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  1. Haha
    Azriel123 got a reaction from IrenaB in Pet Names   
    We have a dog called Mama Dog and her son Rocky. We have 4 cats - Kahel (Filipino word for orange), Big Black and Little Black and Akito (former owner named him). All original, thoughtful names. Hahaha. 
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    Azriel123 reacted to Ladylovelynn in Pet Names   
    Monkey - Goryo
    Owl - Owl
    Catssssss :
    Hehehe just dont ask me their birthdays
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    Azriel123 reacted to IrenaB in Pet Names   
    I love when name really means something, like "Faith". I also like that name is represented well in the past, or that is the name of some hero, someone respected and valued. When I got a baby samoyed, I named him Balto, like the famous dog who had brought medicine and saved thousands of lives. Later, my mom brought me female baby samoyed and we named her Jenna, like Balto's girlfriend in cartoon.
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    Azriel123 got a reaction from nelly36 in If you had 100 BTC   
    Buy/invest in other coins. Develop the resort. ☺️
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    Azriel123 reacted to Nenad in 🎉 [$20,000] 100 Billionth Bet Challenge|Minimum Reward Guaranteed!   
    100 Billionth Bet Challenge! 🍀
    Ends: with the reach of the 100,000,000,000 bet
    Minimum reward: $100!

    We are extremely proud to announce that Primedice is approaching a new milestone of a grand total of 100 billion bets made on the platform. To win this challenge, you must catch the 100 billionth bet with a bet amount higher than 0 and win a guaranteed prize of $100. If you are that lucky player and your profit or loss (payout) is higher than $1.01, then it will be multiplied by 100x and rewarded to you as a win! Max win you can get is a $20,000 award in any other coin that we support in that value. If the 100 billionth bet does not fulfill one of the requirements, the next one in a row that does, will be awarded. 
    Also, the first 250 posters on this topic will get a $10 bonus at the end of the promotion. Please, do not try to enter with alternative accounts, this will be most strictly sanctioned.
    Hit the 100 billionth bet with any bet amount higher than 0. Hidden bets must be disabled (for the 100 billionth bet). Capped payout for winning this challenge is $20,000. (value accounted on the day of crediting). Bet can be both winning and losing. 1 valid entry per household (for the forum posters). Comment your Primedice username below (for the forum posters). 10+ Post count on the forum (for the forum posters).  
    *We will announce the winner on this topic once it occurs! Good luck everyone! 🍀
    **Note: In the case that the 100 billionth bet is not a valid entry, we will continue forward one bet at a time, until we have a valid winner!
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    Azriel123 reacted to KristinaTIM in If you had 100 BTC   
    would buy house, and car, and make some business.
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    Azriel123 reacted to 99awara999 in If you had 100 BTC   
    100 btc long vactions
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    Azriel123 reacted to gametreckers in If you had 100 BTC   
    If I had 100 btc I would probably start investing into new blockchain based games since it can popoff 
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    Azriel123 reacted to LOU in If you had 100 BTC   
    if i have 100btc i will quit gambling
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    Azriel123 reacted to huynhthai in If you had 100 BTC   
    I will sent them out 50% :))) because i know i will never have that chance 
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    Azriel123 reacted to Mulmul26 in If you had 100 BTC   
    Buy home and investasi
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    Azriel123 reacted to Dheeru545 in If you had 100 BTC   
    Haha lossing nothing to just think about it 😄
    I'll save some for my whole future expenses even if I get 10 btc 
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    Azriel123 reacted to nelly36 in If you had 100 BTC   
    Put 75% in a good investment and the rest will be used for daily wants and needs
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    Azriel123 reacted to edward06 in If you had 100 BTC   
    Buy house and Lot, car and anything needs 🎊
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    Azriel123 reacted to kcruz626 in If you had 100 BTC   
    House, car , will buy lot and built an apartment  and bulding so i dont need to work anymore.
  16. Haha
    Azriel123 reacted to icymoon in If you had 100 BTC   
    In first step ,dont spent this money on alchool and drugs