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  1. Stakes always looked like a site for kids in my opinion lmao I mean it's good they changed the colour scheme but Idk it still lacks the feel of a true bitcoin casino Like my tennis shoes. Ill take the nose of the shoe and bend it with my hand repeatedly. Back and forth. Back and forth. Until a noticeable crease can be seen as if it had been walked in many ties around the park. I will rub my pants with things that cause stains. Like blueberry if the pants are blue. So the stain isn't to noticeable but its there. That is a weird ass comparison but I like it bro lmao I also would never play dice on stake when I have trusty primedice but I enjoy the mines on there and other games that are much simpler than other sites versions
  2. Well, I say I'm already a winner because I can be here playing in the midst of so many difficulties that I see people going through the world. But back to the point, I just hope to earn enough that I define in my day to day life. I don't dream, I live day after day for so many years, and so I go, setting my daily, weekly and monthly goals. Lmfao I think you have to be a crazy anomaly like total I think less than 50 people would have walked away with over 50+ bitcoin profit over all these years.
  3. Lol. Very bad emotion at first, but after some time, it becomes a normal thing. That's the thing about gamblers, a real gambler don't stay on a loss or a news for too long, because it makes it not easy to move on. But again, it all depends what I start with and if I made a little profit even with the price dip. For example, the price is almost $9k now, and then it gets to $200, If I had started with 1k sats, to win 1 BTC, then I will not be too concerned. So far, I mad profit, I am good with it.
  4. Yea i walked around for awhile that night trying to put all the pieces together so it made sense. And to throw a cherry on top of the shitty time on the east coast my buddy burnt me for twenty five hundred dollars. Never went back and don't plan to. You gotta admit you must have been running hella lucky to be up that much in the first place though and the security was probably just to check you weren't cheating maybe see if anything dodgy was going on I'm sure there's lots of instances where dealers try to do inside jobs and shit like that
  5. It seems that there is a bit of misunderstanding here. You do not just get 10xlm without doing this and that. From I understood was you put at least 10 xlm in you binance account, you can put more if you want more. It's a form of staking something to earn something. I might be the one wrong here. What do you mean bro I thought there was a min balance to xlm wallets like xrp ?
  6. when talking about "bot" I prefer rainbot ... it seems like this is the perfect feature ... moreover I also like to share with friends if I find victory. even with small wins. and if asked what my suggestion is if there really is a bot addition in the primedice, then it seems like I would suggest the bot auto silence the beggars and who make trouble in the chat room. because in my opinion they have interfered with the concentration of the gamblers in the bets they are making not really sure what you mean there's heaps of bots on primedice that aren't official ones
  7. https://blog.nitrogensports.eu/promotions/2019-nfl-survivor-sportsbook-pool/ How to qualify for the NFL Survivor Sportsbook Pool Bet on NFL Futures during the promo period. Submit valid betslip* via the form in this blog post. Win or lose, you’ll get an invite to the exclusive NFL Survivor Sportsbook Pool with a guaranteed prize pool of 0.05 BTC (~$500). This is a super easy way to stack bitcoin if you're into NFL plus nitrogen is very trusted which is a good thing in the crypto world
  8. https://swcpoker.eu/post/introducing-the-krill-leaderboard Hey guys seals with clubs has released a krill leaderboard with those accruing the most each week and month getting an amount of bitcoin rewarded back to them up to 0.03 for first place! If you guys don't play on seals but are interested shoot me a pm and I can give you a referral to signup with those who sign up under my referral get bonus rakeback that you can't get without being an affiliate so it's extra free money!!
  9. You know you can always report him as i do and mods take care of him for us Anyway about your reply: It is not unlikely, it's just very low chance on getting such price dumps considering that if price is having a bull run most of the people will still want to buy more and more because of the speculation that exists during that time. Now if you start seeing a small price difference and is a negative one than for sure most of newbie investors / gamblers will start panic selling thus creating a sell chain where the price will dive all of a sudden.
  10. I posted up at a table and from bet one knew it was gonna be a night. 25$ straight on 36 my favorite number was my first hit. And they didn't stop. Every once in awhile the flame burns bright and i built 65000$ in seven hours that night. People were shouting. Drink were drowning and the casino was heavily frowning. And then all of a sudden as if doused by icy water the fire was still. I swear to god maybe 1/10 of my bets hit and in less than an hour two security guards were standing within arms reach and i was about to lose my last chips. People were gone. Drinks were pissing out and the casino had regained balance. That's pretty ridiculous lmfao
  11. I pay attention to someone (say A) who participates in the bet with a lot of money in his hand ... I am also curious about the way he plays ... I pay attention to him ... after the dealer shook the pring, and the gamblers started placing their bets on the big paper, I noticed that the gambler A placed the bet ... at first he lost ... but he continued to place his bet in the same place, but with the same amount different ... I see he always doubles his bet every time he loses ... ouh ... "I thought to myself" ... after returning home, I rested for a moment ... but my mind continued to focus on the gambler of the A .. I also began to take the initiative to try it on betting on primedice ... I immediately turned on my laptop ... after successfully entering primedice .. I started with a 0.00000100 btc bet on payout 2x .. I also found a red line ... after that my bet remained at the number 0.00000100 btc but my payout changed to payout 3x, and I still found the red line so so on until I arrived at payout 12x I just found the green line by playing the manual ... Seems like you just confused yourself to be honest.
  12. https://www.forbes.com/sites/billybambrough/2019/09/01/bitcoin-warning-as-serious-security-vulnerabilities-uncovered/#48f700be38f1 This is seriously worth a read guys and might have some big implications in the near future regarding stability of bitcoin. "Security issues have been found in various Lightning projects which could cause loss of funds," wrote software developer, Rusty Russell, who authored the majority part of bitcoin's Lightning Network protocol specification, in a post shared via a Lightning Network mailing list. "Full details will be released in four weeks, please upgrade well before then."
  13. Yea i don't understand why someone would push any sort of notoriety that far. deserved or not. Who cares the creator of bit coin anyway? Who ever gave life to the wonderful creation that it is didst want to watch it grow while people watched him/her/them. Whoever done did put this baby in the world wont have to battle a court when they take responsibility. It will be known just by brief conversation. I completely agree dude except for the last part you must be lying cos I'm the one who actually created bitcoin I'm just actually a buddhist monk who doesn't need monetary possessions so I don't cash out any of the bitcoin I posses just don't tell anyone it's a bit of a secret.
  14. Yeah I know right like could he be any dumber I guess people just get too cocky in the end.
  15. I'm starting to dig the blackjack and mines on stake more and more tbh "On the other game which I really like like Plinko in other site is easy to play and don't need strategy for me but just luck to just see the balls drop on huge payout. Poker and slots on other site is fun too. But why other people stay on dice game. I don't really know my reason too. I just like to watch the animation and sometimes I just feel it's the easiest way to recover. I am not sure of that but I am thinking that way." Plinko is my least favorite dude it always fucks me over and it takes so long it's just infuriating.