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  1. Hi, there. I'm fine. How are you doing? 😊 Thanks. 😊 Welcome and enjoy your time with us here. All the best!
  2. Hello. Wonderful. Hope you're doing great. 😊
  3. Hi, Betwrong. Nice to meet you, too. Thank you a lot. 😊
  4. Hi everybody, Let me introduce myself. I'm your new Community Manager here and I'm so excited to be part of this community. Have fun and stay healthy and green! 🍀🍀🍀
  5. Although dancing is not my forte I like it.
  6. By listening to music and walking.
  7. Prison Break and Criminal Minds.
  8. MilicaR


    Barbecue in a nearby restaurant.
  9. To be honest, nothing for now. Maybe I'll have plans in the future. Yes, hard times are behind us, but I would not like to get stuck somewhere. That's why I have no plans.
  10. Usually pop or rock music. It depends on my mood.
  11. I like science-fiction movies best. Also, some horrors and adventure movies can be on my watching list.
  12. It's a skylark because its tweet is so nice and relaxing.
  13. I'm scared of some insects and snakes. I find grasshoppers disgusting when they jump on you, and just because you're afraid of them you cannot get rid of them.
  14. MilicaR

    Best colour

    I feel great in black. Dark colors are suitable for me.
  15. MilicaR

    Make me laugh

    How do we call a boomerang that won't come back? A stick. 😂