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  1. I've always found it interesting watching HR's I've never seen one set some sort of 29x autobet and risk 40btc but I've watched people blow 100 btc many times, Sometimes you get to catch something like PBnJ accumulating 180 bitcoin and then losing almost it all in the space of just under 2 hours.
  2. Yeah after managing to test the site I don't like it, the rocket game is just chart bet on stake with a fancy gui. I guess I had high hopes of some dragons tale type game play but was wrong.
  3. Yeah but yesterday the site wasn't actually functional strangely...
  4. Is anyone trustworthy on site with a currency other than bitcoin they'd like to trade for up to 0.003 btc values will be determined on https://coinmarketcap.com/converter/ Haven't gambled much but btc and would pref doge but not really fussed
  5. I'll come back and let you guys know what I think in a little bit.
  6. People use programs predominantly hold em manager 2
  7. JstLikeMagyk


    Interested in how many bets a week you more avid fans of sports betting are making?
  8. This seems like an awesome way to lose all my balance 😛
  9. The videos are unavailable?
  10. Thanks for sharing usually people haven't been with these sites long when they try recommend them.
  11. What do you mean apk sir have you delivered what I've been requesting for 2 years, A functional dicebot app? They said no one would deliver? 0.o
  12. Dicebot undoubtedly offers more adjustable options for math so is far better.
  13. JstLikeMagyk

    Stat Tracking

    How many of you guys actually record your Hand history and go through your plays to analyse what could have been done better? I've recently started dedicated study sessions and am having a bit of trouble maximising productivity