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  1. 1. Roulette 5 2. Plinko 5 3. Blackjack 8 4. Bustabit 7 5. Baccarat 7 6. Dice 10 7. Wheel 9 8. Minesweeper 10 9. Hi/Lo 8
  2. Hi Maria What dogs do you have? I myself got no pets, but @ my parents place we got a jack russell. Funny little guy I must say. How long you've been studying the piano?
  3. Hi Tipsy I just wanted to say I love the elephants buttshaking
  4. Hey Peter, How are you . Biology huh? So if we got a question about reproduction you're our man?
  5. Nice to meet you. Nice introduction aswell. I'm not sure about those unwritten rules u post your social media accounts But the creeper I am, I had a look
  6. there's already a topic bout that like 10 lines under this one...
  7. Betting is just luck. there's no tricks to win But hey sure, if it works for you, keep going with it
  8. Just a small suggestion whenever a user gets banned, let the credits drip back into some kind of giveaway pot. and like do rains on the forum/on site or like make it so it automatically adds sats to the rainbot/seuntjiebot or the hungergames bot That way the credits don't go to waste. It's just an idea.
  9. I've used Primedice on Chrome, IE. and firefox and it all works perfect, you probably need to update some browsers I think.
  10. I think edward is a more driving force of this forum, then again have u considered there's several Admins who I don't really can put a name on in the pd community, maybe one of them is Stunna.
  11. Add a function where people can upvote/downvote a user when they have done a transaction with them/ wether it is a giveaway that didn't go thru or u bought a batch of coins from a person. So other people know wether or not the person is trustworthy.
  12. as title says I would like a new subsection for Seuntjiebot and any other bots that people are using. It will things alot easier to find answers for people.
  13. I posted that on the forum suggestion section also a few days ago.
  14. See who is online on chat. Incase of guessing if someone is still there while you are talking to them, why not introduce a global list of all users that are currently on the chat/have the chat box open.
  15. Get a 2FA verification to withdraw balance, both here and on primedice.com, as a security measure to prevent theft of precious coins. Also I would suggest to have the option to hide your total credits on forum. I can imagine not everyone will want people to know they got a billion credits, especially once you can send 'money' to other users is implemented.
  16. Right now there's alot of people who put their usernames on giveaway topics, which is kinda silly. Would be handy if they had to fill it in in a small box, just like their birthdate, or email/whatever addy. Cheers
  17. Star Trek: The Next Generation/Voyager Sliders South Park Doctor Who (some episodes, not all of them) Really into science fiction. Movies I've seen lately: Arrival Older ones: A Clockwork Orange, Alien, Gladiator,...
  18. I'm not sure what this is about... but WTF.
  19. Never got a mute, or maybe an accidential mute by the bot, but that was corrected soon. Apart from muting myself when I go afk lol.
  20. Nothing some Michael Jackson can't fix <3
  21. Is it silly old me Or I cant post signatures on the forums yet
  22. Those SlowMO dances freak me out lmfao. Try this one ledust: