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  1. What would you do if you could either pick world peace, no more wars, no more conflits, everyone getting along with eachother OR being filthy rich, owning billions of dollars and you can do whatever you want? You can only pick one
  2. You can buy ether on coinbase-probably on any other exchange too.
  3. Mine is cowgirl. Tried a whole bunch, but there's no comparison imo. Hands down the best
  4. What is some of your favourite music. Share the youtube link so we all can enjoy This is one of mine
  5. I think 2009 or 2010, whatever time bitcoins were 1dollarcent each. Unfortunately I never stockpiled else I would be swimming in money right now. Good times
  6. As my topic title says, it would be handy for newcomers, to see all the different links, right now you can click to go to the facebookpage, twitter handle, bitcointalk etc, but the forums aren't listed on there yet. 8)
  7. YEah that would be good, something amoung the lines of 'latest news' right now there is a popup message when happy hour/some work has to be done. But it dissapears, this would def. be a good extra
  8. I play during my work times. So im around 8hours and usually a lil longer aswell
  9. Right now when you click on a topic and scroll thru it, everyone their name has the same blue colour. I would suggest to change it so it is even more,obvious if youre an admin or mod,or vip. If this is already being worked on, ignore this.
  10. Oh robear, i just see this now. Damn about time you get some luck
  11. It would be real neat if we could split up the general chat and private chats. Something along the lines of facebookchat or an irqserver. Right now it isnt always easy to catch pm's when the general chat is busy due to sudden rain or drama. Id like to keep in touch with people in private but it doesnt always work out. Cheers
  12. You can count on me edward. I've done it before and shared the love with the chat I'm on chat during weekdays like 10hours a day, while at work and on weekends I hop on aswell quite a few times a day.
  13. Hiya, I'm a bronze vip. Id like the rank on these forums aswell Thanks ;D
  14. If you have spare money it sure is a good investment but as with every investment it can go wrong.
  15. It'll gradually move towards 1500dollar a pop. Probably in between the 1500 and 2000dollar mark near 2018. Price seems pretty stable and hell even the rejection of the etf didnt do any harm to the price. Just a huge drop for like a few minutes and then it recovered.