/05/2022 Wagered 0.00050000 Multiplier 20.00x Profit 0.00950000
  3. Bet: 110,026,767,587 placed by jayjayy on 06/05/2022 Wagered 0.00032200 Multiplier 1.11x Profit 0.00003541
  4. Bet: 109,568,938,280 placed by jayjayy on 27/04/2022 Wagered 0.00032441 Multiplier 12.00x Profit 0.00356851 Bet: 109,569,193,428 placed by jayjayy on 27/04/2022 Wagered 0.00031137 Multiplier 21.02x Profit 0.00623335
  5. Bet: 109,267,503,950 placed by jayjayy on 21/04/2022 Wagered 0.00060000 Multiplier 1.20x Profit 0.00012000
  6. Jayk

    Gender equality

    Women are given more favour than men. Gender equality my ass
  7. The 69 position remains the best sex position
  8. Jayk

    Boobs or Ass?

    Ass anyday. Want those ass tight as running so I can use it for pillows
  9. Just sex ok. No body cares about the age
  10. Why would you say that some weekends are fucked up
  11. Am going to do what I always do when a question pops up about some religion. I stay the fuck away
  12. Jayk

    Dragonball super

    Super has a massive character improvement not to mention new added characters too
  13. Jayk

    Question Of The Day

    Why is the explanation of time travel different in marvel