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  1. My withdrawal targets are always stupidly high or min withdrawal either way I have fun while I play go big or go home Is the best way to play I think I never go past around 20% over my original target then withdraw and leave a bit left over to muck around with. "This worries me. This means you are a compulsive gambler. You will end up always losing with that mindset and will lead you to greater financial and psychological problems sooner or later. Bear in mind, math does not lie when it says that you can never beat a casino unless you have more money than the owner. PD actually has this link on their footer: https://www.begambleaware.org/ ... Explore." That's good advice
  2. I do it almost every day. If in doubt, ask support and they will confirm it. I can win without making deposits, this is my mark, but I also make deposits, but mostly I play without making deposits. I only make deposits when I really have a very clear game vision, and totally quiet to play with. Winning without making deposits is very difficult, I hear people saying it's almost impossible, but it's not, you can win, but you have to be totally focused on the game, so I always said in my posts, without tranquility, calm, attention, Emotional control No one will win unless they are very lucky. Last month I didn't do very well, I won 15 days and I lost 15 days, but this month I'm starting a lot better and playing a lot more. I hope to make a big profit this month. Cheers! Really suprised they haven't banned you if this is the case 😛
  3. For these weekly challenges, I always use a 100 sat bet, I don't increase or decrease the bet. I also try to avoid using small multipliers such as 1.01x-1.05x when I can, I find that these multipliers just chew up your balance fast. At the end of the challenge, if I am at a loss which I usually am, I will try to decrease these losses or even turn it to a small profit. Of course it is all about luck, some days I get them done fast and others I suffer. I've tried other strategies such as 98% win chance and so forth but mostly I try to narrow down the most basic strategy possible and just run with that for as long as it takes.
  4. if you get these numbers easily ... then not the name JACKPOT ... JACKPOT is the most searched number in primedice ... I think it is not impossible to get it ... it will definitely happen ... but we don't know when the numbers come to us in a row ... some even say that the jackpot number this (77.77) is a demonic number ... hahahaha ... the nickname arises because it's hard to find that number with rolls two times in a row ... It should not be thought about ... when hunting in certain payouts, use bets in accordance with the requirements set to reach the jackpot, .. in addition to hunting for wins when betting as usual every time we go online to primedice, also pray hopefully one time the number 77.77 appears in two consecutive times ... Another word is to throw two birds with one stone
  5. https://www.coindesk.com/tiny-217-options-trade-on-bitcoin-blockchain-could-be-wall-streets-death-knell (In this case, an option premium of 0.0202 bitcoin ($217 at the time) paid via a smart contract may have just become the proof of concept. The latest target for blockchain disruption is options trading tied to the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, the main benchmark for U.S. stocks. It’s a massive market, with roughly $400 billion of the options changing hands every day last year, on average.) So on Sept. 6, Goh says, he took some British pounds from an in-house research-and-development fund at skew. converted those into bitcoin, and then used the proceeds to buy 10 S&P 500 call spreads – a popular type of option – from Crypto Garage, all under a new smart contract, with terms agreed to by both counterparties in minutes. The expiration date for the options was set for the third Friday of the month, similar to the standard practice on many exchanges.
  6. It is true, but there are those who suspect that a break in a bet can invite luck in the next bet. and there are also some gamblers who prove that it really happened. although basically what you say is true, but in reality, it really does happen. I think this might have happened because while resting the gambler discovered several new strategies that suddenly crossed his mind, and he tried that in the next hunt ... maybe not
  7. well, getting emotional is a normal thing i gambling, especially when it comes to defeat, its in our nature, we dont want to accept defeat, we are selfish most of the time and we want to be the winners the whole time, getting emotional after every defeat in gambling is the main reason that makes you get busted because you lose selfcontrol and you start to place stupid and random bets, it always happens to me, i get mad fast, i let my anger control me after every loss even the small ones, and it always leads me to bust,
  8. No one can teach you patience, because no matter how everyone talks, if you have not experience self destruct (Streaks of red), you can't learn on your own. 1stly is to never chase loses, its a casino you are expected to lose, but it is very dangerous to start chasing loses after losing a few of your coins. Very very dangerous. No strategy is 100%, so you have to have different strategy that can keep in line with your loses. Pro gamblers have mastered the act of keeping their calm and claim their loses as it comes, but if you are impatient, you are damn destructible.
  9. I prefer to play on the bottom side ... I also don't know why I like playing on the bottom side ... it looks like I don't like number 9 ... (maybe) .. but if I play in payments 2x, 3x, 4x, and 7x ... my game pattern changes between under and over ... because in small payments, sometimes our feelings also indirectly participate in bets ... so, not only the thoughts that work determine the direction of the dice ... ... as if the dice rotation can be guessed and rotated ... even so, still suffer losses if you bet for a long time. it seems right they say "betting in a long time can reverse the position that initially has won, at the end of the bet it will take defeat and destruction".
  10. well for me it a bit different ! i play 9900x with a low bet amount ( bet amount always depends on my bankroll ) and i keep on multiplying it every 5000 red bet ! until i hit it ! and ofcourse i do that manually ! sometimes it takes more than 50k bet to get it ! and some other times it takes less than 5k rolls ! well when you try to hunt such a multiplier , you need to prepare a good bankroll for that , because it may take too long to come !
  11. Stakes always looked like a site for kids in my opinion lmao I mean it's good they changed the colour scheme but Idk it still lacks the feel of a true bitcoin casino Like my tennis shoes. Ill take the nose of the shoe and bend it with my hand repeatedly. Back and forth. Back and forth. Until a noticeable crease can be seen as if it had been walked in many ties around the park. I will rub my pants with things that cause stains. Like blueberry if the pants are blue. So the stain isn't to noticeable but its there. That is a weird ass comparison but I like it bro lmao I also would never play dice on stake when I have trusty primedice but I enjoy the mines on there and other games that are much simpler than other sites versions
  12. Well, I say I'm already a winner because I can be here playing in the midst of so many difficulties that I see people going through the world. But back to the point, I just hope to earn enough that I define in my day to day life. I don't dream, I live day after day for so many years, and so I go, setting my daily, weekly and monthly goals. Lmfao I think you have to be a crazy anomaly like total I think less than 50 people would have walked away with over 50+ bitcoin profit over all these years.
  13. Lol. Very bad emotion at first, but after some time, it becomes a normal thing. That's the thing about gamblers, a real gambler don't stay on a loss or a news for too long, because it makes it not easy to move on. But again, it all depends what I start with and if I made a little profit even with the price dip. For example, the price is almost $9k now, and then it gets to $200, If I had started with 1k sats, to win 1 BTC, then I will not be too concerned. So far, I mad profit, I am good with it.
  14. Yea i walked around for awhile that night trying to put all the pieces together so it made sense. And to throw a cherry on top of the shitty time on the east coast my buddy burnt me for twenty five hundred dollars. Never went back and don't plan to. You gotta admit you must have been running hella lucky to be up that much in the first place though and the security was probably just to check you weren't cheating maybe see if anything dodgy was going on I'm sure there's lots of instances where dealers try to do inside jobs and shit like that
  15. It seems that there is a bit of misunderstanding here. You do not just get 10xlm without doing this and that. From I understood was you put at least 10 xlm in you binance account, you can put more if you want more. It's a form of staking something to earn something. I might be the one wrong here. What do you mean bro I thought there was a min balance to xlm wallets like xrp ?