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  1. Got in contact with it irl? Or how did u find out about it?
  2. Yo dicers! When it comes to drugs we hear a looooot of things, doesn't matter which one. Cocaine makes you aggressive, speed making you chew like crazy, marijuana makes you dumber. Frying minds, jumping off cliffs or murderous rages. Yeah, there is a lot of that. A lot of stories. But it's hard to find out which is reality and what not. But we're talkin about reality when it comes to following drug: Flakka - a recent synthetic drug. It has its shout to be the "zombie drug". You probably heard of this before. When you see the videos its really terrifying. Why would a single human do this to himself? It's a new generation of bath salts, which compared to others, haven't spread so far out. But, as the videos show, if people take those salts, they go full crazy. They get mad, violent, lose their sane, attacking randomly people. With that zombie-like rampages all the other stories are nothing against it. Just a fart in the wind. Do you remember the guy who ate the face of an innocent man? Flakka. What we can say for sure is, that flakka affects people on a completely different and new way. If you hear someone talking about a flakka case, it honestly sounds like a overhyped made up story, that's good to tell and scare. I wouldn't believe it either if there was no proof like the videos. Have you ever witnessed such a case (hopefully not) or heard before of flakka? Well, if you ever come across this "bath salts", you better take a run. The most people who take these drugs have no money and just want to be high.. and they pay a price for this...
  3. If u want to get rid of them, just pour boiling water in their holes where they came from. Or find a kinda substance that looks like powdersugar , it kills them off too... I dont have any ant problems here
  4. We all like loans being paid back in time and getting rewarded for helping out the community by receiving a small percentage intrest for our time and effort and money we are handing out. Just a small suggestion that I haven been thinking about for a while. I always been wondering who the people are we hand loans to, and sometimes they’re Just a small suggestion that I have been thinking about, since I see so many loan topics popping up and I always wonder, who the people are that request loans and how we could add in some security for the people handing out loans to people, so they will be more safe, ofcourse you can never give 100%, people can still scam and you need to rely on your gutfeeling and u still decide who you will give a loan to and who not. So to make things more transparant and less risky for people who lend money to others, I would suggest to make it so that people who ASK for a loan first have to be confirmed by Support that they have deposited in the past. So this way we will be more confident that they can infact pay back a loan.( I know this will not stop some scammers to go around but It will certainly help filter out people who have no funds to even pay someone other than relying on the goodwill from others and getting loans. What are your thoughts about this?
  5. First off, i wanna begin with saying this, in Belgium, when a women and her man are expecting a child, people tend to say something amoung the lines of ‘they are buying a child’ – I kind of literally translated this into english. When I was way younger I always imagined that as someone going into a supermarket and picking up a baby from the fruit and vegetable department Did your parents tell you the story about the stork flying over and dropping you right in the arms of your mother or did they use alternate facts how you were found between cabbages, just like Anne Geddes portraited several baby’s for her well-known pictures? Or did your parents give u the “real” talk about the birds and the bees How old were you when you knew something about their stories didn’t add up? Or did they really tell you the whole nasty and hard truth about the sexual intercourse that adults practice? Sticking the wee-wee into moms mi-mi? Or as we say, bang that chick like no one ever has? Some of us mastered this information at school. Have you been shocked when you finally found out your parents tricked you into believing their fake news? How did your teacher prepare you for the “banging”-part? Was it discreet or a fun teacher who really put some detail into the class (not too much please :P) Some of you maybe found out about it on the internet. Back when I was old enough to realise a thing or two, we still had dial-up internet that was slow so we had to be careful not to get caught watching naked pornstars on the web. Speak up!
  6. He's talking about kryptowar, I don't get why the secreticy about it though. but I'm sure it'll have its reasons. As always be cautious if you are handing people money and what not.
  7. Prizes and cookies is what I want Roaring and busting come in hands I dont know what to write Maybe I should be quiet Else you all will be jelly cos Dough is the name of my belly Instead you are calling me mod Cos that's what you tought Ewok approved.
  8. That site along with its sistersite btcheat is not paying out. Sorry to burst the bubble neobreaker
  9. I got my money just now, it was sent january 14th 4am (and it's now 20 jan 4PM) so it took them 6,5 days to actually release my money, smells like they are trading with it or whatever, i honestly don't know what to think. It was stuck at 'pending' for the entire time.
  10. Grats to all winners sweet signatures, I want one too! and I laughed my gut off seeing eugene has won most funniest, he played the biggest prank on all of us (or atleast some of us with the loans) (I know it's not funny but I cant stop laughing atm)
  11. So which one was the right answer?
  12. true, u can't spend it all at once, and u got a guaranteed income for the rest of your life (assuming primedice stays on forever, or u get the payment on a different way) most ppl if they get suddenly a big amount get overwelmed and u might get used to all the rich and famous, buy stupid shit for crazy money.
  13. Obviously I would like to get the 0.1 daily amount. I'd cash out half, gamble the other half, probably end up with some sweet bonus after a few days aswell. Always nicer to get smaller amounts but on a daily basis
  14. I'd let people pick their own fee. But nobody is forcing u to withdraw only a small amount, you can always aim for more and withdraw more so the fee isnt a hassle for you:)
  15. So, how do you make Slime? Lol, let me get back on topic. I def think we haven't seen 10% of the whole cryptocraze yet. Things are just starting to take off. I wouldve thought something porn/nude related would be high in the rankings too
  16. Pretty simple though, if ever anything like this was launched, it would be announced on the forums. U wouldn't just find out by browsing the google store
  17. PD COMMUNITY BIRTHDAY LIST JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH 1 - Kristoffff 14 - jbenjaminy APRIL MAY 18 - Primedice's own birthday (someone correct me if I'm wrong) JUNE JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER
  18. Do you really believe he holds no etn, or is not getting anything in return? It's possible, but the other way around isn't unlikely either.
  19. I probably would be insanely happy if I would get 1 btc. Well anything is welcome but I wouldnt really stop playing. I hang around for the community
  20. Not really here to cash out. But I've won a fair amount of money from contests on here (which I all donated back to primedice xD) I don't even look at the amount, I mean, hey, if you check back in a year and you end up with a nice amount from just being active in the community and enjoying yourself, hurray!