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  1. Probably 0.5 btc was my highest bet at once. I can promise you I don't wanna do that again. My heart was pounding haha.
  2. Probably wouldn't be able to stop myself from gambling like 20 bitcoin and then realising i need to withdraw all this money. Invest half in crypto-alts. and the other half I'd cash out for fiat at a good price so I can start working part-time. Wouldn't really buy anything with it, just pay off my loan for my home.
  3. It's a great opportunity to purchase more coins, but then again, only do it if you can spare the cash and can afford to lose them. If it goes to the shitter afterall (unlikely but who knows)
  4. Both casino's are provably fair, so it then depends on the house edge. Generally playing is not gonna turn out profitable for you in the long run. You statisticlly would be losing the least on the site or game with the lowest house edge.
  5. Lucifer, this is just one of the many methods that work, or may not work if u bust in the end. It's been a while since I used this one but it still does the trick tbh.
  6. Mainly gutfeeling. I mean if you already rolled 15 greens on 1.2X Payout, the odds usually get more into your favour that you will hit a green in the opposite way (change your payout to that tho)
  7. I never used shafeshift, and there's other ways to convert coins, that are usually cheaper aswell. So having to deal with KYC issues will be a struggle for that company as I like to stay anon.
  8. Good, acces to the vault, never having to login my bank account anymore (not that I actually do tip it anymore, as i always bust) It's about time this feature came along
  9. usually just topup some phonecredit, or buy some games, that is if i dont lose it...
  10. You're welcome. If you need any help, post below! Since a few months, one of my acquintances is moderating their telegram chatroom. So info is very accesible. The admins, founders,of. The project are very down to earth and within reach for help aswell.
  11. Awesome! Bear in mind, in order to get the weekly distribution of Manna, you need to get verified, else you won't get anything. Last thing I hear there is a backlog of 1-2weeks to get verified.
  12. Nothing will happen, they're rich and famous, and even if they would get sued, they wont get convicted as they can pay damn good lawyers.
  13. awesome job! Looks very neat and I'm sure some of the users will use this quite frequently
  14. anyone else is using mannabase yet? It's very low income but it's free and you have nothing to lose
  15. Not sure you actually read what he said but he said the price dropped 8.5% in 24 hours time. However the price of ETN is still alot higher than a few weeks ago so if you bought in back then, you're looking at a sweet profit still. About the price drops on most coins, we're still in a bear market and prices of different coins will fluctuate, heading to their bottom only to recover once the market picks up again.
  16. ofcourse hitting the same number twice in a row is very much ppossible. I've encountered that myself like over 15 times before, just never with the jackpot number though, or the required base bet to claim any prize. But as others already mentioned or suggested along the lines, you shouldnt really try and chase the jackpot. If it comes it comes, if it doesnt, don't worry
  17. glad you like it, I havent really had time nor the funds lately anymore to test it myself further. glad it worked for u
  18. Missed the price surge due lack of funds else it wouldve been a sweet 200%. Bummer! Didnt they announce some great news last weekend?
  19. Closing this. They didnt reach their softcap, and they have returned the investment funds. There is no longer an ICO but the project will still happen (I hope)
  20. 90% of the time that I play, is at work I rarely play at home.
  21. honestly if I got to 17k, regardless of that 'rule' that only the winner could cash out, I would cash out asap lol.
  22. It s a pity tho, suddenly Eth drops another 100k and I was about to cash out and convert to btc