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  1. This is good: diversifying Primedice. But doesn't really needed since Bitcoin is abundantly used but considering the transaction fees of Bitcoin which is expensive then it would be good to add Eth. To other more coins, I don't know.
  2. Nope I'm not over 20 though sometimes I just watch cartoon if that is what is showing currently in the TV but what I'm into is anime.
  3. I think it is needed because if not then people should have not develop it. There religions who have a good purpose which supports goodness and well being for everyone so we can etain order and harmony so who are we to take it away if it is for the better good.
  4. iamhere

    Deep web

    I have no intention in accessing it even I'm curious about it. Didn't like what I heard about it and there's no need for me to do it actually.
  5. iamhere


    That's a good advice: "Know when to stop."
  6. No. We are still lucky because we know Bitcoin today and Bitcoin's price will multiply in the next year and the price we have will be considered cheap though I wish I've known Bitcoin earlier.
  7. Edward[/member] please tell me i will send you my all idian document so that i can prove myself that i am not any ffishy or fake i wpnt vare to share here just let me know if you want me to share here in public.efdward sre i am really not against you i still love ypu but i am just making my voice to get some fair reply thank u You do know that it is not necessary to get to know each other here in real life. So no need to be so serious and fuss about your genuity. Wish you luck.
  8. just found out on youtube, however it is from my own experience and I did follow the process of running and proved it that it helps a lot. I'll search it later on youtube. Might as well try it so I can get rid even a little of my stress. ;D
  9. are you serious btc is illegal in the us? Read it carefully. It says legal not illegal. Anyway, I know a country who banned all cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin that is Russia but now they unbanned it because they see some good opportunity into it.
  10. Do you have any links regarding this?
  11. I also made that mistake. Still I will do it in some instances
  12. Bitcoin is far ahead than Ether. Bitcoin has a massive volume than Ether. People trust and prefer Bitcoin than Ether. People treat Bitcoin as their major currency and the rest including Ether as altcoins. And etc.
  13. It is not that much. Drug cartels have been hiding and doing transactions discreetly. In fact there are other countries who are far more worse than what you have seen here.
  14. iamhere

    bitten by a dog?

    I have been bitten by a dog recently. It was just small and I am glad that my friend (who also owns the dog) insist for me to go inject some anti-rabies in a nearby treatment center. Its dangerous really that rabies when I realized it and was anxious about it for a minute. Same as you, I don't hate dogs after that. I'll just need to be careful next time. Also its first time for me to see that dog so agressive that leads to my first dog bite.