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  1. JstLikeMagyk

    Good Trading Platform 

    Bleutrade has a pretty slick interface I'd say it meets your requirements perfectly check it out and let me know what you think.
  2. JstLikeMagyk

    Support -- What are we doing wrong?

    Thanks for taking the time to respond Jelena, There used to be a few login looping type bugs so I just assumed it was a similar issue as after I cleared my cookies it strangely went away. However I had to change OS yesterday after discovering an R.A.T that was quite persistent so I'd assume it was my unwanted friend causing issues.
  3. JstLikeMagyk

    $7k Barrier Broke! - Will BTC Continue to Rise? 🤔💰

    Christmas coming early this years boys and girls, HODL.
  4. JstLikeMagyk

    There are apps that still mine cryptos

    They'll all be removed I'm sure they are only trying to prevent their less technology inclined users from burning through their phones hardware and not understanding why among other good reasons like stopping mass scamming etc
  5. Can you just address how terrible your poker is due to colluders and multi accounting so I actually feel comfortable returning to your site? Until you show your capable of doing something so simple as to provide a clean gambling service you can't have any more of my money.
  6. JstLikeMagyk

    Exchanging cryptos in game?

    @UltraChief thanks, weird though I would've thought it'd be profitable to implement.
  7. JstLikeMagyk

    Old players

    Two years of losing and still J chilling nah jokes pd been good to me glad I found this place.
  8. JstLikeMagyk

    Exchanging cryptos in game?

    I was just wondering if there were any plans to implement exchanging cryptos on primedice at all like other sites offer?
  9. JstLikeMagyk

    Support -- What are we doing wrong?

    Jelena didn't tell me to clear my cookies when login was telling me I was in a restricted country maybe just bring her up to date with any known bugs pd has and the generic fix for them (hope im not singling her out and any other new support staff I havent encountered), I was to drunk to use my own brain and she told me to call my ISP She seems cool tho welcome @Jelena
  10. JstLikeMagyk

    Trading 411k LTC from stake to PD

    @Dan I just went yolo and sent without escrow lets hope I don't get skemmed bro.
  11. JstLikeMagyk

    Dash Text released

    Brilliant that they've started the service in Venezuela considering their economic troubles of late, can't wait to be shown the capabilities of crypto currency under the pressure of fixing fiats fuckups.
  12. Mathematically 2x will always offer the highest player edge, so will max betting. So knowing this we can assume the way to play that favors us most regardless of any balance is to take the closest edge we can attain. If you add an end goal to the question you could probably get a more defined answer, such as (what is the statistically favorable play style or method starting at a balance of 0.0001 and bringing it to the minimum withdrawal balance of 0.004)
  13. JstLikeMagyk

    What have you bought with PD wins?

    I've brought more off tips than wins I think lmfao I got tipped .5btc from the awesome @Edward last year and brought a car, I brought an iphone 6 to replace the one I broke thanks to a tip from PbnJ. those are the only two memorable things but there's been a few nights out thanks to a pd win here and there
  14. JstLikeMagyk

    Doge Game

    This looks pretty scamish
  15. JstLikeMagyk

    Crypto is Seeing Highest Developer Activity Since Internet

    Pretty well known info but I guess it's good to have it validated and backed by someone with a wider audience I spose.