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  1. In my country it's so sad that it's our current President that's most hated, but I personally noticed something about his governance, there has been much financial aid given out to the public. The only aspect I see that he did wrong was in the blocking up of borders, stopping the inflow of foreign goods, without properly making arrangements for the local producers of the same goods to manufacture they products for the masses and my country is quite populated. So this cause the hype of products as cost of living became very high and prices of commodities almost doubled in prices. I think that's where people are looking at his government from, so if the prices where to return back to normal, I guess they would now see the benefits of government. That's just my opinion.
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    Wallet by Coinbase, and metamask, although most times I just move everything to a paper wallet that only I have access to.
  3. So what do you advise, and what is the best arbitraging site or app to use.
  4. that should be 100k that's the next target
  5. River flowing without end but seems like liquid lick face along disastrous lane
  6. I need sky line 2, been searching for it and jet LI evil cult
  7. Don't know if I have had the best sex yet, still hoping for the future
  8. Feeling safe in casino that's absurd you don't feel safe, you just wish for luck
  9. none oh, i am my own pet