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  1. Alot of friendzoning gonna happen :D, hahaha nice find Kargai. So a red one just means love? Ive seen purple, yellow and green hearts aswell, they also mean something?
  2. Well done. Good call to withdraw. What's the plan next?
  3. $25 Million, mainly due the brand is more known
  4. Got any studies about this? I know this topic is rather old, but what, beer is healthy? What's your source of info, I gotta show this to my girlfriend.
  5. Great extra Dan! You never fail to suprise me with something new ?
  6. Lmfao, good game; but wait, she could have had a flush no? my poker is a lil rusty
  7. I just generally like both sites, rolling on prime, doing some 'thinking' with hi-lo on stake. Why leave such a cool site like primedice, it holds quite a few nice memories for me, tho some bad ones tho (losing xD)
  8. What do you mean, if it doesnt rise to 8k at the end of the year, bad news? can you explain yourself?
  9. herro @Mirela Nah, I can't decide, there's alot of fun women around, Mirela is my favourite tho
  10. How come you got a great understanding of the spanish competition? Are you originally Spanish? Any suggestions what site to use to take on those bets?
  11. on what part of philipines do you live? also, whats your favourite kind of cookie
  12. Haha, thanks I feel flattered. I like @Kargai . He's a witty guy.
  13. I always heard, and read that working out 3 times a week was more than enough. As you can take the next day off to recover. 6 x a week seems rather much and I think you might push your body too hard to achieve goals too fast.
  14. I guess they will announce some information soon. Though at first sight, it seems odd it is 5btc that is deducted, as I thought you could win either 1btc, 10btc or the entire jackpot?
  15. Hiya, what games do you like to play? Any console preference or are you using a computer?
  16. Seeing as this giveaway has ended. Im closing this. Hope you all enjoy your free money if u were one of the winners:)