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  1. primedice is definitely one of the earlier introductions I'd had with gambling and it helped put me into a more math orientated perspective around it from the get go I think it's an interesting nuance lots of people are unaware they have a problem and that's their down fall it doesn't need to be gambling but I think the fact the gaming industry thrives so much shows that at any point of attainable success people still want to take some evaluated risks to release some dopamine 😛
  2. still waiting for it to be available in my country which is pretty dam annoying hopefully we won't be forgotten about! 😛
  3. It's called being a degenerate it's a way of life look into it 😛 a lot of people are addicted to anything that helps them exit reality a little bit instead of gambling for the right reason which is pure entertainment that's the difference when someone can afford it usually.
  4. pretty sure it's faster to just run dicebot and then bet on top in a window but it's a bit risky since your balance will bug out 😛
  5. There were heaps of Filipino girls here at one point and I think we had a decent russian community too but they probably get scared from chat box.
  6. only one way to find out mate engage a vpn new account and start betting like a wild monkey
  7. A couple of people have used pd as their main wallet and been hacked same with stake, I personally think primedice is one of the best choices of hot wallet now that there's an added vault feature because of the low transaction fees and instant wd processing but still some form of 2fa or 3fa if desired for peace of mind.
  8. I don't know they seem pretty wack to be honest like people busting 1 bitcoin to try win $1000 ? seems fishy to me tbh
  9. They mainly use paper wallets or hardware wallets.
  10. A lot of people have managed too but only the clever ones manage to keep It 😛 and even some of them can't handle it.
  11. vault works pretty well for me especially the 10min delay it seems to have before sending the email love it, love primedice for actually giving a fuck about their customers.
  12. For me it's just so natural I'm a complete math nerd and dicing is the most pure form of gambling for a math nerd
  13. Yeah I think all the recognition features were pretty unfair to take away especially vip but hey it's a casino so I guess gotta deal with it.
  14. http://codebabes.com/ this is an okay site to learn a couple of languages give it a go it'll hold your attention 😛
  15. you can customize the fee to almost nothing if you're willing to wait up to a few days when you use a hardware wallet like electrum.