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  1. I don't like reading books at all. I don't understand how you enjoy reading books?
  2. A hobby is an activity that brings you pleasure. It doesn't matter if you refuse it or not.
  3. I tried to play but I don't like mobs games at all.
  4. I would like to have a good house, with good repair and furniture.
  5. toponeal

    Manga and anime

    I tried to watch, but there was nothing I didn't like. Too many emotions, not at all realistic and stupid.
  6. I love CS 1.6 very much. I like this game more because of the atmosphere and the feeling of nostalgia.
  7. I love watching cartoons, especially from Disney! True, in recent years they have only spoiled their works. But before they were the best in the world.
  8. Не подскажешь случайно платит ли этот форум сатоши за сообщения? Раньше стейк советовали, думаю может оба попробую. Там же по 1000 сатошей за сообщение? Есть ли еще какие то проекты которые актуальны сейчас?
  9. Bitcoin became popular because of all the noise that was around it. Having bought bitcoin 1 bitcoin for the price of a piece of bread, now it would be possible to sell it for the price of a house.
  10. Now almost everyone has heard about cryptocurrency and is trying to somehow finance it. Cryptocurrencies have also become a method of storing their money.
  11. Possibly due to the coronavirus. Not only bitcoin is falling, but also the stock and securities markets, it's very hard for everyone right now. Let's hope this is only temporary.
  12. I don't understand why play on phone or ipad when you can play on computer? The game on the phone is rather for the time when you are not at home.
  13. I think we will never know who is the creator of the cryptocurrency. It's just that no one is hiding. Therefore, it is not worth hoping that someday we will at least really know the name of the creator.
  14. I only play hold'em poker with my friends offline. Every month we gather at the table and play telling stories from life.
  15. Hi, I'm new here too. Literally my first post. What brings you here my new friend?