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  1. JstLikeMagyk

    Crypto is Seeing Highest Developer Activity Since Internet

    Pretty well known info but I guess it's good to have it validated and backed by someone with a wider audience I spose.
  2. JstLikeMagyk

    PDAX approved

    How's crypto taxed in the Phillipines?
  3. Lmao just another day of owning a casino
  4. JstLikeMagyk

    80% alts have the same code

    Pretty common a massive amount were just jumping on the alt train railway while things were pumping in 2017 realistically any alt coin not needing to massively overhaul code for a specific use or create their own should just be under eth in 2018
  5. JstLikeMagyk

    Is Dragonstale dead ?

    I know some people on here play over there as well atleast when it was online just wondering if GIO took it offline for good?
  6. JstLikeMagyk

    What type of poker player are you ?

    Thanks for the reply, just wondering have you mostly been a live player over the years?
  7. JstLikeMagyk

    Newbies win easier?

    Beginners lucks definitely a thing but pokers quite an intricate game I think in the long run knowing what you're doings pretty important lol
  8. Thanks for sharing, there's definitely some good insight here worth thinking over. I'm still a novice player and don't have access to a casino so I've had to stick with a small local mtt pub league that runs 4 nights a week. It's a $20 buy in with top 3 cashing other than that I've been playing online cash and sngs, I can see what you're sayings applicable for cash especially live but isn't the logic with tournaments if you're putting in the volume not folding that QQ will pay off in the long run? There's been a lot of praise thrown to those like shaun deeb mass grinding off gto strategies the last few years.
  9. Buzzfeed knows me so well I'm totally all about that Doge life lmao
  10. JstLikeMagyk

    1:11 Step Martingale

    Very interesting have you tried it with a larger bankroll yet?
  11. Since when did primedice get so bad it needs to actually outline these things lol but gj funny list I guess. :P
  12. JstLikeMagyk

    Why BTC go Dip? Here's one of the answers.

    It;s all directly correlated to the whales I believe it will coise a coin effect and there is no stress to be had
  13. JstLikeMagyk

    [Challenge] - Forum Satoshis to 0.01BTC

    I just set myself a challenge yesterday to 10x an investment of 0.02 btc then I'll start selling/buying on localbtc so hopefully I get to start a similar thread soon! :p
  14. Pretty much what I was thinking lmfao.
  15. Thanks for correcting me! I was assuming it was still what had been set at release (2%)