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  1. that has always been the case, keep getting profits day by day then eventually loosing all in a matter of minutes, so boring.
  2. my thoughts, rice and beans with stew huh brings me to my last and i think its balanced.
  3. it doesn't really matter to me, cause the dead is dead and there is nothing you can do about it, they are not conscious of their surroundings so what's with all the fuss about them.
  4. i believe religion is what leaders used to keep people in check and under their control
  5. invest what you can afford to loose especially with these new companies, they have a knack of going bongos
  6. i don't know what i would say about crypto, if it has made me richer or poorer
  7. He made the heavens and everything beneath it so, i think HE is also the creator of the aliens if they really exist.
  8. does it really matter, its either you win or you lose