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  1. Can't make it most likely. Ill do my best to be around tho. Happy birthday Primedice ♥
  2. Username: Kristoffff Happy birthday in advance primedice 🤗
  3. An even better, more detailed autobet. Perhaps like the one they have on luckygames. their autobet is superfast and also way more options when to increase/stop/double up etc
  4. Well you can always do your best to not get on the spammy side yourself, or when you see someone do it, tell them its not a nice thing. But yeah, generally chat improves if everypne forgets about a rainbot and just starts nice convos in chat. I often see ppl saying theyre bored or nothing interesting happening inchat. Theres plenty of subjects they can spice the chat up with, just too lazyy i guess.
  5. I really dont get how he could be the only one with the passwords. Like never wrote it down or whatever. Put it in your will so it doesnt get lost. All those ppl wjo have money there got played. Lol
  6. Afaik poker isnt just luck, so pro poker players do have a certain skillset. Doing dice is well... a monkey can roll.
  7. Its legit, i will upload pictures when i can next week. They are struggling with a massive backlog to get ppl verified. You gotta wait like 4weeks currently to get approved.
  8. Bet: 27,179,741,284 placed by kristoffff on 09/01/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 300.00x Profit 0.00029900 Bet: 27,179,898,483 placed by kristoffff on 09/01/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 300.00x Profit 0.00029900 Bet: 27,180,027,340 placed by kristoffff on 09/01/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 300.00x Profit 0.00029900
  9. So what's the strat or payout you are using for your daily 2%? I scrolled thru the video but I didnt really manage to see it.
  10. Before you know it, you have no idea who all the new people are. Ive seen this happen in a game, they allowed users to change their ingame names, but not once, but multiple times. Each time after a period of 30days you could pick a new one. Before u know it, if I didnt log in for like a month or 2 , I would have no idea who is who.
  11. Probably being up over 10k euro at one point in time. We're past that time though. Now I just enjoy chat mainly, sometimes it can be entertaining
  12. Only thing that matters if you are in the green fiat-wise. All the rest is just show and nice to look at. You can be down 2btc and have actual profit in fiat. Same thing you can be up 2btc but if u won those and converted them when it was 300dollar each, you may have pumped 1000dollar in it when it was 20k usd and be in a loss fiat
  13. Girlfriend and I are doing our shopping tomorrow. Will be a rush to get everything in one go tho. Basicly just asked what everyone wanted, and look out for that. Buying only a few things,. A new shirt for my dad/random gift credit coupon. My mom likes oils for in bathh, my sister wants a dvd box, gf a new cover for her iphone, some games for my little niece, and some other things for. Nothing too difficult
  14. Once you have 10dollar you can cash out. If you check your profile you can click further to "payment". Theres a few payment options. Well I strongly would advise to purchase crypto with your profits if you do not need the extra money soon
  15. I believe so yes. I assume if it wouldnt work you probably will not be able to sign up
  16. You're an inspiration tho this challenge may seem easier (only a 17x increase in value) it's probably harder.
  17. Only started to use it recently. I make around 5-10bucks a day on surveys alone here, just on my spare time, when im rolling, reading stuff, toilet time 😂
  18. You will need to have a profile, where they will have asked you several questions like your age, if you have kids, where you live, what languages you speak. After registrating, you will find 'Surveys Profile' on the Surveys page, so that's where you can complete this If you need help, just pm me on the site, I wil do my best to help you out with pointers or tips
  19. Ever wanted to get paid to give your opinion on things? Yes?! Look no further. This website has what you are looking for. Clean link (you hate me? ) : https://www.clixsense.com Refferal link (love me 😘) : https://www.clixsense.com/?9382343 As you can see below, I have filled out approx 50 surveys, and i collected over 40 dollars for it. That's 80cent average. On average I take about 5 minutes for a survey. Please keep in mind you have to fill out genuine information or you will eventually see no more surveys and the thing will bleed to dead for you. Below you see a list of surveys I currently can take, each has the corresponding value next to it, and a timeframe you most likely will have to use to fill out all the info. I know it may come over as tedious and boring 'work' but after all you just fill out your own opinion so it's free money if you have some spare time or u are rolling automated bets. this can be a good little sidecash. There's also a page where u can complete tasks (boring) or complete offers (play a certain facebook game and get to level 5 and earn 2.5 dollar) Getting to the last part, there is also an incentive if you get refferals who are active. Each refferal will give you commision (20%) on surveys, tasks, and offers they complete. Once they have reached a 5 dollar threshold, you will be rewarded an extra 2 dollar from having them as your refferal, in some cases even up to 5 dollar! So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and get your friends aboard. Clean link (you hate me? ) : https://www.clixsense.com Refferal link (love me 😘) : https://www.clixsense.com/?9382343 Payout: you can get paid out once you hit the 10 dollar threshold. I myself have cashed out twice already, with a virtual mastercard.
  20. Simple. If you do decide you are gonna hunt such a big payout. Whatever you do, do not give up in the middle or when you bust. Just keep going, eventually it will hit you and if you have changed to a much lower payout and it comes 50 rolls later, you will be hating yourself for missing it out. Remember that 99.9x payout is just hiding behind the corner and can pop up at any moment.
  21. Can't say your nickname is telling any lies 😛 Welcome man!
  22. Someone should def. tell him about crypto casinos and their low house edge. 😅 A new world probably opens for those people who still play with insane edges/
  23. Free spins? Did that guy deposit anything while doing this? I'm baffled. What the Flung.