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  1. Prizes will be handed out within the next few hours. Patience is virtue. Already went thru a first observation and people will need to read the instructions better in the future. A random picture doesn't proof u did it for this giveaway. Although I can deduct it was for this, by the chat sometimes.... So I won't be too strict on this NOW Edit:, everyone who tipped out, got tipped, even if u did ripple instead.
  2. Just 1 small thing to ease things... Show the fraction of your transaction slip, so I can see the date. This à good example how to show u send a valid tip today
  3. Yes. I would very much like a wide variety of people getting tipped. Tipping a mod is not obligatory.
  4. Guys. Only bitcoin currency is accepted as valid. Also please make sure you can see it was tipped today, a lot of ppl tipped, but you cannot see the date on screenshot. Please, also you do not have to tip me, please tip others, share the love
  5. We all love tips and rains, don't we? Now is your time to shine, spread the love and make others happy AND get a prize in return. Tip out 3k Satoshi or more and post a screenshot of it below. Make sure I can see you tipped out starting today. Winners will receive 15k Satoshi each. So there will be 20 winners. Let the love begin ❤️
  6. I reviewed the submissions. Alot of people did not bother reading the instructions so those were not taken into account. I managed to have 20 valid entries. I feel like it would be more fair to drop the 50% chance to win, and just reward those 20 valid entries for actually reading the instructions and doing so. The next 20 people will find a small reward in their wallets the next time they get on the site. I'm sorry for the delay, I'm starting the tipping war now. EmirhanDemirci (edited this name in, because I forgot) Sankasanka Betwrong Dikarico txtpocar Noeprellik paecga129 peckatop Ceastem1 bigbranckx Noahbreezy Policewhale Dreamstage CaptainLorca Misamo Pedrojmelo GKD09 Williamsh Philip74 jamyr
  7. Numbers will be posted tomorrow. Get in or die trying🤩
  8. Please read the topic, this is an old reply.
  9. Please edit in your reply or your entry will not be valid.
  10. Yes,thats completely right! I will be posting numbers once all 40 slots have been filled.
  11. Guess a number! Sounds easy right? It is! I will hand out 0.0016 BTC in total. There will be 20 lucky winners, each receiving 0.00008 BTC. How does it work? I have 40 numbers in mind. Pick a number from 1-40, along with 1 forumpost you have made up to 15 minutes PRIOR to your reply. I will be checking them manually. --> Before you post here, participate on the forum, and post your comment as part of your reply in this topic. If u don't add in your other forum post your pick will not be valid. . Rules You need to have 10 forum posts to join this giveaway. Do not spam to get up to 10 messages if you are a new member/ Do not post spammy messages. 1 win per person, so please do not enter more than once. Goodluck!😃 Numbers in BOLD are already picked. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
  12. I get along with most people, unless they break the rules. I like to talk to all of you but I don't really know if I can consider most friends. I do think I can talk on a whole different level to a few people. Not just talk gambling related, which is a nice change :).
  13. On more than one occasion. They contact me in PM thinking Ill just give them money or a warning. they end up muted. U'd be surprised how stupid people can be, when in need of some money.
  14. Doubtful I will ever use it. I feel like I already gave out way too much info to facebook. Altough I have a facebook account but I rarely do antything there anymore, but I got a feeling they read the chats too lol. But as a way for adoption of cryptocoins it may be a good way for a huge population to get to know blockchain technology.
  15. If u rolled consistently the same payout and the same side, bad luck is indeed not bad, as some have mentioned. It actually means you're more bound to hit alot of greens later on, so sit tight and get rich
  16. The only fear I have withdrawing is sending it to the wrong wallet and making a stranger very happy. So I always triple check I have copy pasted the right wallet.
  17. I generally throw them a mute if they dare begging. It's usually quite easy to spot people who are gonna beg me. Like you said,friendrequests pop up. My pm is open to anyone so they dont really have to send a freind request but if they do, i usually leave it there to rot, until I have a whole bunch and I feel like mass declining all them requests