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  1. there is God I Accept but jesus is not a son of God people say that jesus created with no father only with mother yes it is possible it can be done always because God can do anything god can change time run time stop time god can destroy us and creates all humans again in - milli seconds Humans can't do nothing god created humans to obey his rules n laws and to live in world with positive way with given instructions of God People say jesus is the son of god because jesus created with no father so How adam created in world while adam have no father and no mother and God created Adam And Hawa with clay . God Can do anything God is infinity of All Infinity and Have Powers On all Infinity . there is 99 names of God and All Names Have his different Innovations with powers of God and God have no father and no mother and no one created God . God is only 1 only 1 Before 0 and After 1 there is god And he is Allah the most merficful and benificial . but people say Allah is a snack bar all are bad people bad words against god name i hate that people Thanks
  2. carsfine

    Drug war

    drug is very dangerous for all smokers highly bad effective and marijuana also.
  3. sorry but next time don't be greedy and recover that.
  4. I just got 150 faucet to 480k yersteday i was in circular mood to saw that incredible.
  5. i not smoke or no capability of inhaling that harmful for health.
  6. i love black tea freshness in evening.