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  1. Kill Bill volume 1 and 2. I just love that movie that I never get tired of it. Also Interstellar, a true masterpiece.
  2. XRP or EOS for instant transfer. BCH for reliability
  3. Ireland. There are so many great opportunities, many IT companies have an headquarter there.
  4. Marvel, and thanks for reminding me, I need to watch the last movie 👀
  5. Hello all :), I have just found this platfrom. I am a plat 3 on Stake. Good luck all!
  6. xrflive

    Best colour

    Red and Orange are my two favourite colours
  7. This sounds as a good way to wager
  8. Only once, for bringing off topics
  9. xrflive

    Newbie Here

    Thanks, you too :)