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  1. Bet: 110,609,637,557 placed by djackson on 20/05/2022 Wagered 0.00046552 Multiplier 50.00x Profit 0.02281048
  2. Bet: 110,296,935,984 placed by djackson on 12/05/2022 Wagered 0.00052000 Multiplier 20.00x Profit 0.00988000
  3. Bet: 110,021,901,242 placed by djackson on 06/05/2022 Wagered 0.00032340 Multiplier 1.10x Profit 0.00003234
  4. Bet: 109,554,532,222 placed by djackson on 27/04/2022 Wagered 0.00031000 Multiplier 21.02x Profit 0.00620592 Bet: 109,554,612,966 placed by djackson on 27/04/2022 Wagered 0.00032000 Multiplier 12.00x Profit 0.00352000
  5. Bet: 109,313,850,370 placed by djackson on 22/04/2022 Wagered 0.00031000 Multiplier 1.11x Profit 0.00003440
  6. Don't give a rat ass about no politician
  7. I watch all. Family guy. Simpsons. Rick and Morty come on you need updates in the latest animation. Am your guy
  8. That would he God of far. Damn I love that game so much
  9. Jackson

    Marvel Heroes

    Who would be the next black panther so sad for tchalla. He would forever be missed
  10. Come on I want to be cremated ok. That's the best method for me ok
  11. I'm just going to say this I believe in the supernatural
  12. Jackson

    Cat or dog?

    Dogs are friendly and can risk it for their master. I'm so much a fan of dogs
  13. Am a player. One of the best games I've played so far.
  14. Walking dead. Legacies Flash Super girl Legends of tomorrow
  15. When it comes to the cinematic universe I'll say marvel are league above DC. But DC has much more character than marvel so it remains a mystery why DC can't make good use of them. But when it comes to animation DC are top dog. The problem with DC is that the story lines are too much.