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  1. Seeing as this giveaway has ended. Im closing this. Hope you all enjoy your free money if u were one of the winners:)
  2. good to have you back on board try some different strategies next time, so you dont disappear again
  3. Subscribed, you made me crave some cake now
  4. It's simple. Sure, you can have some jolly good fun with playing some faucet games. Yes, but if your objective is to make money with the faucet, it's not gonna happen. Or if it does happen, it sure is not worth your time and effort you will be putting in it to hit the withdraw limit. SO yes: if u wanna chill and play a little, sure. No if u wanna make money.
  5. It's okay with no ppp, I hope to see less Spam as there is no more incentive to actually write nonsense on the forum. They won't get paid for any of their 'well deserved' efforts
  6. Edited out your api key.. you shouldnt give that out. @memekispussy thanks for reporting this
  7. Not worth the time and effort you will be putting in that. Your electricity bill will be more than what you will be earning most likely.
  8. What about nobody posts on this topic and just simply report it next time? CLOSED
  9. Got any knowledge of the french language my boy?
  10. On bitcointalk I believe. Haha I posted on there, and I still see some ppl who failed to follow the format. This is a foolproof method , filters out the odd kind
  11. Oh cmon, if you google 'Who created bitcoin' you get your answer. I don't see what exactly you are going to discuss with asking that question? Ill help you out. https://cointelegraph.com/news/who-created-bitcoin-long-story-short
  12. So, why exactly is it a good thing to have pay per post? Atleast give out some of your reasoning if you are going to claim this
  13. that's one that holds alot of possibilities, to attract refferals. the spanish speaking crowd is rather big if i can rely on alexa site statistics. (oh wait, they speak portuguese in brazil ooops)
  14. Isnt there already a similar thing from the people behind bitconnect? it works for them!
  15. Never be greedy, it's too hard. I get what you mean. I always tell myself to withdraw but soemhow in the end I fuck up and I crash
  16. Hiya Donvoto, welcome to the forum. Look around and go interact with all our users <3. Where are you from? What made you decide to make such a portal?
  17. General rule is moderation. Don't drink or eat too much of anything or you will get sick. So sure, a couple of glasses of alcohol is fine, but overdo it and you'll get too hammered, and puke. And a possible hangover the next day. It's not good for your liver anyway, drinking alot all the time. Me personally I drink like once every 2 weeks on average. It's a harddrug you know.
  18. Yeah what bojana said, i switch around accounts sometimes and i get that error then. Its completely normal for it to do that Either way, question has been answered by bojana so im closing this one.
  19. Took them a long time. They prob use the same kinda thing my mobile phone provider uses. You pay in bitcoin and it automatically converts it for them into fiat money. My provider started doing that in 2013. Apple is a slow student
  20. I once was told he never ages a day older than 12.