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  1. Extravaganza Username: bitcoin1995
  2. 1.Roulette 5 2. Plinko 1 3. Blackjack 3 4. Bustabit 4.5 5. Baccarat 1.1 6. Dice 10 7. Wheel 9 8. Minesweeper 9 9. Hi/Lo 9
  3. Can you pls fucking elaborate whats the connection of that name for TIPPING?
  4. I cant open my account?
  5. Any improvement for affiliate commision? This is really so much cool if its happen ☺ i love playing pd and i really much love if theres an increase of affiliate commision
  6. Are you favor to have an attachment button on our pd chatroom to be able to send some funny stuff or our actual screenshot of bet or maybe PM by beggars for then to be muted with strong evidence? Are you agree pls VOTE