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  1. Bet: 99,082,612,157 placed by Dheeru545 on 17/10/2021 Wagered 0.30622000 Multiplier 6.00x Profit 1.53110000
  2. Good luck everyone, may the best deserving one win 🤑
  3. I like Web series the most, movie's also but not much 😄
  4. Thanks for strategy @paddyspub I'm new here also want atleast bronze Star. I'll try your trick
  5. Hello prats welcome
  6. I like action thriller and comedy movies . X-Men all parts are my all time favorite 😀
  7. Haha lossing nothing to just think about it 😄 I'll save some for my whole future expenses even if I get 10 btc
  8. Welcome xrflive, yes I've seen you in stake haha , good luck for your gameplay in primedice
  9. On desktop it's more fun to play obviously but i personally like to play with phone which I can carry anywhere easily that's why
  10. Urban region is the best
  11. How much wager needed for platinum?