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  1. I don't think the bitcoin will have a major price surge in the upcoming 12 months, it will freewheel around 3-5k mark. Still if you compare this to 2017, it's still higher than 2500 dollar it used to be around september I believe. So if you hodl since then you still are in profit so just relax and sitback.
  2. I don't think I use the signature space, well could be some text in there, but I honestly do not recall. I would love a neat flashy, sweet modern designed signature free of charge *hint hint , xmas is coming*
  3. The few times I've done some sportsbetting I've used sportsbet.io if I recall correctly. Was smooth but was rather limited in the sports/matches you could bet on, atleast to my understanding.
  4. The pictures look neat. I just visited the site, looks very professional. Keep up the good job I'd say. I havent signed up yet but could you tell me like the faucet rate? and what is the house edge? I'm sure you would get some more posts on this topic if you were to be elaborating on some things people might find important before they sign up Edit: I like the profit and wagering rankings
  5. Always make sure you have entered the right increase percentage. Can't say I havent have it happen to me before. I fucked up once a lil while ago, but it turned out in my favour when I found out, so I quickly stopped the autobetting and managed some neatprofit. But more often it will just make you lose all your hard earned money in a stupid way that could have been avoided. Thankgod for example they already made the max button dissapear (or you can make it disappear) so no more max bets here for example lol.
  6. Rakeback, they still give u that? I havent seen that promo being mentioned in a while so I wasn't aware of this. Still good enough, 1mill should be more than enough to try and build something, ofcourse luckfactor is the big player in this. I've managed to go 3000x increase in a matter of minutes with other coins before, but that's mainly due to their low value I am willing to risk the biscuit for the rewards. With bitcoin when I get higher this crosses my mind and I'm scared to make a big boy bet. (heh)
  7. Welcome man! Like Ultrachief said, make sure u check the rules and you are good to go. There's quite a few forum sections around so I'm sure you will find something to your liking and get into the community!
  8. Gotta take my hat off for this. Really insane and quick too! Going to continue to the moon (10btc?)
  9. Eventually even your prerolls will not be enough to avoid getting bust. That's why I never really play 2x payout, but always atleast a little more (like 2.36x) You can be lucky and roll millions of rolls without never seeing 35+reds but u can get them on your first session aswell...
  10. I remember I used faucets, sometimes when you could still claim 5-10k satoshi every 3 minutes. But it's also very tiresome and boring to keep doing that, so I stopped that after the price started booming. No real use for it anymore, atleast to me. The only way to make a decent amount is to have alot of refferals which will get you some commision on each claim. But I honestly wouldn't waste my time on it.
  11. Very nice. It's do-able just have to get over the low balance first to overcome some streaks, but I believe now that you have 0.2 it should be relatively easy. Ofcourse now your mind will start thinking about the btc value... So if you are about to fuck up, I'd suggest to cash out, it's better to have 0.5 than to have zero
  12. Greatest bust if its a single bet is over 0'5btc, if its about deposits. I've lost well over 1.6btc in 1session Win is 0.4btc or 6eth
  13. Started bingewatching "Salvation" on netflix, already at season 2. Other than that, big fan of scifi shows
  14. I just try to be welcoming to any new players who pop in the chat. Take action against rulebreakers if necessary. Usually warning and redirecting to the rules will do.Im far from mute-happy. Dont think we have to start convo but sometimes I do, Im very chatty (but also a whiny bitch when I lose) What I try to be and I believe any mod is doing, is treat ppl with respect and dont put ppl in favour. I love you all ❤
  15. Best for me would be bitcoin. Worst is def. doge. Doge on the last place cos I tend to just blow the coins on stupid bets, considering its low value. Bitcoin I just love as It's a really great feeling if u manage to get somewhere from a small start.
  16. Alot yes, but keep in mind It coulda been 11k euro if i didnt do stupid 2 months ago. But yeah I still owe alot to the price rise of end 2017.
  17. I kept track of all my deposits and winnings, I actually still have profit from primedice due the price fluctuations. That is if you look at the FIAT value. But I have deposited tens of thousands dollars worth into the site. There was a time I was down 5000 USD but I managed to recover it greatly due the price jump at the end of last year.
  18. Vault or no vault, it's no difference to me, as if I bust my regular balance, I just check if I have some leftover in the vault and get it back out to repeat myself. Would be neat if you could only cash out once every x period so even If you are tempted to clear the vault, you still have to wait.
  19. Totally Not sure if you are mocking me for blowing all that cash haha
  20. I thought you busted??? Either way if you still managed to hold on to it, grats!
  21. Fingers crossed you're the lady. We lack some females on primedice 😘 Is that picture taken in the office or what and she's your co-worker?
  22. Probably 0.5 btc was my highest bet at once. I can promise you I don't wanna do that again. My heart was pounding haha.
  23. Probably wouldn't be able to stop myself from gambling like 20 bitcoin and then realising i need to withdraw all this money. Invest half in crypto-alts. and the other half I'd cash out for fiat at a good price so I can start working part-time. Wouldn't really buy anything with it, just pay off my loan for my home.
  24. It's a great opportunity to purchase more coins, but then again, only do it if you can spare the cash and can afford to lose them. If it goes to the shitter afterall (unlikely but who knows)
  25. Both casino's are provably fair, so it then depends on the house edge. Generally playing is not gonna turn out profitable for you in the long run. You statisticlly would be losing the least on the site or game with the lowest house edge.