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  1. Thanks for sharing all the strategies I'm literally only at 10% both here and on stake even though I've been around for a while.
  2. Wow that's dope hadn't even realised that primedice had added in bet history. :)
  3. There are other sites that do bitcoin raffles it really doesn't seem that special in my opinion but they are good fun when you're down on bitcoin and hit the luckpot, I've seen some massive payouts from 10k satoshi entries which is pretty cool
  4. https://decrypt.co/10688/bakkts-bitcoin-volume-skyrockets-as-crypto-market-plunges Bakkt might be a figurehead to watch as they've been noted to be hoarding as much bitcoin as they can get amidst the recent price dip, apparently these large purchases go as far as 3 months back which is quite interesting as many other trading platforms choose to keep their holdings relatively steady throughout sticking to the hodl motto.
  5. I think i had on almost every payout, that is bigger than 2x, at least a 17x variance, as i am playing 7/24 on more accounts it is not that surprising. On 2x payout my biggest streak was 31 reds, which is "only" 15.5x variance, on lower payouts (1.1x;1.2x and so on) i rarely see variances over 10, but that is only because probably i haven't played enough time yet hunting for victory at a 50% chance is indeed easy and difficult ... even so ... hunting at a 50% chance can be very painful ... especially when hunting at high bets ... I've found 12 streaks of red streak at a 50% chance ... and that makes my entire balance run out ... painful indeed
  6. GGpoker has started accepting bitcoin which is pretty dope.
  7. - Bitcoin has dropped by $300 in the last 24 hours. Even so, the outlook remains neutral as key Fibonacci retracement support at $7,850 is still intact. - Bitcoin’s volatility gauge has dropped to the lowest level in over six months. The low volatility period will likely end with a big move on the higher side, as a repeated defense of $7,850 is indicating seller exhaustion. - A UTC close above $8,820 is needed to confirm a bullish reversal. - A high-volume move below $7,850 would confirm range breakdown. However, an impending death cross, a bearish but contrary indicator, suggests the downside, if any, could be limited around $7,400. These are the bullet points outlined by the article It bodes caution with investing going into the future I've personally started a new investing strategy using NEXO and some light trading. https://www.coindesk.com/bitcoin-volatility-hits-6-5-month-low-as-price-falls-back-to-8000 What do you predict is going to happen in the coming months for bitcoin ?
  8. but what if he is already billionaire or a trillionaire and he dont like to earn money anymore ? i think there were also people like that. these people only want to live peacefully away from their businesses and stressful lives. now if pd owner decide to give it to me for example , i think i will do the same thing like you. i wont change anything because i also see how succesful pd are. but i will give announcement about the status of the owner . ill still give credits to him I'd be amazed to see something like primedice get sold how could you ever value such a business based on bitcoin with all the variables. It must be so sentimental to Stunna and Ed as well with all the success it's brought them.
  9. This is some degen shit lmfao I sometimes run it to races because it will quickly increase wagered, but also I often open two tabs just to chat in chat rooms. because if we chat in the tab that is used to play sometimes often have problems and often experience their own refresh, so I open two tabs to make it easier. but it's quite unlucky to play on a smartphone because I can't chat because it's too small and will definitely make the smartphone's performance often hot But usually I'd just run dicebot and one tab If I was going to multibet.
  10. Personally small not really about the prizes for me just fun to have a goal appointed instead of coming up with one and just mucking around
  11. Your question isn't really valid considering that it's impossible to theoretically gain +Ev playing dice even with half percent house edge which is pretty insane to consider, this isn't to say that your actual play won't be +Ev just that due to the sheer amount of unique seeds providing unique results we cannot ascertain that sticking to a single strategy for x amount of rolls will provide a +Ev result. Though we can deduce a number of rule sets to provide a more likely chance of a positive result. such as 1) To create any sort of system that has a chance of success one would have to use a rigid start point and end point (you know your starting balance and you know how much profit you want.). 2) To create a system for the highest likelihood of success one should consider what the lowest amount of rolls could be accepted for the amount of risk to achieve the profit goal. And one could go on to make a ruleset that to some standard would allow them to have a better chance of winning than wildly swinging for the fences, but would still need to accept that wether the profit goal is achieved completely depends on the seed therefore luck.
  12. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck no dude I recently took a group of friends to the casino about 4 weeks ago the casino has given them all $105 free play over the last month in various promotions ( they got $10 for the pokies as soon as they signed up, another $20 when they installed the app and $20 a week for the first 3 weeks etc) now out of the 5 people who came with me that night 2 of them haven't been back and did play the night we went, But the other 3 are all down over $500 in a month also all 3 have suggested we go back together and I did individually with one and the other two came together. They didn't admit to me before we went together that they had returned alone, any of them. They had "researched" their game of choice and were delusional about the weight of the house edge versus their strategy they had picked up. I watched them play and my mind boggled I tried to think back to when I had started to gamble and realized that If I had started gambling in a live setting I probably would have fallen victim too in a similar way. However I started gambling online and even though I went through a similar journey of being a dumb fuck and thinking strategy gave much more of an edge than it does etc I skipped losing $500 by the connectivity sites like stake and primedice offer through talking to others about what your doing without having to care about all the judgement and live casinos can be very very judgy. In my opinion if someones got a gambling problem and don't want to help themselves their going to find a way too.
  13. On October 11, CREDITS.COM announced the addition of a new member in the position of Chief Business Officer. The replenishment in the ranks of the company has become a major event in the market due to previous employee experience. Jennifer Trelewicz, who previously held the positions of Director of the Systems & Technology Laboratory at IBM, CTO of Google Russia, and Director of Risks & Market Data at Deutsche Bank, will now make every effort in developing the blockchain project. The management of Credits, knowing the strengths and vast knowledge of Jennifer, entrusted her the leadership of the external sector of business relations, which implies establishing working negotiations with partners, informational and analytical support in the process of making managerial decisions, improving control over the development process and the possibility of its operational adjustment. https://www.newsbtc.com/2019/10/16/ibm-google-ex-director-shifts-towards-credits-blockchain/
  14. in trade there is indeed a dibesebut making a profit by calculating the percentage of the final sales amount. while gambling there is something called luck. between luck and percentage are both aimed at earning money from the work (gambling and trading). it's just two things with the same goal but different paths ... so yeah ... gambling with trade are two different things. but, there are those who gamble in trade ... if at first glance, someone is indeed trading, but essentially he is gambling. like an investor .. he initially only buys something, when the price goes up he sells it, at certain times he bet what he buys to make more profit. This is indeed a trade, but he also gambles .. I'm sure not everyone wants to gamble when trading, it's just that, if the offer comes to them (the traders), not all traders are able to reject it. This is because the benefits are more ... 🤩
  15. My withdrawal targets are always stupidly high or min withdrawal either way I have fun while I play go big or go home Is the best way to play I think I never go past around 20% over my original target then withdraw and leave a bit left over to muck around with. "This worries me. This means you are a compulsive gambler. You will end up always losing with that mindset and will lead you to greater financial and psychological problems sooner or later. Bear in mind, math does not lie when it says that you can never beat a casino unless you have more money than the owner. PD actually has this link on their footer: https://www.begambleaware.org/ ... Explore." That's good advice