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  1. Damn didn’t read whole thing hope I’m still in 250
  2. The one that I have proof of is on multiple occasions I have had winning bets not added to my balance. The green number comes up and my bet isn’t added to the balance. I have tried to hit refresh and nothing. The bet doesn’t even show in the previous bets section yet I see it come up and it shows in live stats. I have taken screen shots of this on 3 occasions and will attach here. Also the other day I had a balance of .00500000 btc b4 I started a string of 10 bets. I was betting and was in a good rythm so wasn’t checking balance after each bet but I notice as I had been betting higher on each loss and hitting green eventually that my balance was decreasing. I had only made 10 bets so far since I last check my balance at just over .005 btc and it was not at .0036 so at look at previous bets and added them all and I should have been +.00094 after those 10 bets. I contacted support but they told me I have to contact tech support. These are just a few of the shady things I have seen that cheat money from me but I can list 5-6 more things like this the stop button on auto doesn’t respond and by the time it does three more bet will be made dbl each time, I have had the stop loss completely removed on auto though I dbl check to make sure it was there and active when the bets started before I stepped away only to come back and find my entire balance lost to a string of 30 red bets at 3.5x which would have never happen if stop loss was not removed. Please fix this and return any btc cheated from me Sorry didn’t hit send Didn’t hit send
  3. Patience is the best strategy. No win to take a loss and start strategy over instead of pressing
  4. Drunk or drinking? And yes when I’m happy drunk I win but as night goes on luck wears off. I gamble while drinking often but I am not drunk
  5. I tried wearing a piece of a cacti once it did not work 😂
  6. Same Here. It’s been off and on all day And sometimes when it is working it isn’t registering all bets Reloading the page helps a little but still not fully working correctly