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  1. Doubtful I will ever use it. I feel like I already gave out way too much info to facebook. Altough I have a facebook account but I rarely do antything there anymore, but I got a feeling they read the chats too lol.

    But as a way for adoption of cryptocoins it may be a good way for a huge population to get to know blockchain technology.

  2. I roll at several times during the day, however I've noticed when I do roll a few times before bed, or when I just woke up, I generally do fuck up quite often because I dont focus. Perhaps cos im tired, or I set a goal and I wanna get it over with fast so I can get to sleep.

    Other than that, Never felt the urge that I had to roll no matter what. I still sleep like a baby ;)

  3. Reputation gets you around. Like some mentioned here above. Are you likely to work together with eg. a carpenter if you see only bad reviews online.

    So yes, having a good reputation here will get you some nice friends here, and you can rely on them if u need some advice. However if you act up like a total douchebag, you wont get alot of friends here. Friends are always good to have anywhere.

  4. 2 hours ago, Dancer said:

    Average user cant do much about other users spam. They can only ask spammers to stop. And we know that doesnt work. So we have ignore option.

    Well you can always do your best to not get on the spammy side yourself, or when you see someone do it, tell them its not a nice thing.

    But yeah, generally chat improves if everypne forgets about a rainbot and just starts nice convos in chat. I often see ppl saying theyre bored or nothing interesting happening inchat. 

    Theres plenty of subjects they can spice the chat up with, just too lazyy i guess.

  5. On 18/01/2019 at 16:48, DreamStage said:

    Is this thing still legitm? Anyone else tried, get some of the funds? It looks like a pronzi where someone buys in and some of it goes to another user and a % to the site's owner and team.

    At least going to leave a positive feedback from the first view i got from opening the site for the first time. It looks very pleasent and professional (like trustable at all).

    Anyone has any more data about any funds received (profit) from their own passive incomes?

    Its legit, i will upload pictures when i can next week. 

    They are struggling with a massive backlog to get ppl verified. You gotta wait like 4weeks currently to get approved.

  6. On 13/12/2018 at 03:49, MateuszHDHR1 said:

    An ability to change username (atleast once ^^) 

    Before you know it, you have no idea who all the new people are. Ive seen this happen in a game, they allowed users to change their ingame names, but not once, but multiple times. Each time after a period of 30days you could pick a new one. Before u know it, if I didnt log in for like a month or 2 , I would have no idea who is who.

  7. Only thing that matters if you are in the green fiat-wise. All the rest is just show and nice to look at.


    You can be down 2btc and have actual profit in fiat. Same thing you can be up 2btc but if u won those and converted them when it was 300dollar each, you may have pumped 1000dollar in it when it was 20k usd and be in a loss fiat 

  8. Girlfriend and I are doing our shopping tomorrow. Will be a rush to get everything in one go tho.

    Basicly just asked what everyone wanted, and look out for that. 

    Buying only a few things,. A new shirt for my dad/random gift credit coupon.

    My mom likes oils for in bathh, my sister wants a dvd box, gf a new cover for her iphone, some games for my little niece, and some other things for.


    Nothing too difficult ;)

  9. 33 minutes ago, davincuy said:

    Its really nice, ive tried to fill out the surveys

    but how to withdraw it?

    Once you have 10dollar you can cash out. If you check your profile you can click further to "payment". Theres a few payment options.

    57 minutes ago, athena2007 said:

    great job kristoff i have signed under your ref .. whoo hoo this time next year we will be .. ...... MILLIONAIRES 

    Well I strongly would advise to purchase crypto with your profits if you do not need the extra money soon