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    jamelyn got a reaction from Mistletoe in bitcointalk.org   
    hello mga kababayan gamitin natin tong thread na ito para sa mga mahilig mag bounties.pwede nyong ishare yung mga bounty nyo dito para makatulong din sa iba.na tulad ko isa po akong bounty hunters kung saan kumikita ako ngayon by reporting.pwede din po ako mag share dito.
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    jamelyn got a reaction from Bojana in 🏆 Christmas Support Roll Hunt   
    nice give away for christmas.thanks bojana and staff.
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    jamelyn got a reaction from merlyn22 in EXCHANGE   
    tama ng namn nk pg post ka sa thread pero sa pm namin di ka nag rrply natalo nalang tuloy ung balance ko.
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    jamelyn got a reaction from Milan944 in Earn 60,000 POW tokens,just by login in.   
    Just gonna try this thanks i will register under ur ref.
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    jamelyn got a reaction from theshadyhobo in Hey my name is Joe   
    Welcome to pd joe.and regard to your baby 
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    jamelyn reacted to neya in hit 9900x   
    Thank you sissy
    I set mine in 500rolls.
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    jamelyn reacted to neya in hit 9900x   
    just want to share my lucky hit last night. and atlast i hit 9900x. i feel so happy because its really my first time to hunt. and gotcha:) 

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    jamelyn reacted to mmhaimhai in Bumili ng altcoins kaysa magcashout bago ang Aug 1   
    Madami nagpapanic sa parating na segwit at bitcoin chainsplit ngaung parating na August 1. Madami rin haka-haka na naglalabasan; may mga nagsasabi na baba ang value ni btc pagkatapos nito at meron din nman mga naglalabasang spekulasyon na ilang araw matapos ang spliting ay tataas ang presyo ni btc ng mula $3000 hanggang $5000. Nung una sabi ko bago ang August 1 iccashout ko lahat ng btc ko pero naisip ko parang mas mganda at praktikal kung sa halip na icash out ay ibili nalang ng ibang altcoin (trading kumbaga) kasi sa trafing mganda ang kitaan at bitcoin lang nman ang maapektuhan ng chainsplit labas ang ibang altcoins. Naisip ko lang na kung bibili ako ngaun na pataas si btc madaming altcoin ako mabibili syempre utak trader papaganahin bibili ko ng altcoin na maganda ang takbo sa market kasi kung nkabili na ko kahit bumaba si btc after August 1 at tumaas namn ang value ng binili ko kikita pa rin ako ibebenta ko yung altcoin ko sa panahon na un at hihintayin ko nlng na tumaas uli c btc. Kung mali ung naiisip ko at pagintindi ko sa galawan ng cryptocurrency sa market pakitama nalang po. Salamat
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    jamelyn reacted to Bes19 in From .001 to .008 to ZERO   
    I started playing on 9x payout with 500 base bet and 20% on loss. Everything was running smoothly until i reach .009! i tipped some people and tried my luck again. Maybe i was too eager to get back my loss last night that's why i became greedy. I went autobet again same strategy but i put a - sign on win so it will automatically stop whenever i win. I was so upset when i get back on PD page my balance was down to 34k I all in on 2.5x then lose it all! Greediness can really kill dayum!
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    jamelyn reacted to Bes19 in 77.77% win chance is dope!   
    So last night i was so eager to play but i can't make any depo coz fee was .001 lol So a friend of mine sent me a 10k tip. I tried a new strategy from my friend which is 77.77% win chance on manual bet. I started with 2k bet and when i hit 3 consecutive greens, i always lessen my bet up to 300 sats. Whenever i get 3-4 consecutive reds, i go all in. From 10k i reach .0037 in 15 minutes of doing it. Even my friends @ravenyvolle @neya and @kate3003 made a profit out of this strategy (coz we all tried this last night). When i reach .005 i changed my strat into 9x and busted it all xD. You can also try this even with small balance you just need to follow your guts if you will change side or not. Good luck guys and gals!
    P.S this strategy is tiring but it's worth it
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    jamelyn reacted to neya in Bitcoin sa Pinas   
    Hindi pa kc maxado kilala stin ang bitcoin.kya ung iba hindi pa makrelate.at bank din ata is against sa bitcoin.
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    jamelyn reacted to neya in first giveaway 200ksats   
    i just want to share my wins this day. its not so big but it comes from the giveaway i recieve hre in forum thats yy i wanna share it too.
    8 person 25k sats each,  that will hit my fav number 77.77 .post screenshot here only 8person  that will post here first will be the winners. post your username and your screenshot not the bet id i dont want to check it one by one:)) goodluck guys. more green to come to all of us. Bet ammount  start with 10sats only
    bet id starts 17.900000000

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    jamelyn reacted to abbas50 in Abbas50 giveaways its anew topic u r welcome guys   
    well i have been giving alot of ppl giveaways as tips in the chat of primedice but now i will make it every here and then to give from the forums so i get more popular lol.
    first 100 people put ur nickname here i will be giving 0.002 to each one in total of 0.2 btc  soo lets see  
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    jamelyn got a reaction from dhonita in Won from .001 claimed   
    congrats sis hope to be lucky too.
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    jamelyn reacted to Bes19 in Wadup wadup!   
    Hello everyone! I'm Bessie Mae but you can just call me Bes and i am from Philippines. I'm a call centre agent for 4 yrs handling financial account and medical insurance of all Americans. I am actually new in crypto world. I've been in Primedice for like 3 months now and so far so good. I tried different gambling sites but i stick with Primedice coz everything here is nice and flawless. Pd community is one of the best i've been with coz everyone is friendly, helpful and nice especially Admins,Mods and my fellow filipinos.
    I wish y'all a good luck on your bets and hopefully PD would stay here forever. 
    PS. i would love to have a Primedice mug
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    jamelyn reacted to Zoltan in 5th Talkative Giveaway 0.15 BTC Pool   
    Note: This giveaway is completely managed by the users hui and Zoltan. Please forward any questions about it to Zoltan!
    Up to Free 0.01 BTC - Won't use the forum token system yet, so this will be credited straight to your account.
    150 new posts by the end of the giveaway Must have a forum avatar set Prizes:
    0.1 BTC Pool will be shared amongst those participants that reach the requirements Bonus 0.01 BTC to the 5 participants who we found posted the best quality Rules:
    Anyone caught spamming will be automatically not eligible for this giveaway or any other forum giveaways here on. Only one account per person. If we find you violate that condition you might get banned from all future giveaways!  
    Post your PD username in the following Format:
    Username: Zoltan
    If you use a different format we can't guarantee you get the prize!
    Giveaway closes on 28. June 2017 20:00 UTC.
    Use a Timezone Converter to find out when the giveaway ends in your local timezone.
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    jamelyn reacted to mmhaimhai in An open letter for everyone   
    Okay first of all, thank you for the admins and moderators who is always here checking from time to time and working hard for the improvement of this forum. Thanks for the opportunity of earning some bits (maybe not that much compare to what we lose from pd gambling site and not much to make a living, lol this forum is not primary made to earn bucks for living by the way- if i understand it well.) Thanks for all the funds pd is giving to have some fun giveaways as well as those users spending for their own giveaways. Thanks for everyone posting informative threads.
    Now everyone, if your really active well of course you already know how life in this forum is going. As ive said mods are giving much effort to make this forum successful. I just cant understand why on almost new policy seems like lots of person never get contented? Abusers always been abusers. Others always find something negative to brag about. Is that really our nature?. No matter how we exert efforts and give our best, if people in this community doesn't oblige themselves to be discipline and responsible enough then this forum will never be a happy place for us. Admins effort would be nothing if members are too selfish and self centered. This community is just like what we have in real world where there would be no leader good enough if his people dont support him. We have this forum to share our ideas and knowledge about cryptocurrencies, good strategies in gambling and mainly to help each other so lets stop complaining, follow rules, and try to appreciate every single effort from every members. There is no such big or small contributions i think. Everyones opinions, suggestions are counted, this forum is here for us to discuss about our ideas isnt it?. Misunderstandings are common off course, given the fact that we have communication barriers- not everyone here are fluent in english and lucky those who have their own lounge to use their native tounge. I write this letter not because i just want to but im hoping somehow it serves as an eye opener. To make this a better community, we should learn how to respect each other. Instead of bashing and trolling, why not help each other in the best way that we can do. No hate just Love.
    Thanks for reading. Goodluck everyone. Keep rolling.
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    jamelyn reacted to Bes19 in My first giveaway !!! 20K sats   
    Nice one tatay! Thank you for this giveaway. I will try to hit it and hopefully luck is on me this time Good luck guys!
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    jamelyn reacted to maverick528 in My first giveaway !!! 20K sats   
    Hi, this is my first giveaway so its highly experimental for me.
    20K sats for the first person posting here a roll of number 49.99. (originally was 15K, rised it a bit)
    You must provide the Bet ID.
    Minimum wager is 100 satoshis, and it also must be a winning bid.
    G O O D   L U C K
    Bet ID must be greater than 17 605 100 000
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    jamelyn reacted to Bes19 in MrVincenzo88 here   
    Welcome on PD forum Mr. Hope you're having a great time here More greens to come Good luck! 
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    jamelyn got a reaction from maverick528 in Setting the correct multiplier on PD   
    thanks for this tatay
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    jamelyn reacted to Bes19 in Giveaway #1 69.69   
    Hey, yes this giveaway was already done. Sorry but i don't know how to close or lock this lol
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    jamelyn reacted to Jenn09 in [0.06 a week] Forum Heroes!   
    wow nice idea  but i hope others doesnt abused giving repu to others to gain & they right admin/mod should not be included hehe
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    jamelyn reacted to Bes19 in Giveaway #1 69.69   
    Congrats sis! 50k sent
    Congrats 50k sent i'm being generous right now lolol Last one person who will hit 69.69 will get 30k. Goodluck
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    jamelyn reacted to Bes19 in Giveaway #1 69.69   
    Hi everyone! So this week is kinda a good week for me. I gain profit this week so i wanna share it with you guys. I guess this one is easier yay! 3 people will win a total of 100k! First person who will hit 69.69 will get 50k and 2nd person will get 30k and the 3rd one will get 20k. This is the first time i will do this kind of giveaway so bear with me guys lol. 
    You need to put Bet # and your PD username. Bet number should start from 17, 584 onwards. Bet should be atleast 15 satoshi and it's win or lose
    Goodluck guys