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  1. Milan

    [Seeking] 20k loan will pay 40k

    Nice, closing this one.
  2. That has been changed 2 months ago. Originally, it was a part of the promotion but we decided to keep it at 1%.
  3. House edge is the same as it's on PD (1%). We will add more cryptocurrencies, that will be a nice addition to the site. ETH is the first one to come.
  4. Milan

    bulbes defaulted

    @bulbes has been banned. Let us know if he pays back what is owed. Thanks.
  5. Milan

    bulbes defaulted

    Thank you. @bulbes you have 24 hours to pay back what you owe.
  6. Milan

    bulbes defaulted

    Give us the link to that topic, please. I cannot find that you sent him any tip. I cannot look that up at the moment.
  7. Milan

    Banned user in PD

    You don't need to know the reason unless it's you're the one that has been banned. But yes, as UlraChief said, banned users have the strike through their username. Locking this one.
  8. Milan

    Banned user in PD

    I don't know where and how did you saw him but he has been banned yesterday. Or maybe you're just trying to be Mr. Smartypants.
  9. Milan

    HackAndFack scammer

    He has been banned as well as 2 of his alt accounts. Do not trust anyone in the future, please. If he sends that to your Stake account, let us know and we will lift the ban.
  10. Milan

    jamyr - Defaulted on a loan

    @jamyr has been banned on the forum. Unfortunately, I cannot look up his account until he tries to log in. I will ban him on PD as well, as soon as possible.
  11. Milan

    123poiuytr is support or what?

    Not a support member. That was just for testing.
  12. Milan

    enhuush95 defaulter

    @enhuush has been banned already. I'm sorry but we cannot stop him from creating new accounts. I will check that account as soon as I'm able to. Unfortunately, I'm not able to check that at the moment.
  13. Milan

    jamyr - Defaulted on a loan

    I would give him a couple more days if you agree. Maybe he was not able to come online. @jamyr
  14. Milan

    nytewind defaulted on loan

    I will give him a couple of days to pay back what is owed. @nytewind please solve this soon.
  15. Milan

    Couldn't log in

    Live support chat is for the questions like these. If you cannot log in or if you have any other problem, you can always contact us on live support chat. We are available 24/7.