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  1. My biggest fear is snakes. Once I was in Africa and saw a snake that was bigger than me. Now snakes are my phobia.
  2. My favorite game is Assassin's Creed. I have been playing this game for a long time. Literally sleepless nights. Still in my top 10 games
  3. Everything depends on the situation. Most often I drink whiskey, listen to music and play poker. In fact, for me, poker is like meditation that brings money.
  4. Do not listen to others and think with your own head. It sounds corny but it really is. I just bought the first bitcoins thanks to a friend. After his advice brought me great losses. Now I listen to the opinions of experts, analyze the market and draw conclusions.
  5. This question has been rattling around my head for some time. As I understand, Bitcoin is supposed to transition away from mining and into rewards for transaction verification. However, in order for that to be viable, the network will need to scale up. The problem is that this isn't happening. I do not think that Bitcoin will constantly increase in price because of this. I expect bitcoin to crash in 10 years. While I make predictions at https://oddsdigger.com/at/handball and buy gold