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  1. Tell me what u think about picture My balance is ~ 50 unit, so in graph( 1000) Bets, my profit has 0.019, from 1.886 to 1.867 Which i conclude that with ~ 50 balance, From 1000 bets : 1.867 to 1.886 Its like 0.019 profit, in day i get profit of 10 %. P.s dont look my old profit on picture I start use this just yesterday
  2. I dunno it's ok to attach picture here,of my Betting results, !? u can try use dicebot, It's take me years of gambling to find Good scrypt, so far i find good one, I said so far, i still test it..... Many people online selling those scrypt's but 99% scrypt is useless, if there will be winning scrypt's online Casinos will go bust, example : i use big bankroll, and get satisfy with 20 doge daily, isnt much But really i am happy with it, i learned on hard way in 2014 i loose 3 000 000 Doge coins, in that time that was like 5000 $, wish u luck in gambling
  3. The worst thing in gambling is gamble to return lost,this is not worth risk in most cases
  4. Do u use dicebot ? How many gamblers here use dice bots?