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  1. Bet: 97,628,719,358 placed by pinepie on 24/09/2021 Wagered 0.00018600 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00186000
  2. google daddy showed me the way to Primedice haha
  3. I don't have a full bitcoin but some fraction of it and its straightaway going to to sinkhole of primedice hehe
  4. omg, is that even possible to be happy when losing? I m scrolling down the comments to find a way around for it.. lol
  5. only one thing "self control" is needed to be a good gambler, unfortunately most of us do not have self control.
  6. Nope, I still haven't played in a land based casino
  7. yeah, sometimes a decent amount of profit satisfies my mind but it also boosts my confidence level which make me keep going, and the end result is always painful.
  8. I only think 98% win chance strategy to be the best for wagering, but I may be wrong.
  9. haha nice, I have not used any amulet till now, but i feel good while gambling when a nice song is being played at low volume.
  10. yes, I gambled in some other site when I was drunk and lost all. Thank god, it was not huge. But still I built that amount bit by bit, so I was sad of course.
  11. yeah, gambling causes serious mental health issues in the long run
  12. hobby...nah, just want to make some money but scared while looking at chat, most people went broke